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Crawford County Directories
1878 Farmers' Directory
Published by Buckeye Agricultural Works
P. P. Mast & Co., Springfield, Ohio

You might want to browse through this--I think some names were spelled phonetically.

George Hobson ~ New Pittsburgh P.O. J W Braice ~ Girard P.O.
Jesse Zimmerman ~ New Pittsburgh P.O. E Tipton ~ Girard P.O.
A J Georgia ~ New Pittsburgh P.O. Joe Tipton ~ Girard P.O.
James Miller ~ New Pittsburgh P.O. William Newport ~ Girard P.O.
John Shout ~ New Pittsburgh P.O. J W Stephens ~ Girard P.O.
P P Daxon ~ Idell P.O. Dr Warner ~ Girard P.O.
A Cuhn ~ Idell P.O. William Henry ~ Girard P.O.
P O’Riley ~ Idell P.O. J W Stephens ~ Girard P.O.
D Wooley ~ Idell P.O. A Murdock ~ Girard P.O.
J Nicholas ~ Idell P.O. G Murdock ~ Girard P.O.
R Fowler ~ Cato P.O. William Smith ~ Girard P.O.
John Coonrod ~ Cato P.O. S J Tears ~ Girard P.O.
James Odane ~ Cato P.O. C Snyder ~ Girard P.O.
John Hightower ~ Cato P.O. S W Emery ~ Girard P.O.
S Gally ~ Cato P.O. D B Sanderson ~ Girard P.O.
Joseph Sheffield ~ Arcadia P.O. J Blackburn ~ Girard P.O.
William Buchanan ~ Arcadia P.O. R Dorman ~ Girard P.O.
C Ingersol ~ Arcadia P.O. B C Redlon ~ Girard P.O.
C Russell ~ Arcadia P.O. J B Buler ~ Girard P.O.
M B Harris ~ Arcadia P.O. Tom Armstrong ~ Girard P.O.
James King ~ Arcadia P.O. Chas Earles ~ Girard P.O.
Jacob Miller ~ Monmouth P.O. J Carter ~ Girard P.O.
A H Stevans ~ Monmouth P.O. Silas Titus ~ Girard P.O.
Mr Grandall ~ Monmouth P.O. D L Cranshaw ~ Girard P.O.
W M Lucas ~ Monmouth P.O. D Pool ~ Girard P.O.
Stephen Ogden ~ Monmouth P.O. W H McGee ~ Girard P.O.
D M Belloway ~ Monmouth P.O. J N Spradling ~ Girard P.O.
John Turkenton ~ Monmouth P.O. William Robinson ~ Girard P.O.
A N Winchell ~ Monmouth P.O. J B Newport ~ Girard P.O.
W M Warner ~ Monmouth P.O. A B Husong ~ Girard P.O.
John Bukey ~ Monmouth P.O. Silas Myers ~ Girard P.O.
Mr Mills ~ Monmouth P.O. J G Eastwood ~ Girard P.O.
Frank Huston ~ Monmouth P.O. Thomas Rogers ~ Girard P.O.
Frank Mason ~ Monmouth P.O. John Carter ~ Girard P.O.
John Mason ~ Monmouth P.O. John Trout ~ Girard P.O.
John Vance ~ Monmouth P.O. Thomas Shaffer ~ Girard P.O.
J L Ward ~ Monmouth P.O. C Shaffer ~ Girard P.O.
David Calhoun ~ Monmouth P.O. Hiram Adsit ~ Girard P.O.
Tim Jordan ~ Monmouth P.O. M Baldwin ~ Girard P.O.
Robert Hill ~ Monmouth P.O. A Hamilton ~ Girard P.O.
M C Wilson ~ Monmouth P.O. D Smith ~ Girard P.O.
Calvin Inman ~ Monmouth P.O. P White ~ Girard P.O.
Hiram May ~ Monmouth P.O. H Nelson ~ Girard P.O.
Frank Gates ~ Monmouth P.O. V Henshaw ~ Girard P.O.
William Mock ~ Monmouth P.O. John W Pelsue ~ Walnut P.O.
Ephraim Holt ~ Monmouth P.O. A Carter ~ Walnut P.O.
Isaac Tharp ~ Monmouth P.O. H D Gordon ~ Walnut P.O.
Sam Sellars ~ Monmouth P.O. H F Rakestraw ~ Walnut P.O.
Lorezo Eddy ~ Monmouth P.O. C N P Page ~ Walnut P.O.
William Perry ~ Monmouth P.O. H Burns ~ Walnut P.O.
Minor Martin ~ Monmouth P.O. Austin Mudd ~ Walnut P.O.
B F King ~ Beulah P.O. John Mudd ~ Walnut P.O.
Frank Pepper ~ Beulah P.O. Nick Salrin ~ Walnut P.O.
Mr Havely ~ Beulah P.O. H McKinney ~ Walnut P.O.
Marvin Trott ~ Beulah P.O. F P Clements ~ Walnut P.O.
H T Potter ~ Beulah P.O. George Cummings ~ Walnut P.O.
Dr Monger ~ Beulah P.O. Gus Cummings ~ Walnut P.O.
O J Lent ~ Beulah P.O. William Hoosly ~ Walnut P.O.
Wesley Hudgens ~ Cherokee P.O. John Hoosly ~ Walnut P.O.
James Hyatt ~ Cherokee P.O. H H Duckworthe ~ Walnut P.O.
J M Snow ~ Cherokee P.O. A J Coret ~ Walnut P.O.
C L Plumly ~ Cherokee P.O. A B Prear ~ Walnut P.O.
Matthew Ferrell ~ Cherokee P.O. F Swinger ~ Walnut P.O.
John Goul ~ Cherokee P.O. William Post ~ Walnut P.O.
John Graves ~ Cherokee P.O. M D Gregory ~ Walnut P.O.
Simon Hook ~ Cherokee P.O. D Moirarty ~ Walnut P.O.
John McColm ~ Cherokee P.O. A Brinkman ~ Walnut P.O.
J M Baird ~ Cherokee P.O. E Coosboy ~ Walnut P.O.
Albert Cook ~ Cherokee P.O. W Archer ~ Walnut P.O.
Shannon Clugston ~ Cherokee P.O. F Howk ~ Walnut P.O.
Philip Graves ~ Cherokee P.O. D Dowling ~ Walnut P.O.
August Henzer ~ Cherokee P.O. S Wampler ~ Walnut P.O.
Stephen Millard ~ Cherokee P.O. S E Wampler ~ Walnut P.O.
William Clayberg ~ Cherokee P.O. J H Hayes ~ Walnut P.O.
W W Russell ~ Cherokee P.O. A B Wheeler ~ Walnut P.O.
John Wickware ~ Cherokee P.O. S Berger ~ Walnut P.O.
B S Wheeler ~ Cherokee P.O. J McCarthy ~ Walnut P.O.
Chas Foster ~ Cherokee P.O. A Long ~ Walnut P.O.
J W Robinett ~ Cherokee P.O. C Brooks ~ Walnut P.O.
D M Easley ~ Cherokee P.O. W Eslin  ~ Walnut P.O.
James Robinson ~ Cherokee P.O. C C Copeland ~ Walnut P.O.
William Scammon ~ Cherokee P.O. M Devine ~ Walnut P.O.
Knight Brothers ~ Cherokee P.O. Owen Riardon ~ Walnut P.O.
Lake Davis ~ Cherokee P.O. Robt Gardner ~ Walnut P.O.
Stephens Roberts ~ Cherokee P.O. J M Cubler ~ Walnut P.O.
Samuel Larrew ~ Cherokee P.O. William Gass ~ Walnut P.O.
William Lamb ~ Cherokee P.O. James Ledlie ~ Walnut P.O.
John Hight ~ Cherokee P.O. A Newton ~ Walnut P.O.
James Garvin ~ Cherokee P.O. Charles Ledlie ~ Walnut P.O.
E Roberts ~ Cherokee P.O. Pat Lankester ~ Walnut P.O.
A J Cunningham ~ Cherokee P.O. C B Cornmell ~ Walnut P.O.
S Pigg ~ Cherokee P.O. Joe Garrison ~ Walnut P.O.
C A Clawson ~ Cherokee P.O. J A Balla ~ Walnut P.O.
H S Hiner ~ Cherokee P.O. W Samples ~ Walnut P.O.
F K Brown ~ Cherokee P.O. James Whitney ~ Walnut P.O.
C Whitesides ~ Cherokee P.O. A L Roe ~ Walnut P.O.
J C Noland ~ Cherokee P.O. R Robinson ~ Walnut P.O.
James Eales ~ Cherokee P.O. Rich Trainer ~ Walnut P.O.
E Whipple ~ Cherokee P.O. John Trainer ~ Walnut P.O.
A S Brownfield ~ Cherokee P.O. Joseph Heinell ~ Walnut P.O.
S A Delapp ~ Cherokee P.O. Mart Ware ~ Walnut P.O.
N Sinnet ~ Girard P.O. A Just ~ Walnut P.O.
W H Post ~ Girard P.O. J Eastward ~ Walnut P.O.
A Sharp ~ Girard P.O. J M Goff ~ Walnut P.O.
J Neat ~ Girard P.O. M Ware ~ Walnut P.O.
J Silket ~ Girard P.O. M V Rakestraw ~ Walnut P.O.
F R Russel ~ Girard P.O. R S Hagar ~ Walnut P.O.
P Smith ~ Girard P.O. John Anderson ~ Walnut P.O.
J T Budgens ~ Girard P.O. L Dunlap ~ Walnut P.O.
F B Andrus ~ Girard P.O. W F Ash ~ Walnut P.O.
T Byron ~ Girard P.O. Henry Ash ~ Walnut P.O.
W Braden ~ Girard P.O. I Dumfood ~ Walnut P.O.
P Olin ~ Girard P.O. C Hamblin ~ Hepler P.O.
Hiram Mutts ~ Girard P.O. A Chadwick ~ Hepler P.O.
E Loomis ~ Girard P.O. A Sanderson ~ Hepler P.O.
J Lehr ~ Girard P.O. R W Delambert ~ Hepler P.O.
R Carpenter ~ Girard P.O. R W S Conwell ~ Hepler P.O.
W Denton ~ Girard P.O. H Conklin ~ Hepler P.O.
Tom Ping ~ Girard P.O. John Viets ~ Hepler P.O.
D W Barnett ~ Girard P.O. Sam Viets ~ Hepler P.O.
E Barber ~ Girard P.O. John Heard ~ Hepler P.O.
W Webb ~ Girard P.O. A R Mulley ~ Hepler P.O.
H Brown ~ Girard P.O. J B Brenner ~ Hepler P.O.
J T Voss ~ Girard P.O. John Purdle ~ Hepler P.O.
Samuel Pike ~ Girard P.O. A A Bundy ~ Hepler P.O.
J Vi Braley ~ Girard P.O. L Porter ~ Hepler P.O.
N J Wickham ~ Girard P.O. L Jones ~ Hepler P.O.
William Goodin ~ Girard P.O. M Eastham ~ Hepler P.O.
John Grant ~ Girard P.O. R Thompson ~ Hepler P.O.
A Bennett ~ Girard P.O. George Bolinger ~ Hepler P.O.
A Gilkey ~ Girard P.O. Ed Ballaine ~ Hepler P.O.
P H Stercues ~ Hepler P.O.

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