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Bonnie and Clyde

The Dodge City Globe, September 19, 1934.

Bonnie Parker Worked in Dodge, Barrow in Hugoton

Bonnie Parker with a a 1932 Ford V-8 B-400 Convertible Sedan. Bonnie Parker, the girl bandit who lived and died with Clyde Barrow, as two of the most desparate killers the southwest has known, was employed in Dodge City three years ago this summer.

The first year that the Black Cow, a root beer stand, was operated at the junction of highways 45 and U.S. 283, at the south edge of the city, she was an attendant there, according to a diary found after she and Barrow were shot to death by Texas officers. Local persons will remember her as the slender dark haired girl who "hopped cars" at the root beer and chicken sandwich stand.

This information has just come to Sheriff Will Zurbucken. The girl worked there about five months, according to the diary.

After that she and Cyde Barrow operated a chili stand in Hugoton for several months, according to the same source of information. Barrow was a fugitive then but not nearly so notorious as he became a year or so afterward.

Until that information came from the diary, the first intimation of their connection with this immediate vicinity, was the escape they made from the Meade city park a year ago this month, after they had kidnapped a rancher from Wilmore and ditched his car at Meade. They escaped when Henry Messingill of their outfit was attacked by a woman with a croquet mallet in the park when he attempted to take a car there.

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Alva Trummel Kidnapped (by Bonnie & Clyde), The Western Star, 8 Sept 1933.

Bill Brock relates Story of Highway Robbery at Meade Park, The Fowler News, September 7, 1933.

Research on the Alva Trummel Kidnapping by Bonnie and Clyde

Alva and Irene Trummel

Although there is no reference to Bonnie and Clyde (who were killed May 23, 1934, in Louisiana) in the following story, it is interesting to note that kidnapping someone whose car they had stolen was something frequently done by Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, as they did when they stole Alva Trummel's car, that the kidnappers were driving a car stolen in Oklahoma City and that they "were in a jam and had to have Pipkin's car to make a getaway":

No Trace Found of Trio Who Kidnapped Barber at Coldwater Friday Night: H. E. Pipkin Freed by Kidnappers Late Friday Evening Near Olin Millam Farm, The Western Star, June 8, 1934.

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