District No. 18

District No. 18


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The History of the School Districts of 
Decatur County, Kansas
compiled and completed
by Katie B. Cornell, July

On March 12, 1880, school district number 18 was formed.  The first school district meeting was held April 14, 1880, when a permanent organization was perfected and the first school district officers elected.   The school was named after the town of Jennings, which derived its name from Warren and J. B. Jennings.

The first school building was one mile east and one half mile north of the present site of Jennings, built in 1880.   It was a sod building about 14 by 24 feet with a straw roof and dirt floor.  About five years later the roof burned on this building.

A building was rented until they could build another school house.  The new building was also of sod construction and about the same size as the first.  This sod building was used until 1887 when a more modern type frame building was built which stood one half mile north of the town.

In 1889 school was transferred to a two room frame building located upon the hill east of Jennings.  A few years later this building was moved into the city limits to a location in the south part of town.    An addition of two big rooms was built on and school continued  there until 1924.  This building was later destroyed by fire.

In 1922 the need for a new building became greater and construction started on a new school building much larger than any they had before and fitted with many modern conveniences.  It was constructed of brick, two stories high, with full basement, class rooms, office, large auditorium, and a good sized stage and dressing room on each side.  It was equipped with electric lights, telephone, and steam heated.

The 1922 School House

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