District No. 14 Traer

District No. 14

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 The History of the School Districts of 
Decatur County, Kansas
compiled and completed
by Katie B. Cornell, July

On July 10, 1880 school District number 14 was formed.  In 1881 school was held in a dugout about 3/4 mile west of Traer.  The first school building in Traer was a one room sod house 18 X 30 feet, built in 1884.  This building was used for school, church, Sunday school, a place for voting and other gatherings.  The second school building was a large one frame room building.  In 1896 there was a school of 40 pupils and one teacher, and in 1897 the school consisted of 47 pupils.  In 1907 the third frame school house was built.  A High School course was added to this school in 1912-1913 with one instructor and 4 pupils enrolled.  The fourth school building was built in 1936 to 1938.  Being built of native rock.  It had four school rooms, one office, auditorium, and two toilet rooms equipped with showers. The building was constructed entirely by W.P.A. labor and completed on November 17, 1938.   


This picture was taken sometime between 1905-1907

Teacher was Sybil French

Picture dated May 1941

Front L-R

Marilyn White, Joy Carlisle, Barbara Steinbert,  Norman Messinger, Junior Abbot, and Phylis Magers

Back L-R

Eldon Huntly, Joan Jording, Lois Abbot, Coleen White, Jessie Phillips, Owen Wurm, and Don Carlson



Picture dated February 1943

Front L-R

Coleen White, Joan Jording, Jessie Phillips, Peggy Kelly, and Owen Wilson

Back L-R

Janet Leitner, Don Carlisle Jeannie Shreiber, Jane Kepler, and  Eldon Geistenechloze

Pictures owned by Owen Wilson

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