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Clay County History
Farm Registry, 1913

For a fee of $1, an owner could register his farm under the name of his choice, along with the land description in a file kept at the Court House. The name would be copyrighted, and no other farm in the county would be able to use it. The State Legislature had created this law in 1911, and by 1913 forty farms in Clay County had been registered.

Valley View Farm, J. G. Miller, Morganville.

Spring Hill Ranch. John Loader, Oak Hill.

Cedar Lawn Farm, S. B. Amcoats, Clay Center.

Spring Creek Farm, Eric Swenson, Clay Center.

Blue Ribbon Poultry Ranch, W. S. Binkley, Clay Center.

Meadow Brook Ranch, F. L. Chapman, Clay Center.

Pleasant View Farm, Elisha James, Clay Center.

Rose Lawn Farm, R. Roenigk, Morganville.

Sunny Side Farm, O. W. Nordstrom, Clay Center.

Woodland Farm, H. W. Janson, Clay Center.

Glenwood Place, J. A. Pogue, Clay Center.

Paradise Farm, J. H. Fox, Longford.

Eden Farm, P. VanScoyoc, Oak Hill.

Garfield Center Farm, John Anderson, Clay Center.

The Elms, Wm. Leach, Clay Center.

Sleepy Hollow, J. E. Keith, Clay Center.

Brookside Farm, Leonard Taylor, Longford.

Walnut Ridge, Arthur Grumme, Clay Center.

Elmdale Farm, Chas. Roeniglt, Clay Center.

Hillside Home, Chas. Elsele, Longford.

Highland Spring Farm, Karl Fisher, Longford.

Cedar Hill Farm, Olof Munson, Clay Center.

Osage Hedge Farm, Peter Gillespie. Oak Hill.

A. Rogers Grove Farm, Mrs. A Rogers, Green.

Wildheim, Dr. G. A. Tull, Clay Center.

Pleasant Valley Farm, Mrs. E. Grifiths, Clay Center.

Fairview, J. N. Downs, Clay Center.

Sunny Slope, W. C. Hahn, Clay Center.

Alfalfadale Farm, W . A. Noland, Longford.

Woodbine Farm, Mrs. Helen Abels, Clay Center.

Sunny Hillside Farm, Wm. Wedd, Oak Hill.

Glen View, Isaac Gibbs, Manchester.

Evergreen Farm, Henry Youse, Longford.

Pinehurst Farm, M. E. Householder, Clay Center.

Sunny View Farm, A. E. Page, Clay Center.

County Corners, Fred Pacey, Miltonvale.

Rose Ridge Cottage, J. W. Nordstrom, Clay Center.

Spring Branch Farm. O. W. Nordstrom, Clay Center.

Goodview Farm, R. J. McNee, ldana.

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