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L.C. & Clara (Kincheloe) Wymer

by Ruth Anna (Wymer) Melrose

Comanche County History, pp. 769-770, published 1981.

In 1926, 54 years ago in January, Lee and Clara (Kincheloe) Wymer came to Protection to make their home. They came back to Kansas to live because both believed Kansas' education system was superior. The family had been living in Alfalfa and Woods Counties in Oklahoma, where their children had been attending rural schools. These children were: Kenneth Lee, born 1911 in Greenwood Co., Ks; Helen Clara, born 1912 in Chase Co., Ks; Ruth Anna, born 1914; Lynn William, born 1915; Sylvia Kincheloe, b. 1918, all in Roosevelt Co., NM. Another son, Lee, Jr., was born in 1927. He died in 1969.

Lee, or L.C., as he was known, was born in Brown Co., OH, in 1868, the first son of William P. and Margaret (Moore) Weimer. He had two younger brothers, George and Ester. The three young brothers lost their mother early and spent a number of years with their grandparents, Jacob and Esther (Piper) Weimer at Five Mile, Ohio, before joining their father in Marion Co., KS, where he had resettled. Lee and George grew to manhood here. Esther died when he was 11 years old.

The Weimer family is first recorded in Frederick Co., Maryland, in both church and land records, beginning in the middle 1700's. Jacob Weimer was born there in 1798, the son of John and Margaret Weimer. Soon after 1800, the family went to Westmoreland Co., PA. About 1846 Jacob and his brother Samuel with their wives and children moved on to Clermont Co., OH. Jacob and his family settled in Brown Co. in 1859.

Clara Kincheloe was born in 1885, one of six daughters and one son of Andrew Bascom and Medora (Colson) Kincheloe. Her parents had come to Kansas from West Virginia in 1882 and made their home on the claim Medora's parents had taken up some years before in Jewell County. The Colson family were early settlers in Massachusetts. The Kincheloe family had settled in the Tidewater Counties of Virginia in the middle 1600's.

Lee and Clara Wymer (as our name is now spelled) were married on 20 April 1910 at Mankato, Ks, where she had been a teacher in the county schools for some years. They made their first home at Eureka, Ks, where Lee was engaged in breeding and racing Thoroughbred horses.

In 1913 several hundred acres of land were purchased near Portales, NM, and the family removed there, occupying themselves with truck farming and cattle. In 1918, they came back to Oklahoma, where Lee had spent perhaps 10 years, having made the "Run" of 1893, securing a claim and proving up on it, later returning to Marion Co., Ks. In OK, cattle and farming were the main occupation followed. On returning to Kansas, increased truck farming and dairying were added, keeping everyone busy.

All six children of this family completed their basic education in the schools of Protection, all married and went to homes of their own. Only Kenneth and Lynn still live in Protection, and both operate family businesses. Lynn served 3 years overseas in the Air Force in WWII. He had the honor of being one of the first eight Kansans released from the service. Ruth and Sylvia's husbands both lost their lives in the European Theater in 1944, where Lynn was also serving.

Twenty-two grandchildren were Lee and Clara Wymer's: Kenneth had 3 dau. and one son; Helen: 2 dau. & 2 sons; Ruth: 2 dau. & one son (A dau. & a son are twins, born one day later than Kenneth's youngest daughter); Lynn: 2 dau. & 3 sons; Sylvia: 1 son; Lee: 3 dau. & 2 sons. Lee, Sr., died in 1946, Clara in 1966.

Clara Wymer is buried in the Protection Cemetery, Protection, Kansas.

Note by Jerry Ferrin: The above history is copied from a posting I made on the Comanche County, Kansas, RootsWeb Message Board on 20 June 2000.

I posted the history in response to the following post by Wendell H. Melrose on 20 June 2000:

I'm descended from the Wymer family at Protection, Ks., Comanche County.? My twin sister and I were born at Ashland, Ks., Sept. 18, 1943. My grandmother was Clara V. Wymer...my grandfather died abt.1947. My mother, my two sisters, and I moved to Dodge City, Ks., in 1956. I graduated from High School and Junior College at Dodge City. My only living uncle on my mothers side of the family is Lynn Wymer of Protection.

Wendell H. Melrose Spring, TX"

On 20 June 2000, Wendel Melrose posted this response:

"Jerry, Thanks for the info.. I haven't been doing much with family history for quite a number of years but I always remember growing up in Protection... 1943 - 1956. We had extended families... Uncle Kenneth, Uncle Lynn, Uncle Lee, and our grandmother, Clara Wymer. She lived on Main street, the house isn't there anymore. My mother was a photographer during the early 50's and she took the school photos for about 6 or 8 yrs. After she passed away in Jun'90 we decided that her camera would be given to the Boothill Museum for display. There were a lot of 4x5 negatives. I'm not sure where those went. Thanks for your interest.

Wendell H. Melrose Spring, Tx."

On 30 August 2003, Liz Wallace posted this response to Wendell's message:

"Jacob and Esther (Piper) Wymer were my gr gr grandparents. I am related through their son and grandson, John Clifford and John Henry Wymer and live in Clermont Co., Ohio. Growing up, I remember many times coming to Batavia on family outings to visit relatives. My grandfather, John Henry, had a twin sister named Anna. I am interested in learning more about the Wymers in your line and am willing to share what I have on them."

On 24 September 2003, Wendell Melrose posted this response to Liz Wallace:

"Please contact me via email if you want to share information about my Wymer families from Protection,


Tomball, TX."

On 18 October 2006, Wendell Melrose posted the following comment in the Comanche County, Kansas: History & Genealogy site guestbook, which is why I've copied the history from the message board to create this page on the site:

"I always like to look at the Protection information since I lived there from the time I was born in Sept. 1943 until our mother moved our family to Dodge City. My grandparents were Clara and Levi Wymer. My uncles were Lynn Wymer and Kenneth Wymer. The Wymer bio information isn't on the web site any longer but Lynn's widow, Vonnie Wymer still lives in Protection. You are welcome to contact me. Wendell"

Wendell, the photograph of your father, Hugh M. Melrose, which is on the page about him on this site is of poor quality as it was copied from a microfilmed newspaper. If you have a better quality photo of him which you would like to send to me for use on the website (as a jpg format image attached to an email to me), I'd be pleased to publish it in honor and in memory of him. Jerry Ferrin, 28 Oct 2006.

Sylvia Wymer's husband was "Tuffy" Bloxsom

Mr. Ferrin -

I am the great-granddaughter of L.C. & Clara Wymer, my grandparents being Kenneth & Ruth Wymer. I was reading the history of Comanche County that you posted and noticed there was an error. There is a note saying L.C. & Clara's youngest daughter Sylvia lost her husband Howard King in WWII. While it is true that Aunt Sylvie lost her husband in WWII, his name was not Howard King. I do not know his first name but his last name was Bloxsom. My mom, Kathleen Wymer (oldest daughter of Kenneth) always refers to Aunt Sylvie's husband as Uncle Tuffy.

Thanks and Blessings!

Elaine Stone

-- E-mail from Elaine Stone to Jerry Ferrin, 5 Jan 2007.

(Note by J.F.: Thanks for the correct information, Elaine. After I received your message, I found that Sylvia Bloxsom is buried in the Protection Cemetery, Protection, Kansas.)

Also see:

Sgt. Hugh Melrose, US Army, KIA, June 12, 1944, husband of Ruth (Wymer) LeBarre Melrose, son in law of L.C. & Clara Wymer.

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