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OLD LOGAN Cemetery
Phillips County, Kansas

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ALBRIGHT Ivey M.   8/14/1882  
ALBRIGHT Mary E. 1856 1928  
ASHLEY Hattie   6/5/1900 Daughter of H & J Ashley
ASHLEY Henry 1848 1911  
ASHLEY Jane E. 1857 1944  
BAKER Claudie   3/30/1882 Son of F. C. & M. A. Baker. Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
BOYD James 4/11/1815 11/13/1899  
BOYD Martha   2/1/1885? Stone broken. Repaired with concrete and metal frame which covers last half of the last digit of death year.
BUCKLEW Mahala   4/15/1884  
COOK George F. 5/20/1876 5/17/1885 Son of F & S.E. Cook. Though lost to sight, to memory dear. How many hopes lie buried here?
COOK James 7/3/1832 12/28/1896  
COOK     4/9/1885 Infant daughter of F. & S. E.?
CORPORON Ella M.   10/27/1882 My beloved (above name)
COVINGTON Madieu   4/27/1883  
CUMMINGS Mary Jane Leak 3/5/1861 5/7/1883  
CUMMINS Nancy   10/18/1879 Wife of Robt. Cummins
CUMMINS Robert   11/27/1879 Mason insignia
DAVID I. J.      
DAVID Jael   9/12/1885 Only sleeping (above name). Daughter of A. F. & L. David.
DAVIS George   4/20/1881 Heaven is my home (above name).
FINEFIELD Mary E. 9/26/1846 4/6/1880 Wife of E. W. Finefield. The inscription is mostly chipped off. Contains the words "to thy gentle" and "endless"
FIX Clay A. 12/17/1886 4/2/1941  
FIX Harold 7/14/1915 10/22/1915 "Our son" above name
FIX Jane C. 7/2/1896 12/19/1998  
FOX Nellie 11/21/1876 1/12/1880 Daughter of A & R Fox
FRINK Stephen E.   1/6/1907  
GANDY Mary      
GARNER Sarah   12/28/1882 Wife of James Garner
GRAF Gustav   11/22/1893  
GRAF Ida   6/2/1883 His wife
GRANMER Cora A.   11/17/1884 Daughter of J. B. & E. Granmer. Gone but not forgotten.
GRANMER Emma E.   12/13/1884 Wife of J. B. Granmer. Here lies a beloved wife and mother. Blessed are they which die in the Lord.
GRANT Jane   10/14/1878 Wife of M. Grant
GRANT William 1831 1909 All is well.
GRAY Sarah A. 1826 1872 Wife of Lewis D. "Mother" (above name)
GROSVENOR Louisa 6/1/1833 2/4/1906 Wife of S. Grosvenor
GROSVENOR Seymour   7/26/1886 Although he sleeps his memory doth live. And cheering comforts to his mourners give. He followed virture as his truest guide. Lived as a christian, as a christian died.
HANCOCK E. J.   9/1881  
HANSACKER Jacob   12/9/1884 As I am, you soon shall be. Prepare for death and follow me.
HICKS Daisy A.   3/7/1886  
HICKS Mary A.   1/9/1886 She is not dead but sleepeth, She died as she lived, trusting in God.
HILL Bertie   10/28/1879 Son of D. D. & N. E. Hill Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest. God called thee home He thought it best.
HOOVER Abraham   12/7/1895  
HUNTER (baby)     "Our baby", No other name or dates.
KINTER Minnie L.   July, 1876 Daughter of J.G. & M. I. Kinter. Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven
KNOX William   6/6/1885  
KOONTZ (infant)   3/7/1888  
LAPPIN Phebe   8/22/1882 In Heaven (above name.) Into thine hands I commit my spirit, Thou hast redeemed me O Lord God of truth.
LEAK Arthur Carl 1890 1890 Mortuary marker
LEAK baby 1908 1908 Mortuary marker
LEAK Elisha Lamb 1829 1910 Mortuary marker
LEAK Harrald 1900 1900 Mortuary marker
LEAK John Henry 1882 1952 Mortuary marker
LEAK Nancy 1851 1911 Mortuary marker
LINDSAY Mary E.   10/9/1875 Inscription is to eroded too read.
MANN Elizabeth 6/25/1823 2/4/1879 Mother
MANN George W. 6/14/1855 1/5/1937  
MANN John 1/14/1851 4/9/1921  
MARTIN Pauline C. 10/27/1916 6/8/1982  
MARVIN Alfred 8/5/1815 10/11/1901  
MARVIN Eliza N. 2/17/1823 5/20/1886 His wife
McDANIEL Elias     Co. B. 52nd Ill. Inf., GAR flag holder
McGILL M. W.     Co. F. 5th PA. Res.
McGUIRE Clara J.   2/4/1885 Wife of C.M. McGuire. How desolate our home bereft of thee
McGUIRE Rosa L.   12/12/1889 Wife of E. P. McGuire. She was a kind and affectionate wife, A fond mother, and friend to all.
McKITRICK Sarah F.   2/10/1880 Gone Home (above name) wife of J. McKitrick A faithful Christian through life.
MORRIS William T. 1818 1896  
MORRIS Zylpha   6/19/1884 Wife of Wm. T. Morris. She died as she lived, trusting in God.
MEYER August William 4/5/1827 10/4/1883  
MUNGER Charlotte   5/5/1885 Same stone as Prevostus Munger, east face. The south face of stone reads "Father" "Mother"
MUNGER Prevostus   1/15/1893 Same stone Charlotte Munger, west face.
MYRICK Elizabeth 3/15/1859 5/2/1887 "Wife of G. W. Myrick. Born in Knox Co., ILL" Same stone as Samuel Myrick. Elizabeth's information on west face.
MYRICK Samuel     "Infant son", Same stone as Elizabeth Myrick. Samuel's information on north face. Smaller stone to the north simply reads "Samuel"
NEEF Maggie O. 1880 1915  
NEEF Waldo J. 1915 1915  
NELSON Louisa Jane Stedall 12/11/1853 10/3/1905  
NOEL Charlie 2/14/1879 9/8/1879 Same stone as Fred Noel. Smaller stone "Charlie"
NOEL Fred 2/14/1879 6/28/1879 Same stone as Charlie Noel. Smaller stone "Fred".
PORTER George O.     Buried at Colorado Springs, CO
PORTER Rhoda Jane 1861 1922  
POST Jacob   3/23/1880 Here lies a beloved husband and father (above name)
POST John W. 1912 1912 Mortuary marker
POST Libbie 1824 1914 Mortuary marker
POST Rosa A. 1902 1914 Mortuary marker
REEDER Fern C. 1899 1899 Mortuary marker. The Leak & Reeder graves are surrounded by an L shaped concrete curbing.
REESE Jane   3/17/1902 "His wife" small stone: Mother
REESE William   3/19/1880 small stone: Father
REESER Anna J. 1854 1894  
REESER James A. 1878 1880  
REESER John F. 1851 1918  
ROSS Albert L.   8/24/1885  
SEPTER Levi 5/14/1840 2/20/1904 Gone but not forgotten
SETTER Samuel L. 4/12/1880 8/11/1881  
SHEARER Ann Elizabeth   3/20/1880  
SHLEPPY W. R.      
SHROUT Harrison E.   10/10/1887  
SHROUT Myrtle   8/23/1887 8 weeks
SPRIGGS Wm. 4/23/1814 12/26/1885  
STANTON Marion D.     Co. B 65 Ill. Inf.
STEPHENSON William S.   10/25/187? Gone Home (above name). Son of J. H. & M. L. Stephenson
THOMPSON ?. M.   12/16/1874 Very weathered. Stone broken along the top. First initial gone.
unknown ?     Infant daughter of H. A. & S. ?, Stone is broken, pieces set in concrete, but very little legible.
unknown Walter     Gone home (above name). Surname and inscription too eroded to read.
unknown       North of Morris stone, concrete slab, size of grave, no marker.
unknown       Square of concrete, no discernible letters
unknown       A small slab of rock, nothing else
unknown   4/1838 11/1909 Native stone, broken, pieces laid flat and set in concrete.
unknown       Mound of native stone the size of a grave.
unknown       Vernacular concrete, no discernible lettering.
WAGONER Emaline 9/14/1849 10/6/1930 Mother
WAGONER J. N.   2/22/1882 Son of P. C. & E. Wagoner. Our darling one hath gone before, To greet us on the blissful shore.
WAGONER Philip C. 1/7/1851 8/4/1921 Father
WALTON Anna M. 1826 1888 His wife.
WALTON Isaac      
WALTON Isabelle      
WALTON John   7/3/1885 The Walton Graves are surrounded by a T shaped curbing across 3 rows and appears to have either an unmarked grave or an unused space.
WALTON John C. 1820 1901  
WATERS Jessie May   2/24/1886 Daughter of W. S. & M. W. Waters
WILSON Mattie E.   10/16/1884 Daughter of J.N. & A. Wilson. Go home my friends dry your tears. I must lay here till Christ appears. And then I shall with him arise. And live thelife that never dies.
WORKING Daniel W. 10/15/1827 3/24/1908 Small stone "Father"
WORKING Earl 8/9/1886 1/8/1887 Slab on grave "Earl"
WORKING Harry 7/3/1889 7/29/1889 Slab on grave "Harry"
WORKING Leeve E. 9/14/1825 4/16/1878 His wife. At rest. Small stone "Mother"
WORKING Mary G. 1860 1938 Mother (above name). Marble slab on grave "Mother".


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