Kansas History and Heritage Project-Crawford County

Crawford County Death Records
1902 Deaths

These records were published each week in the Pittsburg Headlight and were collected from other county newspapers; therefore, this list may not represent ALL the deaths that occurred in, or pertained to, Crawford County.

Name AgeDate of DeathPlace of Death Cause of Death
Allhands, J. W. 58y Sep. 18th, 1902 Colorado Springs, CO suicide by shooting himself
Allmon, Thomas 58y Sep. 15th, 1902 Pittsburg cancer
Alterman, George Herman (s/o Albert) 8m Aug. 10th, 1902 Pittsburg typhoid fever
Andes, s/o Jake infant July 29th, 1902 Nashville not given
Angel, H. H. 80y Oct. 9th, 1902 Baker City, OR not given
Archer, Viola (d/o John) ng Sep. 22nd, 1902 Cherokee fever
Arnold, Lizzie 32y Nov. 1902 Osawatomie not given
Atkinson, Jacob 60y Aug. 2nd, 1902 Cherokee complication of diseases
Auseini, Emil 12y Nov. 7th, 1902 Fleming liver trouble
Austin, d/o George infant Sep. 23rd, 1902 Pittsburg summer complaint
Ayers, Berry 30y Sep. 14th, 1902 Cambria shot to death
Babcock, Campbell (s/o George A.) 15m July 20th, 1902 Beulah bowel trouble
Babcock, male infant July 26th, 1902 Beulah spinal meningitis
Bachellor, Edith (w/o Robert A.) 29y Sep. 5th, 1902 Crawford Twp. not given
Baert, Albert 24y Dec. 16th, 1902 Pittsburg broken back caused by collapse in mine
Bagley, Eliza L. (w/o John P.) 61y Oct. 9th, 1902 Pittsburg lingering illness
Bailey, Rosa (w/o H. E.) ng Nov. 28th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Baker, Addie (d/o William) 9m July 7th, 1902 Pittsburg flux
Baker, d/o W. M. infant Oct. 22nd, 1902 Pittsburg bowel trouble
Baker, Joseph H. 73y June 5th, 1902 Girard apoplexy
Baker, Mrs. Fannie 23y Apr. 2nd, 1902 Ashley not given
Barcroft, Sam 40y Feb. 22nd, 1902 Midway crushed in mine
Barley, Daniel ng May 23rd, 1902 Kniveton cancer of the stomach
Barnum, Robert 30y Nov. 8th, 1902 Cambria skull fracture from mine accident
Barrowman, John 61y May 2nd, 1902 Pittsburg congestion of bowels
Barton, Worley (s/o Sarah E.) 19y Sep. 30th, 1902 Pittsburg congestion of bowels
Beck, Mrs. Jane C. 80y Aug. 12th, 1902 Garland paralysis
Beeman, G. Y. 60y July 21st, 1902 Wichita brain disease
Beeson, Olen (s/o Albert) 4m Mar. 12th, 1902 Morgan's Shaft pneumonia
Bell, Dr. R. M. 34y Oct. 16th, 1902 Kansas City, MO lingering illness
Bell, Freeman (s/o F. B.) 2 1/2y Sep. 23rd, 1902 Litchfield typhoid fever
Bennett, B. W. 83y Mar. 2nd, 1902 Osawatomie old age
Bennett, Z. A. 79y May 29th, 1902 east of Girard old age
Benzi, Ricardo 30y May 4th, 1902 Pittsburg injuries in mine at Chicopee
Bevins, d/o J. K. infant July 9th, 1902 Baker Twp. not given
Billington, child infant Sep. 16th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Black, Mrs. Rebecca ng Feb. 9th, 1902 Cherokee complication of diseases
Blair, s/o James 6m Jan. 22nd, 1902 Frontenac catarrhal fever
Bluett, John 41y Mar. 1st, 1902 Osawatomie lung trouble
Bogard, Lorenzo C. 53y Feb. 19th, 1902 Girard consumption
Bogsdale, Mrs. Belle 25y Mar. 30th, 1902 Fleming not given
Bohles, Louis 10y May 17th, 1902 Frontenac pneumonia
Boitz/Boltz, Julius (s/o Paul) ng Feb. 16th, 1902 Yale not given
Bolerio, Peter 57y Mar. 19th, 1902 Pittsburg asthma
Boling, Vida (d/o J M.) 2y Jan. 20th, 1902 Pittsburg membranous croup
Botsford, Mrs. George 22y Sep. 22nd, 1902 Pittsburg quick consumption
Bowen, d/o George W. infant Nov. 17th, 1902 McCune not given
Boyd, Glen 6y Feb. 7th, 1902 Pittsburg scarlet fever
Bradshaw, c/o J. B. infant Jan 21st, 1902 Baker Twp. not given
Braewchle, F. W. 26y Aug. 9th, 1902 Crawford Twp. suicide, cut throat
Bragg, s/o J. M. infant Aug. 18th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Bricker, Mrs. Leonora 28y Jan. 3rd, 1902 Cherokee blood poison
Bricker, W. H. 75y July 18th, 1902 Washington Twp. not given
Bringle, s/o W. G. 12d Apr. 14th, 1902 McCune not given
Broadhurst, James ng Feb. 19th, 1902 San Antonio, TX consumption
Brock, s/o Peter 15y Oct. 6th, 1902 Baker Twp. stomach trouble
Brooks, Charles 75y Oct. 11th, 1902 Claremore, OK paralytic stroke
Brooks, Mrs 70y Feb. 27th, 1902 Grant Twp. not given
Brown, c/o John infant Jan. 23rd, 1902 Ashley not given
Brown, c/o W. H. 10m July 15th, 1902 Iola not given
Brown, James 5y Jan. 23rd, 1902 Ashley not given
Brown, Liddy A. 63y Sep. 22nd, 1902 Pittsburg heart trouble
Buckner, Rev. J. W. 52y May 1st, 1902 Girard cancer of the stomach
Buflio, s/o Barney infant Feb. 23rd, 1902 Frontenac not given
Bugg, George W/ 40y Aug. 12th, 1902 Osage Twp. not given
Burch, Arthur 21y Sep. 22nd, 1902 Wear mine #5 crushed by rocks in mine
Burk, Agnes (w/o Milton) 21y Apr. 18th, 1902 West Weir not given
Burnaugh, Peter A. 67y Dec. 5th, 1902 Girard injuries receive in a fall
Burns, Nellie (w/o Charles) 24y Apr. 19th, 1902 Mulberry not given
Burr, Mrs. Agnes 48y Apr. 3rd, 1902 Opolis kidney trouble
Butler, Joe 40y Oct. 6th, 1902 Baxter Springs consumption
Butler, Mary 14y Mar. 14th, 1902 Minden not given
Byrne, Mrs. Lucy 75y Nov. 12th, 1902 Cherokee suicidal poisoning
Cairns, Mrs. James 22y Jan. 9th, 1902 Chicopee convulsions
Cameron, Mrs. Cora 24y Mar. 25th, 1902 Girard inflammation of the bowels
Cameron, s/o Hugh 3y Oct. 4th, 1902 Pittsburg fever
Campbell, Frank 46y Mar. 11th, 1902 Girard Brights disease
Carlson, Wilma Bessie (d/o Charles) 2y June 17th, 1902 Pittsburg enlargement of the liver
Carrier, Venoit 63y Feb. 10th, 1902 Frontenac asthma
Carroll, Henry 40y Apr. 19th, 1902 Nelson not given
Carroll, Mrs. Henry 40y July 31st, 1902 Yale not given
Carroll, William 50y Nov. 15th, 1902 Kirkwood fractured skull
Carson, Addie 22y Nov. 1902 Holly, CO not given
Cassero, Ben ng Feb. 15th, 1902 Frontenac pneumonia
Charavassa, c/o Michael 6m Jan. 22nd, 1902 Frontenac abcess
Chaussard, Gerard (s/o Charles) 2y Aug. 12th, 1902 Baker Twp. not given
Chelly, Mrs. 82y Mar. 29th, 1902 Pittsburg old age
Clark, s/o Miney infant Feb. 13th, 1902 Chicopee not given
Clifford, Theodore S. 55y Oct. 9th, 1902 Walnut Twp. paralysis
Clifton, George 21y Jan. 19th, 1902 Pittsburg consumption
Clothier, Eunice Agnes (d/o W. F.) 7w Sept. 8th, 1902 Pittsburg general debility
Coburn, Elizabeth (w/o H. P.) 41y Oct. 26th, 1902 Carl Junction, Mo. malaria
Collins, c/o James infant May 24th, 1902 Arma scarlatina
Collins, Frank 32y June 14th 1902 Pittsburg consumption
Colton, Mrs. L. J. ng May 24th 1902 Girard not given
Conley, J. H. 40y Jan. 31st, 1902 Pittsburg brain fever
Connell, Theodore B. 60y Dec. 3rd, 1902 Walnut Twp. bowel trouble
Conrad, Mrs. A. M. 71y Dec. 27th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Cooper, O. E. 50y Nov. 2nd, 1902 Erie, PA not given
Cornella, Tony 2y Aug. 26th, 1902 Frontenac summer complaint
Cortes, Angelo 45y Jan. 25th, 1902 Frontenac apoplexy
Cory, Sarah Belle (w/o A. I.) 29y Sep. 10th, 1902 Englevale not given
Costello, Mrs. M. ng Dec. 21st, 1902 Grant Twp. stomach trouble
Crane, Mrs. Frank 19y Jan. 4th, 1902 Carl Junction, Mo. peritonitis
Crites, d/o William 1y Oct. 18th, 1902 Lincoln Twp. not given
Crites, Gladys Evaline (d/o Elmer) 2y Aug. 3rd, 1902 Farlington bowel trouble
Crocker, G. W. 75y June 13th, 1902 Pittsburg complication of diseases
Cronin, Paul (s/o L.P.) infant Jan. 24th, 1902 Yale bowel trouble
Cummings, Noble T. 73y Feb. 19th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Dailey, d/o W. M. 4m Oct. 6th, 1902 Pittsburg hemorrhage
Dainty, s/o Walter infant Nov. 30th, 1902 Midway smothered in bed
Dames, d/o L. infant Feb. 15th, 1902 Minden not given
Davenport, s/o John W. 3y Dec. 23rd, 1902 Arcadia pneumonia
Davidson, c/o C. infant Nov. 5th, 1902 Sherman Twp. not given
Davis, d/o T. L. infant Feb. 18th, 1902 Minden pneumonia
Davis, George 30y Dec. 14th, 1902 Pittsburg typhoid fever
Davis, Mrs. Charles 31y Mar. 30th, 1902 Frontenac complication of diseases
Davis, Mrs. Cynthia 67y Jan. 15th, 1902 Opolis not given
Dawes, s/o Lewis infant Feb. 9th, 1902 Minden not given
Day, Georgia May 17y Jan. 31st, 1902 Pittsburg consumption
Day, Robert (s/o Golden) 16m Mar. 16th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Decker, L. Burt 30y July 7th, 1902 Pueblo, CO mountain fever
DeGarmo, Marion 38y Jan. 1st, 1902 Beulah cancer of the stomach
Dennison, Carrie 22y Mar. 19th, 1902 Pittsburg consumption
Dennison, William 66y Nov. 13th, 1902 Yale Brights disease
Devalle, s/o Leopold infant Feb. 15th, 1902 Kirkwood not given
Dickey, George 24y June 9th, 1902 Pittsburg appendicitis
Dillman, Eli 77y May 25th, 1902 Girard cancer of the knee
Dismuke, s/o T. L. 11m Feb. 11th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Disney, Julia Ann (w/o William) 52y June 26th, 1902 Girard not given
Dockstader, W. F. 50y Feb. 21st, 1902 Cherokee consumption
Donald, Thomas 54y Feb. 13th, 1902 Beulah dropsy
Donnelly, Peter ng Nov. 26th, 1902 Baker Twp. pneumonia
Doring, Mrs. 33y Aug. 19th, 1902 Pittsburg typhoid fever
Doty, Charles (s/o Kerry) 4m May 22nd, 1902 Pittsburg summer complaint
Draper, E. N. 54y Jan. 24th, 1902 Cherokee not given
Duff, d/o W. B. infant Aug. 8th, 1902 Midway not given
Dunbar, s/o W. H. infant Nov. 24th, 1902 Arcadia not given
Duncan, Mary (d/o Charles) ng Aug. 4th, 1902 Steator, IL typhoid malaria
Eckert, c/o Dave infant July 19th, 1902 Cherokee not given
Edwards, A. V. 71y Apr. 23rd, 1902 north of Brazilton suicide by strychnine
Edwards, T. H. 70y Oct. 8th, 1902 Walnut Twp. heart disease
Eggberry, Sarah (w/o David) 58y Aug. 24th, 1902 Pittsburg bowel trouble
Eighmy, Amy B. (w/o Fred) 21y Aug. 25th, 1902 Cherokee consumption
Eighmy, c/o Fred infant July 25th, 1902 Cherokee not given
Elliott, infant infant Jan 21st, 1902 East Pittsburg not given
Ellliger, Floyd 18y Feb. 12th, 1902 Yale not given
Embree, J. S. ng Apr. 21st, 1902 Pittsburg pneumonia
Engel, Marcella (w/o Gregory) 65y July 27th, 1902 Frontenac heart trouble
Epperson, d/o William 18m Aug. 26th, 1902 Pittsburg whooping cough
Erickson, A. S. ng Apr. 24th, 1902 near Pittsburg hernia
Evans, Fred (s/o Angus) 13m Nov. 2nd, 1902 Yale thrush
Evans, Mrs. H. S. 45y July 6th, 1902 Lincoln Twp. typhoid fever
Eyestone, Amanda V. (w/o John) 49 Apr. 20th, 1902 Joplin, MO heart trouble
Fennimore, s/o William 4d Dec. 17th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Fisk, d/o John infant Mar. 1st, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Fitzgerald, James 35y Dec. 11th, 1902 Walnut Twp. not given
Flood, Miss Laura 35y Oct. 3rd, 1902 Fleming consumption
Flynn, Fannie (w/o Edward) 53y Dec. 11th, 1902 Chicopee catarrh of the stomach
Foster, Verna May (d/o James) 5y Feb. 17th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Fox, Mary Lee (d/o Barkeley) 13y Feb. 21st, 1902 Farlington brain fever
Fox, Miss Mary ng Feb. 21st, 1902 Farlington not given
Freeman, Leslie (male) 3y June 25th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Freiderger, infant ng May 8th, 1902 near Frontenac smallpox
French, Mrs. John W. 41y Apr. 29th, 1902 Pittsburg cancer of the stomach
Frew, Jane (w/o John) 61y Dec. 11th, 1902 Pittsburg general debility
Fulton, A. 91y Mar.? 1902 Baker Twp. old age
Gable, E. L. 18y Feb. 28th, 1902 Pittsburg heart trouble
Gardner, William 23y Feb. 19th, 1894 Walnut Twp. consumption
Garrett, Sarah C. (w/o C. A.) 61y Nov. 18th, 1902 Coalvale lingering illness
Gehrs, Alice (w/o W. H.) 28y Mar. 21st, 1902 Pittsburg blood poison
Gerard, Mrs. Sophia 45y Feb. 2nd, 1902 Frontenac complication of diseases
Getts, J. A. 35y June 26th, 1902 Pittsburg suicide by carbolic acid
Geyton, Mrs. 54y Feb. 27th, 1902 Osage Twp. not given
Gibson, Arphena (w/o E.R.) 39y Oct. 27th, 1902 Pittsburg congestion of spine
Gilbert, Gertrude (d/o J. E.) 17y Oct. 22nd, 1902 Girard typhoid fever
Gilliss, Mrs. 40y Feb. 7th, 1902 Chicopee not given
Gilliss, Frank 30y Mar. 2nd, 1902 Baker Twp. typhoid pneumonia
Gledhill, B. F. 50y Mar. 16th, 1902 near Cato pneumonia
Goesnik, Martin 39y Oct. 8th, 1902 Iola asthma
Goff, George 38y June 13th, 1902 Osawatomie suicide while insane
Goff, s/o George infant July 17th, 1902 Hepler not given
Gooding, Mrs. Martha 63y June 18th, 1902 Joplin, MO cancer
Graham, d/o Lawrence infant July 12th, 1902 Nelson not given
Graham, d/o Thomas 18m Oct. 10th, 1902 Pittsburg bowel trouble
Graham, Martha (w/o Thomas F.) 56y Sep. 2nd, 1902 Sheridan Twp. rheumatism and dropsy
Graham, Mrs. Anna 76y Feb. 18th, 1902 Arcadia not given
Grant, Andrew 77y Sep. 29th, 1902 Grant Twp. heart failure
Green, Ida E. (w/o Thomas) 28y Feb. 7th, 1902 Yale not given
Greenham, Thomas 63y June 10th, 1902 Walnut Twp. dropsy of the heart
Greenstreet, Mary A. (w/o W.A.) 71y Sep. 23rd, 1902 Pittsburg lagrippe
Greer, William 55y Mar. 1st, 1902 Cherokee heart trouble
Gregg, Hazel (d/o E. G.) 8y Dec. 29th, 1902 Osage Twp. pneumonia
Hackenburg, Ellen (d/o A. E.) 4y July 3rd, 1902 Pittsburg summer complaint
Hall, Robert 35y Nov. 23rd, 1902 Yale shot to death
Hamaker, d/o George 7m Feb. 15th, 1902 Frontenac not given
Hancock, James 63y Nov. 9th, 1902 Crawford Twp. died at county asylum
Hanes, Mrs. Albert ng July 10th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Hannon, d/o Edward infant July 21st, 1902 Pittsburg summer complaint
Hardin, Mrs. C. V. 54y Sep. 30th, 1902 Iola heart trouble
Harley, George 74y Mar. 22nd, 1902 McCune not given
Harmon, Emma (d/o W. H.) 2y July 6th, 1902 Pittsburg drowned
Harmon, J. P. 72y Oct. 31st, 1902 Girard paralysis
Harrington, Abel F. 77y Jan. 9th, 1902 Girard not given
Harry, s/o H. B. 13d Feb 25th, 1902 Cherokee not given
Hembree, male 2y July 2nd, 1902 Pittsburg, N. Joplin Ave. stomach trouble
Henny, Harold Verne 8y Jan. 6th, 1902 Girard dropsy of the heart
Herlocker, s/o John 5d Aug. 19th, 1902 Farlington bowel trouble
Herod, James 42y Nov. 28th, 1902 St. Paul not given
Hess, Albert ng Jan. 22nd, 1902 Osawatomie not given
Hess, Charles (s/o Levi) 30y Oct. 5th, 1902 Junction City fell under train
Hickox, Robert L. 24y Mar. 11th, 1902 Pautano, AZ not given
Higgins, s/o John infant July 25th, 1902 Chicopee not given
Higgle, John 88y Dec. 31st, 1902 Girard old age
Hill, Mrs. F. M. 53y Oct. 25th, 1902 Walnut Twp. heart failure
Hinkle, Milt ng Dec. 24th, 1902 Pittsburg shot and killed
Hoffmeister, c/o Harry infant May 17th, 1902 Baker Twp. not given
Hogg, Anna (w/o Thomas) ng Apr. 4th, 1902 Coal Valley not given
Holden, Orville (s/o Andrew) 1m24d Mar. 31st, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Holland, R. L. 26y Aug. 12th, 1902 Pittsburg appendicitis
Holler, Mrs. Mary C. 42y Feb. 15th, 1902 Litchfield not given
Hollingsworth, G. W. 60y Aug. 12th, 1902 Mulberry pneumonia
Holt, child 2y Oct. 24th, 1902 near Arma drowned
Honley, c/o James infant Apr. 18th, 1902 Yale not given
Hopkins, Lloyd (s/o William) 8y June 17th, 1902 Pittsburg spinal meningitis
Horn, Anna (d/o Frank) 23y June 30th, 1902 Crawford Twp. shot herself, suicide
Houk, James H. 62y Apr. 25th, 1902 near Opolis sclerosis of the spine
House, William 60y Apr. 30th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
House, William 60y Apr. 30th, 1902 Baker Twp. not given
Houseweart, Ira 17y Jan. 2nd, 1902 Osage Twp. accidental gun shot
Howard, d/o O. L. 1w June 23rd, 1902 Girard not given
Huber, J. George 41y Mar. 16th, 1902 Pittsburg consumption
Hudson, Tracey (w/o O. S.) 29y July 15th, 1902 Pittsburg typhoid-malarial fever
Huggins, Alexander 89y May 20th, 1902 Girard old age
Humphrey, infant ng Apr. 20th, 1902 Mulberry not given
Hunly, J. C. 47y Apr. 18th, 1902 Yale not given
Hunt, Mrs. Melissa 70y Sep. 28th, 1902 Cherokee heart trouble
Huntington, Mary (w/o Robert) 76y Aug. 4th, 1902 Pittsburg cancer of the stomach
Hyder, c/o Guy infant May 19th, 1902 near Nashville not given
Ivey, Grace May 20y May 14th, 1902 Pittsburg catarrh of the stomach
Jacks, Mrs. A. R. 35y July 16th, 1902 Pittsburg asthma
Jackson, Blanche 30y Nov. 23rd, 1902 Fleming shot to death
Jackson, c/o J. infant Apr. 19th, 1902 Yale not given
James, d/o George infant July 1st, 1902 west of Arcadia not given
Jaworcek, Kaspar 40y Oct. 17th, 1902 Pittsburg injuries received in mine
Jeans, Velma (d/o Dr.) infant Mar. 2nd, 1902 Nashville pneumonia
Jeffries, Rebecca 50y Jan. 10th, 1902 Crawford Twp. lung trouble
Jenkins, d/o Will infant Apr. 30th, 1902 Yale not given
Jernigan, Dolly (w/o L. D.) 56y Jan. 29th, 1902 Pittsburg rheumatism
Jessup, Mrs. M. A. ng June 5th, 1902 Cherokee heart trouble
Jobe, Harmon 4y May 21st, 1902 Nashville measles
Johnson, c/o J. W. 2y Mar. 2nd, 1902 Pittsburg burning to death
Johnson, Carl (s/o Dr. M. E.) 20y July 10th, 1902 Pittsburg typhoid fever
Johnson, Percy 30y Apr. 28th, 1902 Farlington not given
Jones, Henry (s/o Sallie McDowell) 11y Aug. 26th, 1902 Pittsburg inflammatory rheumatism
Jones, Julia (w/o G. W.) 37y Apr. 29th, 1902 near Galesburg not given
Jones, Mrs. Daisy ng May 2nd, 1902 Cherokee not given
Jones, Mrs. J. W. ng Dec. 5th, 1902 Crawford Twp. general debility
Jones, Mrs. Thomas 35y Sep. 11th, 1902 west of Cato consumption
Keener, Mrs. Ed ng Feb. 1902 Osage Twp. pneumonia
Kelley, Mrs. J. M. ng Apr. 17th, 1902 east of Arcadia not given
Kelly, Mrs. Mary 82y Dec. 11th, 1902 near Arcadia old age
Kelsey, Mrs. K. L. 21y Feb. 23rd, 1902 Baker Twp. inflammation and blood poison
Kendall, c/o Tom ng Jan. 25th, 1902 Farlington not given
Kennan, Edward 58y June 25th, 1902 Arcadia not given
Kickel, Leoni (d/o Fred) 1y Dec. 31st, 1902 Pittsburg stomach trouble
King, – 20y Sep. 24th, 1902 Baker Twp. accidental gun shot
Klaukshink, Susan 13y Mar. 12th, 1902 Cambria bronchitis
Knapp, s/o Ed 16m July 19th, 1902 Pittsburg summer complaint
Knight, Robert 66y July 7th, 1902 Pittsburg stomach trouble
Knight, Sam 30y Jan. 29th, 1902 Yale injuries receive in shaft
Konantz, s/o Walter infant Aug. 14th, 1902 Arcadia not given
Koopman, Mrs. Margaret 33y Mar. 24th, 1902 Pittsburg heart trouble
Lane, Grace 18y Dec. 18th, 1902 Farlington typhoid fever
Langford, Lawrence (s/o G. C.) 6m Oct. 26th, 1902 Cherokee general debility
Langford, Miss Ellen ng Feb. 7th, 1902 Cherokee not given
Langworthy, c/o J. L. infant July 4th, 1902 Pittsburg bowel trouble
Lansdown, W. M. 45y Aug. 12th, 1902 Pittsburg dropsy
Larimer, Minnie (w/o J. M.) 28y Mar. 7th, 1902 Cherokee fever
Latimer, d/o James infant Apr. 19th, 1902 Nelson diphtheria
Ledbetter, Ruby 3y Feb. 16th, 1902 Pittsburg, S. Broadway not given
Lindsay, Bessie (d/o T. J.) 7y Aug. 7th, 1902 Crawford Twp. flux
Long, Emma (w/o Clell) 40y Sep. 18th, 1902 Pueblo, CO consumption
Long, Lona (d/o Milton A.) 3y Aug. 24th, 1902 Pittsburg stomach trouble
Longston, William 65y Dec. 9th, 1902 Cherokee heart disease
Lovelace, male 6y Mar. 13th, 1902 Baker Twp. appendicitis
Loveless, L. F. 7y Mar. 13th, 1902 Sheridan Twp. appendicitis
Lucke, Rosalie (d/o Henry) 2y June 26th, 1902 Crawford Twp. not given
Lundrigan, Thomas 88y July 17th, 1902 Sherman Twp. ulceration of bladder
MacGregor, Anna Boaz (w/o Arthur) ng June 7th, 1902 New York not given
Madden, s/o Levi infant July 23rd, 1902 near Medoc not given
Magee, Minnie C. (d/o L.) 2m Aug. 26th, 1902 Litchfield consumption
Mahan, “Grandpa” 75y Feb. 3rd, 1902 near Walnut old age
Major, L. M. 70y Nov. 11th, 1902 Hannibal, MO not given
Major, Mrs. L. M. 66y Aug. 22nd, 1902 north of Arcadia not given
Manescalchi, d/o Andrew infant May 20th, 1902 Frontenac not given
Manescalchi, d/o Andrew infant July 19th, 1902 Frontenac not given
March, Fred 45y Feb. 11th, 1902 Pittsburg pneumonia
Markley, Mrs. Hattie 72y Nov. 29th, 1902 McCune not given
Markowitz, Francis (s/o Frank) 3y Sep. 23rd, 1902 Frontenac jaundice
Markowitz, John (s/o Louis) infant May 23rd, 1902 Cornell not given
Markowitz, Louis (s/o Louis) infant May 23rd, 1902 Cornell not given
Marnell, Joseph 17y Mar. 14th, 1902 Grant Twp. pneumonia
Marston, A. B. 35y Dec. 8th, 1902 Pittsburg congestion of stomach
Martin, Emma (d/o Canady) 2y May 7th, 1902 Cambria not given
Martin, s/o Canady 1y Aug. 14th, 1902 Cambria not given
Martin, Sarah (w/o W. W.) 25y Feb. 27th, 1902 Pittsburg consumption
Marvin, s/o Thomas infant Aug. 13th, 1902 Minden not given
Maslin, male 6w Dec. 21st, 1902 Farlington pneumonia
Mason, Hattie M. (w/oThomas) 31y Jan. 31st, 1902 Baker Twp. not given
Mathew, Garnett (d/o James) 5y Jan. 13th, 1902 Sheridan Twp. not given
Matthews, Charles 60y Sep. 14th, 1902 Arkansas consumption
McCall, Anna (w/o Edward) 47y July 12th, 1902 near St. Paul not given
McCann, M. M. 52y Sep. 21st, 1902 Pittsburg typhoid fever
McCoy, d/o Oscar 13y Feb. 28th, 1902 Chicopee pneumonia
McCulloch, Deana (d/o Lem) 1y July 23rd, 1902 Drywood dysentery
McCune, Isaac 79y Feb. 3rd, 1902 McCune not given
McDaniel, Clifford (s/o Green) ng Aug. 24th, 1902 Girard fever
McFeaters, William 28y May 4th, 1902 Kansas City, KS sciatic rheumatism
McGarvey, s/o John 3y Dec. 17th, 1902 Frontenac lung fever
McGinnis, William 52y Nov. 7th, 1902 Minden not given
McGonigle, s/o Mrs. L.P. infant Dec. 29th, 1902 Arcadia pneumonia
McKinniss, Nellie (d/o H. G) 11m May 24th, 1902 Pittsburg congestion of the brain
McMann, s/o John 2y Jan. 22nd, 1902 Midway not given
McManus, Catherine (w/o Francis) 78y Dec. 27th, 1902 Chicopee not given
McNeill, twin s/o P. J. 3w July 31st, 1902 Frontenac general debility
McVeigh, George M. 69y Jan. 5th, 1902 Baker Twp. heart trouble
Meacham, Ethel (d/o John) 6y July 6th, 1902 Arcadia typhoid fever
Meacham, Mary (d/o John) 15y Aug. 12th, 1902 Arcadia typhoid fever
Mead, Thelma infant July 4th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Mesdinich, Josepha 33y Jan. 31st, 1902 near Cornell peritonitis
Mesniak, Fephia (w/o Frank) 33y Jan. 30th, 1902 Frontenac not given
Metzenber, s/o Lafe infant Feb. 13th, 1902 Baker Twp. not given
Miller, d/o H. 18m Dec. 30th, 1902 Pittsburg scarlet fever
Miller, d/o H. 18m Dec. 30th, 1902 Pittsburg scarlet fever
Moffatt, William 70y Apr. 19th, 1902 Dutch Hollow not given
Molaker, Joe 45y Feb. 22nd, 1902 Frontenac shot in head, suicide
Moore, Bessie 18y Sep. 20th, 1902 Girard typhoid fever
Moore, Bettie (w/o Armstead) 39y July 17th, 1902 Yale typhoid fever
Moore, c/o S. D. infant Aug. 6th, 1902 Litchfield whooping cough
Moore, Elsie (d/o D.) 2y Apr. 18th, 1902 Minden measles
Moore, Elsie May (d/o A.M.) 5y Apr. 18th, 1902 Minden measles
Moore, s/o Mrs. Mary (dec.) infant Jan. 14th, 1902 Frontenac not given
Moorehead, Harry 32y May 2nd, 1902 Pittsburg fractured skull in runaway
Morando, Louisa (d/o Frank) 8m Nov. 5th, 1902 Chicopee scarlet fever
Morgan, child ng Jan. 9th, 1902 Pittsburg, E. 11th St. pneumonia
Morris, Robert 15m Mar. 16th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Morrow, Mrs. Sarah 61y July 20th, 1902 Medoc typhoid fever
Mosher, Truman (s/o T. B.) 12y Sep. 22nd, 1902 Walnut Twp. typhoid fever
Mudd, Alonzo 32y Sep. 12th, 1902 Walnut Twp. typhoid fever
Mueller, s/o Otto 7m Apr. 23rd, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Mullikin, child infant Mar. 14th, 1902 Kirkwood not given
Murdock, Mabel (d/o William) 1y June 13th, 1902 Crawford Twp. cholera infantum
Murray, James 85y July 29th, 1902 Kirkwood #7 camp old age
Nelson, Mary 20y Mar. 4th, 1902 McCune consumption
Nelson, Mr. ng Mar. 23rd, 1902 Litchfield not given
Neuby, Mrs. Henry 50y Aug. 15th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Nixon, George T. 20y Aug. 27th, 1902 Pittsburg typhoid fever
Norton, female 2y July 23rd, 1902 Beulah summer complaint
O'Barto, Joseph 65y Mar. 3rd, 1902 Frontenac complication of diseases
O'Brien, Will 18y July 18th, 1902 McDonough Co., MO injuries to skull
Ogburn, Will (s/o Jacob) 26y Oct. 5th, 1902 Chandler, OK fell under train
Orr, s/o P. P. 2m Mar. 24th, 1902 Walnut Twp. not given
Orr, s/o Perry infant Mar. 10th, 1902 Walnut Twp. not given
Ortolda, Anna (d/o Antone) 9y Mar. 22nd, 1902 Chicopee fever
Osborne, Vessie 13y Aug. 14th, 1902 Baker Twp. typhoid fever
Osterfeldt, c/o Leo infant Aug. 25th, 1902 Frontenac not given
Owens, Ira 17y May 24th 1902 Beulah drowned
Owens, Isaac 30y Sep. 18th, 1902 Pittsburg shot to death
Page, Mrs. Arrisa 44y July 17th, 1902 Girard cancer of the stomach
Page, William 37y Oct. 5th, 1902 poor farm consumption
Parker, Clayton (s/o Rev.) 17y July 18th, 1902 Ingersoll, OK typhoid fever
Parker, d/o I. N. infant Oct. 26th, 1902 near Nashville scarlet fever
Parker, Mrs. 38y Dec. 24th, 1902 Monmouth paralysis
Pasley, Dr. J. C. ng Mar. 26th, 1902 Arcadia not given
Peak, Louis 25y Oct. 9th, 1902 Pittsburg typhoid fever
Peak, R. J. 75y Sep. 3rd, 1902 Grant Twp. pneumonia
Pearson, Elias F. 60y Oct. 21st, 1902 Cobalt, MO not given
Peavey, Mrs. John 84y Mar. 24th, 1902 Baker Twp. pneumonia
Pendleton, Anna Lee (d/o O. D.) 13m Sept. 8th, 1902 Pittsburg typhoid fever
Perad, s/o Ferdon 2y Mar. 5th, 1902 Cornell burning to death
Perino, May (d/o Mrs. Frank) 14y May 27th, 1902 Frontenac consumption
Peterson, Peter 80y Nov. 25th, 1902 Sherman Twp. general debility
Piper, Mrs. Harriet 82y July 25th, 1902 McCune old age
Pippen, Adelia (d/o Wm. Overbeck) 20y Oct. 8th, 1902 Mulberry not given
Pippen, c/o Adelia 6m Oct. 8th, 1902 Mulberry not given
Poe, s/o C. A. infant July 15th, 1902 Pittsburg cancer
Pollard, Emma (w/o John) 29y July 29th, 1902 Crawford Twp. hemorrhage
Porter, Annabel (w/o J.) 24y Sept. 1902 Central camp #7 typhoid fever
Potter, Ethel May (w/o Fred) 37y Sep. 10th, 1902 Pittsburg consumption
Potter, Mary M. (w/o William) 52y Nov. 11th, 1902 Arcadia consumption
Puckett, Luther 71y June 24th, 1902 near Walnut cystitis
Pugh, W. H. 47y Mar. 16th, 1902 Pittsburg pneumonia
Purden, Miss Kate 22y Sep. 20th, 1902 near Greenbush congestion of bowels
Quiggley, Miss Kate 25y Oct. 15th, 1902 Kansas City heart and kidney trouble
Ragsdale, c/o Joe infant Oct. 5th, 1902 Cambria bowel trouble
Ralston, Thomas 18y Oct. 22nd, 1902 Girard typhoid fever
Ramsay, Anna Kate (w/o Robert) 67y June 17th, 1902 Pittsburg complication of diseases
Ramsey, David 70y Oct. 5th, 1902 Salt Lake City, UT old age and general debility
Ransom, Phoebe Ann 75y July 12th, 1902 near Caldwell paralysis
Rash, d/o T. F. infant June 23rd, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Ready, James 40y Apr. 27th, 1902 Cherokee lung trouble from the mines
Rebachi, Ruggerio (s/o John) 18m Feb. 15th, 1902 Frontenac diphtheria
Rebecka, s/o John 18m Feb. 15th, 1902 Frontenac not given
Reed, Claude H. 2y Aug. 8th, 1902 Sheridan Twp.
Reno, W. B. ng Feb. 7th, 1902 Leavenworth not given
Rhomberg, Mrs. Joseph 70y Dec. 16th, 1902 Hepler not given
Roberts, A. P. 75y June 1st, 1902 Eureka, CA not given
Robinson, Mrs. Clara 30y Apr. 1st, 1902 Ashley blood poison
Rogers, – 73y Feb. 10th, 1902 Pittsburg dropsy
Rogers, Maud (w/o Harry) 22y Oct. 31st, 1902 north of Minden typhoid fever
Rogers, Miss Nellie 29y July 12th, 1902 Pittsburg typhoid fever
Rohrer, Frances 13y Mar. 21st, 1902 Pittsburg suicidal poisoning
Rollins, s/o James 21m May 17th, 1902 Arma scarlatina
Ross, Mrs. Mary A. 65y Dec. 24th, 1902 Girard paralysis
Ross, Mrs. Nancy 65y June 15th, 1902 Girard paralysis of the heart
Ross, Mrs. Will 35y Nov. 27th, 1902 Iola not given
Rourk, s/o William 6w Mar. 16th, 1902 Arcadia not given
Rummer, Mrs. Effie 23y Dec. 27th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Russell, Alva 67y Sep. 12th, 1902 Washington Twp. rheumatism
Russell, Charles F. 67y Oct. 13th, 1902 McCune not given
Ryan, Will (s/o John) 18y Mar. 7th, 1902 Opolis kill by train
Sanders, infant ng May 10th, 1902 Yale not given
Sanderson, Robert J. 74y Oct. 11th, 1902 Pittsburg diabetes
Sandford, Abbie (w/o John) 51y Jan. 20th, 1902 Pittsburg dropsy of the heart
Sands, Charles (s/o Drew) 15y Apr. 29th, 1902 Walnut Twp. not given
Sands, J. B. 52y Oct. 15th, 1902 Pittsburg dropsy
Saulaski, Mary (d/o Jacob) 3y Mar. 10th, 1902 Frontenac diphtheria
Sawyer, Felix 28y Aug. 24th, 1902 Lansing consumption
Scales, d/o Louis infant Feb. 27th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Scales, Lonnie 19y Sep. 22nd, 1902 Lamar, CO fell from a horse
Scater, Mildred Jane (d/o William) 5y Feb. 27th, 1902 Pittsburg scarlet fever
Schmale, Sadie (d/o Everhardt) 16y Mar. 25th, 1902 near Arcadia burning to death
Scott, c/o William infant Feb. 27th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Scott, d/o Lewis infant Feb. 27th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Scott, Martha (w/o Joseph) 57y Mar. 3rd, 1902 Litchfield pneumonia fever
Scott, Mrs. Henry 40y Oct. 6th, 1902 Osage Twp. paralysis
Scott, Mrs. W. P. ng Aug. 7th, 1902 Nashville dropsy
Seward, M. F. 22y May 14th, 1902 Litchfield injuries received in mine
Shafer, Mrs. Arthur H. ng Feb. 9th, 1902 Girard peritonitis
Shaven, Mary (d/o Frank) 4y Mar. 11th, 1902 Cambria not given
Shaw, D. W. 53y Aug. 21st, 1902 Baker Twp. typhoid fever
Shead, Lucy (d/o A. E.) 18y Mar. 21st, 1902 Fort Scott consumption
Shelstead, Bertha 18y July 26th, 1902 Walnut Twp. heart trouble
Shoemaker, Mrs. Katherine 75y Apr. 25th, 1902 Nevada, MO pneumonia
Short, Joseph 22y Dec. 12th, 1902 Midway killed in mine by falling rocks
Shraker, Frances 1y Mar. 25th, 1902 Cambria not given
Skidmore, Richard J. 20y Dec. 18th, 1902 Pittsburg killed in mine by falling rocks
Skipper, Earl 3y Aug. 16th, 1902 Opolis stomach trouble
Smith, Benjamin J. 89y July 16th, 1902 Walnut Twp. not given
Smith, d/o Tim 3m Oct. 5th, 1902 Pittsburg debility
Smith, James 50y Mar. 3rd, 1902 McCune typhoid fever
Smith, John H. 73y Feb. 12th, 1902 Farlington pneumonia and quick consumption
Smith, Mrs. F. H. ng June 18th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Smith, Robert (col.) 49y July 7th, 1902 Litchfield not given
Sparks, Mrs. Martha 77y Aug. 26th, 1902 Cherokee not given
Spease, William H. 49y Nov. 13th, 1902 Osage Twp. not given
Stafford, Harley (s/o Owen) 1y Sept. 4th, 1902 Washington Twp. dysentery
Stafford, Plonnie (d/o John) 2y Mar. 22nd, 1902 Chicopee scalded
Steel, James H. 69y Dec. 25th, 1902 Yale Brights disease
Stiteler, Thomas M. 31y July 4th, 1902 Osawatomie epilepsy
Stout, Alfred 6y Jan. 13th, 1902 Cherokee cancer of the spine
Stowe, Robert (s/o R. G.) 7y Feb. 6th, 1902 Girard typhoid fever
Strain, Robert P. 38y Sep. 5th, 1902 Boulder, CO consumption
Strawl, s/o T. ng Dec. 1902 Englevale not given
Strode, J. W. 81y Jan 21st, 1902 Cherokee not given
Stubblefield, infant ng June 7th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Studyoine, Ora (s/o Ed) 4y Oct. 14th, 1902 Englevale lingering illness
Swan, Helen (d/o Burr H.) 2y Sep. 27th, 1902 Pittsfield, IL not given
Swick, Mrs. C. E. 43y Jan. 5th, 1902 Pittsburg dropsy
Swift, d/o George 2y July 22nd, 1902 Pittsburg brain fever
Swift, Louise (w/o Jeff D.) ng Nov. 3rd, 1902 Pittsburg typhoid-malarial fever
Taylor c/o Alex infant Aug. 7th, 1902 Crawford Twp. flux
Taylor, Frank W. (s/o A. W.) 3m Aug. 7th, 1902 near Beulah summer complaint
Taylor, Mabel (d/o James) 19m Jan. 20th, 1902 Cambria not given
Taylor, Mrs. E. H. 24y Sep. 12th, 1902 Cherokee not given
Taylor, Mrs. Fannie 35y May 3rd, 1902 Pittsburg paralysis
Taylor, Rosa 18y Jan. 3rd, 1902 Pittsburg consumption
Theodor, Nazarino 40y Mar. 22nd, 1902 Pittsburg injuries received in mine
Thomas, Millard Raymond (s/o E. S.) 7y Feb. 5th, 1902 East Pittsburg consumption
Thurman, Victoria (w/o Perry) 29y July 22nd, 1902 Pittsburg typhoid fever
Tilley, d/o W. I. 7m Aug. 23rd, 1902 Pittsburg fever
Tipping, Thomas ng Mar. 29th, 1902 Lincoln Twp. not given
Tirnat, Martin 45y Jan. 6th, 1902 Frontenac killed by falling rocks
Truster, Fred J. 65y Jan. 25th, 1902 Pittsburg paralysis
Turlip, s/o F. infant Aug. 26th, 1902 Frontenac not given
Turner, Carrie L. 66y Nov. 29th, 1902 Girard paralysis
Turner, Francis 61y Oct. 31st, 1902 Midway asthma
Underwood, s/o T. 7y Feb. 16th, 1902 near Cato not given
Valley, Moses 53y Sep. 19th, 1902 Crawford Twp. typhoid fever
Van Becelaere, d/o Charles 9m Mar. 9th, 1902 East Pittsburg not given
Van Dever, female infant Feb. 6th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Van Dyke, Mrs. Lucy ng Oct. 30th, 1902 Grant Twp. typhoid fever
Vigado, Joe 26y July 1st, 1902 Ashley crushed by rocks in mine
Violetti, Joe 40y May 19th, 1902 Frontenac heart disease
Wahlstrom, Charles 57y June 28th, 1902 Osage Twp. not given
Waite, d/o George 1y July 5th, 1902 Yale not given
Walker, Ed 40y Dec. 31st, 1902 Pittsburg dropsy
Walker, Emmett A. (s/o Lawrence) 6y June 30th, 1902 Pittsburg stomach trouble
Weathers, Mrs. Hannah 69y Aug. 26th, 1902 McCune dysentery
Welch, Albert 19y Jan. 15th, 1902 near McCune pneumonia
Wells, s/o Walter 6w Oct. 2nd, 1902 Yale croup
Whetzell, James 62y Aug. 21st, 1902 Hallowell heart disease
White, Floyd (s/o W. J.) 2m Nov. 22nd, 1902 Pittsburg indigestion
Wihdall, d/o Walter infant Feb. 3rd, 1902 Midway not given
Wilkerson, Foster H. 81y Jan. 1st, 1902 Girard old age
Williams, s/o W. H. infant July 28th, 1902 Pittsburg inflammation of the bowels
Williamson, Mrs. David 42y June 23rd, 1902 Minden not given
Williamson, Nellie (d/o Mrs. Ellen) 20y Feb. 27th, 1902 Scammon not given
Williamson, Rebeckah (w/o Fred P.) 47y June 24th, 1902 Minden not given
Williner, Mrs. Frances 60y Nov. 11th, 1902 St. Louis, MO heart failure
Wilson, Charles (s/o Dr. D. H.) 2y Sep. 7th, 1902 north of McCune dysentery
Wilson, John 84y July 18th, 1902 near Monmouth old age
Wilson, s/o D. M. 2y Sep. 7th, 1902 Osage Twp. paralysis
Wilson, W. H. ng Dec. 1st, 1902 McCune neuralgia of the heart
Winnie, d/o Walter infant Feb. 3rd, 1902 Midway not given
Winters, Joseph 35y Mar. 3rd, 1902 Osage Twp. shot himself, suicide
Wisdom, Avery 30y Sept. 12, 1902 Pittsburg heart trouble
Wise, c/o John infant May 8th, 1902 Minden not given
Wood, Walter (s/o Clark) 25y Nov. 10th, 1902 Pittsburg pneumonia
Woodbury, William 31y Apr. 28th, 1902 near Minden (Mine #8) broken back caused by collapse in mine
Woodford, d/o Cliff infant Feb. 27th, 1902 Litchfield not given
Woodford, d/o J. C. infant Feb. 27th, 1902 Litchfield not given
Woolsey, Lulu (d/o W. T.) 9y May 24th, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Worley, s/o R. D. 5w Mar. 6th, 1902 Crawford Twp. not given
Wostoski, d/o Jacob 3y Mar. 10th, 1902 Frontenac complication of diseases
Wray, s/o Thomas infant Aug. 5th, 1902 Minden not given
Wright, Hazel 15y Nov. 8th, 1902 East Pittsburg bowel trouble
Young, James 71y Mar. 23rd, 1902 Pittsburg catarrh of the stomach
Young, s/o W.A. infant Aug. 5th, 1902 Pittsburg general debility
Zenelli, Helena 51y Apr. 27th, 1902 Pittsburg cancer
Zenon, Bernard (s/o August) 14m Feb. 2nd, 1902 Frontenac catarrhal fever
Ziegles, Mary ng July 22nd, 1902 Pittsburg not given
Zighel, s/o Jacob 2y Feb. 18th, 1902 Chicopee not given
Zonella, Blas 70y Oct. 21st, 1902 Wear camp #5 fell from wagon

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