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Clay County Obituaries/Death Records, Clay Center Times

The abstracts below are from Clay Center Times obituaries and death notices from 1880.


Died, on Jan. 4, 1880, of typho-malarial fever, Miss Bell Hucksteppe (Huckstep), aged a little over 20 years. The funeral services were held at the M. E. church in this city on the 5th, by Rev. E. F. Hill

Died, on Jan. 6, 1880, at the "Lindell Hotel" in this city, Mr. Charles Biel of Manhattan. During his illness, which lasted but five days, he recieved every attention that his fellow Odd-Fellows could give. On Wednesday his remains were taken to Manhattan for interment.

Died, on Jan. 21, 1880, John, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orin Broughton, aged 3 years. This is the second death that has occurred in that family within seven months.

Died, Jan. 20, 1880, Mrs. Emma McKee, of typhoid fever. Mrs. McKee contracted the disease at the bedside of her sister Mrs. Orin Broughton, who is now convelescing.

Died, Jan. 23, 1880, Mrs. Coultas (Coultice). The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Allman, of Morganville. The remains were followed to the Sherman cemetery by a large concourse of friends and neighbors. She leaves six orphan children.

John Gill, of Grant Twp., one of the first settlers on Mall creek, and well and favorably known, especially by the old settlers of this county, died yesterday, January 22, 1880, of lung fever. Mr. Gill was born in Wakesford, Ireland in February 1820, and in childhood came, with his parents, to Canada. He left Canada about 1840 and came to Worchestershire, Mass. In 1856 he went to Manhattan, Kansas and after a period of two years at that place came here. Mr. Gill was a good and useful man, although somewhat peculiar and sometimes thought to be excentric, his life was such as to win the respect of who knew him. The funeral will be held at the M.E. church in this city today.

A little daughter of Mr. William Greenwood, Morganville, died on Jan. 23, 1880.

Morganville: Died, Jan. 27, 1880, Mrs. Powell. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Mr. Allman, pastor of the M.E. church, of which Mrs. Powell was a consistent member.

Morganville: Died, Jan. 27, 1880, Henry Mygatt, aged 17 years. Deceased was thought to be recovering from the measles, but taking cold, congestion of the brain followed.

Industry: Died, Feb. 15, 1880, of typhoid fever, Mrs. Wiltz Roser.

Morganville: Died, Feb. 23, 1880, of scarlet fever, a son of Mr. Johnson.

Died, on Wednesday, March 3, 1880, Mamie, second child of W. F. and Maggie Barber, aged 6 years 2 months and 24 days. The funeral will take place from the Presbyterian church on Friday, March 4.

Wakefield: The wife of Mr. McGill died March 8, 1880. She was twenty seven years of age.

Died, March 13, 1880, Frankie, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Flenniken, aged nineteen months. The funeral services were conducted at the house by Rev. W. S. Davis on Sunday afternoon.

Died, on March 15, 1880, Peter Younkin, eldest son of William Younkin, aged 16 years. The funeral was held on the following day.

Morganville: Died, on March 15, 1880, Frankie, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billings, aged 2 years and one month. The Billings came here from Manhattan and opened a store here early in the winter.

Died, March 16, 1880, Ula (Eulah), only child of Jessie and William Sharpe. The funeral services took place at the M.E. church at 2 o'clock p.m. on Wednesday. The parents have the heartfelt sympathy of a wide circle of friends.

"Zan" Patch, aged 20 years, died March 16, 1880, at his home in Sherman Twp. His brother, Joseph, age 24, died the following day.

Died, March 17, 1880, Mrs. Hannah Griffin, aged 53 years. The funeral took place the next day.

Mrs. Mary Snell, age 48 years, died March 17, 1880, at the home of her son, Mr. John Snell, this city, after an illness of three weeks. Mrs. Snell was born in Boston, moved to Michigan and thence came to Kansas with her sons. An amiable lady, a good mother, her loss will be severely felt by her home circle and acquaintances.

Sylvanus Greene, age 40 years, of Morganville, died March 23, 1880. He was born in Maine but had been a resident of Kansas for 23 years. He was a good citizen, kind neighbor and fond father, and his loss will be keenly felt by all who knew him. The funeral was held on the 24th from the home of the deceased.

Died, on March 26, 1880, Ernie, the only son of R. C. and Josie Bagby, of this city. A lovely babe 15 months old, it was interred at the cemetery on the 27th.

The youngest child of William Hutchison was buried March 26, 1880. Rev. William Read conducted the services.

Levi Durrin, aged 27 years, died in Republican Twp. on April 16, 1880. He was a loving son, husband and brother. Rev. Barnes of the Universalist church in Junction City conducted the service.

Passed away, on April 13, 1880, Mrs. Elizabeth B. Turner. Mrs. Turner was born in Fredericksburg, Md., Sept. 12, 1813, and in early childhood moved with her parents to Indiana. In Dec. 1836, she was united in marriage to Adam Turner, and four years later removed with him to Galena, Ill., where she continued to reside after his decease, which occurred in 1854, till her removal to Kansas in the fall of 1870. By her death her family lose a prudent, kindly guide, society an ornament and the Church an unwavering light. The funeral was held at the M. E. church, Rev. E. F. Hill conducting the services.

Thomas L. Wilson, aged 48 years, and brother of our citizen, Allen Wilson, died April 15, 1880, at Bunker Hill, Russell county. His remains, accompanied by his brother, were conveyed to his home in St. George, where services and burial took place on the 17th.

Mrs. Perses Cowing, formerly residing in Clay Center died near Industry on Sunday, April 25, 1880. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. Read, of Clay Center, assisted by Rev. Schenberger.

Mrs. Betsy Beard, aged 72 years, died May 4, 1880. The funeral was held the next day, Rev. W. Read officiating.

Mrs. Eliza Schwab, aged 47 years, died May 6, 1880 of consumption. Mrs. Schwab was born in Canton Bern, Switzerland, in 1833, came to this country in 1857 and to Kansas in 1870. She leaves her husband, John Schwab Esq., and a son, now 27 years old.

Died, in this city, at the residence of his son, O. P. Tolles, on July 9, 1880, Mr. Isaac Tolles, aged 74 years. Mr. Tolles was a resident of Michigan and had come to Kansas to visit his children, and if possible, recover from impaired health. Though he had been ailing for a long time, his demise was not expected until two or three days before death. His remains were taken to Michigan in charge of a son.

Mr. Emory Alverson, aged 74 years, died in this city on July 9, 1880. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. E. F. Hill, of the M. E. church, which communion Mr. Alverson had been a member for fifty years.

Roy, son of Lewis and Alice Thompson of Morganville, died July 14, 1880 of summer complaint, age nearly 10 months. Roy was a bright and lovely child, a favorite with all who knew him.

All acquaintances and friends will sincerely sympathise with Mrs. Mary A. Linsley in the loss of her son, Sylvester, who died July 13, 1880, in Red Cliff, Co., from wounds infliceted by an enraged bear on the 18th of the preceding month.

Mrs. William Driscoll died July 24, 1880. Rev. William Read conducted the funeral service and the remains were interred in the City Cemetery.

Last week (3rd week of July) C. C. Marsan and Joseph Ringe, both of Bloom Twp., lost infants to summer complaint.

Freddie, son of L. and Mary Sutter, aged 2 years and 2 months, was drowned in Peach creek Sherman Twp., on Saturday, July 26, 1880, while attempting to cross near the residence of his parents. The funeral took place Sabbath morning at the Sherman School House, where many friends came to see and sympathize with the grief stricken parents.

Died, at Melville, Kansas, on Aug. 4, 1880, after an illness of three days, Mr. Brown McNay, aged 63 years, 5 months and 20 days.

The young son of Mr. Crouse, of Rosevale, was killed Aug. 21, 1880 when he fell off of the hand car on which he was riding and was run over and killed immediately. He was riding on the car, which was going at a high rate of speed in order to beat an incoming train, with some of the section hands, when he became dizzy and lost his balance. The accident threw the hand car off the track, ejecting the hands from the car.

David Elmer Rankin, aged 6 months and 22 days, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Rankin, died Aug. 28, 1880. The funeral was held from the home and the remains were buried in the City Cemetery on the following Sunday.

Albert G. Brassel died at his residence in Sherman Twp., Aug. 29, 1880, in the 55th year of his age. He was a sufferer from being diseased for more than ten years. He served as a soldier in the Federal army for three years and has been a resident of this township eight years. The deceased leaves a widow and three children to mourn his loss.

The funeral sermon of Millie Eddy, youngest daughter of D. M. and S. A. Eddy will be preached at the Baptist church next Sunday afternoon. (Sept. 12, 1880)

Died, on Sept. 19, 1880, Willie, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Nelson. The funeral services were held the following day, from the house.

Mrs. Wilhelmina Crane, wife of D. B. Crane, died Sept. 19, 1880 at the Cottage Hotel. The funeral services were conducted at the Baptist church by Rev. William Read on the following day.

Died, Oct. 19, 1880, Charles, son of John and Valeria Buche, age 13 months. The funeral services were held on the 20th.

Ralph, only son of L. A. and E. A. Dugger, died at their home in Sherman Twp., Clay County, Kansas on Oct. 30, 1880 of membraneous croup, aged two years six months and twenty eight days. The funeral occurred the next day and was attended by many and sympathetic friends.

Died, on Nov. 8, 1880, of dropsy, Mrs. Josephine Phillips, aged 35 years. The funeral services were held in the Catholic Church on Wednesday Nov. 10, and the remains buried in the city cemetery.

Died, on Nov. 14, 1880, Mamie Clark Quinten, only daughter of J. V. and Katie Quinten, age two years and six month, of diphtheria. Little Mamie was a bright promising child, clever for her age, and bore her suffering with the utmost fortitude. Her fond parents have the sympathy of every acquaintance.

James Allen Down, youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. James Down, in the seventh year of his age, died Nov. 19, 1880 of diptheria. The funeral was held on the 21st from the family residence, with burial in the city cemetery.

At Melville, Ottawa county, Mrs. Ida Rivard died Dec. 11, 1880. She was the wife of Samuel Rivard and daughter of William Ensign, age 24 years and seven months.

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