Vernon Homestead about 1889

Vernon Homestead about 1889

Information submitted by Luanne

This farm was eleven miles east of the Oberlin Cemetery, 3 miles north and half a mile east. The Vernon family, less the babies in the picture, traveled from Washington Co., OH to Iowa Co., IA in 1881 and then to the Decatur Co., area in 1884. This Soddy was their home until a frame house was built not far from it. (The frame house burned down in 1950). 
Left to Right:
Standing:  LEOTA "MAE" VERNON (1875-1959), RUTH "ETTA" VERNON (1869-1938)
Sitting: FRANK HADEN (1862-1937), LAURA VERNON HADEN (1868-1946), CLARISSA "CLARA" DEW VERNON (1850-1943), BESSIE VERNON (1881-1969), MARY "OLIVE" VERNON (1883-1958), WILLIAM "WILL" VERNON (1845-1919)
Laura is holding her daughter, MABEL CLARE HADEN (1888-1889), Clarissa is holding my grandfather ROSCOE DELL VERNON (1888-1958)
The boy laying on the ground is RUTHERFORD B. "R.B." VERNON (1877-1941)
They had another child ZELLA VERNON (1891-1987) who was born after this picture was taken. They had twelve in all but they lost four in OH at very young ages and one in KS.  DAVID LEONARD VERNON is said to be buried on the homestead property.
When I asked my dad, RUSSELL D. VERNON, about the reason behind Grandma Clara's adamant wish not to move to Kansas, he wrote this "As I remember what I was told, Grandpa (William Vernon) wanted to come to Kansas not long after the war (Civil War) but Grandma refused because of the raids of the Missouri ruffians and outlaws into Kansas. Also she was afraid of the Indians. After the last Indian raid in 1878, he talked her into going to Nebraska. He knew all the time he was going to Kansas.
He came from Iowa (1884) all the way into Nebraska and when he came to the Sappa Creek, he followed it into Kansas so Grandma wouldn't know he had turned south.
When he did turn south from the creek, he couldn't go any farther or she would know.
After Grandma Clara succumbed to senility shortly before her death, she would lay in bed and argue she wasn't going to ("No - No - I will not, I am not going to, NO") over and over again. We always thought she was not going to move to Kansas but nobody knew. (His letter to me was dated 4 Jan 2002.)

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