Tombstone Transcriptions of All Known Cemeteries in Crawford County Kansas
Tombstone Transcriptions of All Known Cemeteries in Crawford County Kansas Cuthbertson, William C. (1975) 929.378198

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There is not a general index. Each cemetery is indexed, so for a complete search all cemeteries would need to be searched. The cemeteries are listed alphabetically.

Pg. 17 Girard Kansas Cemetery

Index of Sections

OLD PART-- West of county road, in SE cor. of Sect. 23 Twp. 29 S Rge 23 E.

Section 1 p. 1-31
Section 2 p. 32-43
Sub-Division of Section 2 p. 44-46
Section 3 p. 47-62
Section 4 p. 63-80
Section 5 p. 81-95
Section 6 p. 96-109
First Add. p. 109-110
Section 7 p. 111-135
Section 8 p. 136-138
Unmapped NW Section p. 139-142

NEW PART-- East of county road in SW cor. of Sect. 24 Twp. 29 S Rge 23 E.

Section 1,2,3, & 4 p. 143
Section 5 p. 144-146
Section 6 p. 147-151
Section 7 p. 152-156
Section 8 p. 157-161
Section 9 p. 162-167
Section 10 p. 168-173
Section 11 p. 174-177
Section 12 p. 178
Section 13 p. 179-180
Section 14 p. 181-186
Section 15 p. 187


G A R monument, located in the center of the small square directly ahead as one enters the old (west) part of the Cemetery. The square and the monument are set on the diagonal:

(NE) In memory of the unknown dead that fell in the Civil War of 1861 to 1865 G A R

(SE) Erected by Gen. Bailey Womans Relief Corps No. 120 Girard Kan 1892 G A R

(SW) G A R

(NW) G A R

The index of surnames includes both cemeteries, old and new. In the old cemetery the stones are listed by section and lot number, see map following. Where curbs and gravel paths once existed, the grass in late summer is brown, showing clearly the boundaries of the lots, and making it possible to copy by lot number, even where the lots are very irregular in shape. In the new cemetery we did not attempt to show lot numbers, but copied by sections, beginning with lot 1 in each section, and following through in order of sequence as described on the sketch of the cemetery plat, following.

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P. 77 Mary Frances, wife of L. F. Crawford b 4-28-1833 d 2-2-1869.
History records that she was the first person buried in the Girard cem.
p. 111 "Charles H. Strong 1828-1912. Cemetery laid out by Dr. C. H. Strong 1868"

Two stones show death previous to the existence of this cemetery, so apparently were moved from another earlier burial place, or are in error:
p. 24 John McCloud b 7-9-1785 d 5-8-1867
p. 82 M. J. Ross b 8-4-1864 d 8-14-1864

Other early burials noted:
P. 62 Mary I. dau of J.D. & M.L. Baker b 9-20-1867 d 11-30-1869
p. 56 John K. Culbertson d 2-9-1870 aged 28-10-10
p. 58 Adam Keys d 5-22- 1870 aged 59-6-11
p. 109 Eliz. E. d 9-10-1869; Sarah I. d 9-22-1869, children of H.M. & B.R. Scott
In addition to John McCloud b 1785 (above) we found these who were born before 1800:
p. 2 Eugenio Kincaid d 4-3-1883 aged 86-2-24
p. 20 Philip Strahl 1799-1874
p. 57 Amy wife of Samuel Wood d 9-23-1870 aged 73
One who lived past 100 years:
p. 119 Lydia Elliott 1821-1922



P. 151 Eugene Thomas Sourdry 1843-1925
It is told that he owned the land where this cemetery was platted, and was the first person to be buried in it.

We note all these burials which predate the cemetery, apparently they were moved:
p. 147 Christine Miller 1907-1908
p. 150 Joanna Bever 1844- 1918; Clara B. Coester 1891-1924
p. 154 Harry A. Wylie 8-19-1888 11-5-1916
p. 155 Hahnemann: Amelia 1861-1889, Ida 1878-1881, Anna 1887-1903
p. " Whitaker: Ledia T. 1849-1893, Henry B. 1846-1920, Leona N. 1871-1897
p. 165 Mary, wf. of O. B. Banks 1893-1924
p. 168 Mary E. Ellison 1849-1925
p. 170 Stanley: Mary G. d 1922: Lillian d 1889, Wellington P. d 1878,
John P. d 1894, Walter E. d 1894
p. 176 Van Ness: Infant 1918, Gladys 1920-1923
p. 180 Schilling infant 1903
100yrs: p. 175 Charlie F. Martens 1865-1965


Pictures of deceased on stones: p. 140 Bozich; p. 142 Bozich; p. 152 May;
p. 153 Hromek.

Metal stone: p. 32 Little

Wooden markers: p. 91 Woods

Mexican Onyx: p. 37 Comings

Name as signature: Gemmell p. 153

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Girard, Kas.
Scale 1"-221'
W. E. Peck CE DEL. May 1916

According to the Platt map Section 3 of the Cemetery has been lost.
It has 2 rectangles one on top of the other with Bertha Gilbert next to them. It also has Lorene Matteson and W.H. Sharp owns 2 spaces. This is all hand printed in the empty space.

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GIRARD, KANSAS, CEMETERY, new addition E of public road.

Located in SW cor. of Sec. 24, Twp. 29S. Rge. 23E.

Plat in city office dated Aug. 12 1925

This is a rough drawing of the new cemetery, for the purpose of locating the relative positions of the 15 sections, and is not intended as an accurate copy.
In sections 4 and 12, the lots are one row wide and numbered from 1 to 11 in order from N to S. In the other sections, lots are numbered in rows from the NE cor to the west, then back east on the next row south, then west again on next row south, etc. etc. On this rough map, the number of lots on each side of each section are marked, so the general position of a lot can be seen by using the above information.

The drawing of the Map goes under the above

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1st Column Abati 178 Basile 143
2nd Column Bass 45, 122, 172, 178 Bolze
3rd Column Bond 127 Bushnell 68

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Girard 102


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Girard 103

Lot # 37
(vault) Ernest T. Van Ness 1884-1968
(vault) Mable Van Ness 1892 19

(large granite) Van Ness Theodore Van Ness 1840-1909
his wife Eleanor J. 1850-1919
(ftst) Father
Henry Wilson 1846-1910 Felicia K. his wife 1846-19-- James Raphael 1878-1910
Dorothy Pearl 1874-19
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Girard 176

Section XI Page 176 copied by Wm. Cuthbertson, 9-3-70

h. = headstone; v. = vault or mausoleum with top above the ground; govt. = government

veterans marker; v = verse on stone, not copied.

The listing was done in such a way as to keep the individuals in a lot together, in the event they were all family members in the lot under different surnames.

h. Harold Schifferdecker 1900 - 1942
h. Martin C. Schifferdecker 1875 - 1933
h. Hattie M. Schifferdecker 1879 - 1956 [Maiden name Van Ness]
h. Carl Schifferdecker 1914 - 1927
h. Allen Elmer Cassity 1890 - 1960
h. Mitchell Father James M. 1872 - 1931 Mother Margaret G. 1875 - 1960
govt. Charles L. Jackson Missouri Wagoner 313 Am. Tn. 88 Div. November 17 1930
govt. Fred J. Jackson Kansas Pvt. Q.M. Corps October 9 1935

Van Ness h. Father Sylvestor Van Ness 1875 - 1941
h. Mother Jennie E. Van Ness 1882 - 1935
h. Van Ness Infant 1918 * Gladys 1920 -1923 *
[* We note these burials which predate the cemetery, apparently they were moved
p. 176 Van Ness: Infant 1918, Gladys 1920 -1923
This note from information on another page with explanations.]


h. William C. Lemler 1860-1935
h. Emma M. Lemler 1866-1947
h. Nell K. Lemler 1887-1968
v. new
v. new
h. Gladys (Hap) Haney 1903-1935
Shanholtzer Mother Mary J. 1855-1935 Father Abraham J. 1854-1937

h. Myrtle J. May 17 1886 Feb 11 1969 (OES stake)
h. Roscoe H. Apr 29 1890 Apr 5 1940
Davied Mother Annie 1860-1932 Father Nick 1854-1931
v. James Mills 1885-1968
v. Molly R. Williams 1888-1968
v. George Rankin 1875-1961
v. no name
v. Shirley Mae Robbins Feb 6 1931 Feb 11
h. John K. Hackenburg 1867-1928
h. Grace E. Hackenburg 1877-1967


Girard 177
h. Inft. son John Charles Meyer 1927
Son Lawrence V. Osburn Nov 18 1878 Dec 29 1961
Father John Osburn Dec 14 1850 Apr 14 1928
Mother Anna M. Osburn Aug 28 1858 Feb 11 1947
h. Dollie Mae Puffinbarger 1899-1928
Stonerock Father Oscar W. 1865-1960 Mother Anna L. 1868-1934
Charles E. Miller Mar 26 1932
Charles H. Miller 1910-1935
(e) Wayland (w) Little
h. Walter H. 1884-19-- (Wayland)
h. Edna L. 1885-19-- (Wayland)
h. Little Carrie E. 1860-1935 James R. 1851-1936
h. Richards Martha D. June 6 1860 Dec 23 1943 Harry S. Aug 31 1851 Oct 24 1936
Gladson Mother Luella J. 1879-1931 Father Elliot H. 1878-1947


Girard 178
m.m.m. Allie M. Gilchrist 1871-1954
Father James B. Gilchrist 1870-1941
Crocker Mother Leona 1891-19-- Father Arthur 1886-1940 "To rest, to wake, not again to labor"
Harmon Dora Belle 1869-1940 Albert F. 1860-1940 The Lord is my shepherd.
Goodin Mother Belle 1877-19-- Father Edwin 1868-1947
v. Costanza Abati 1878-1955
v. no name
h. Rebecca O. Ard Sept 11 1915 June 13 1955
govt. George H. Ard Kansas Pvt. 1339 Engr. Const Bn. World War II Aug 2 1917 Jan 19 1965
Baird Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life. John 11:25
h. Mother June 1927-1954

h. Beulah M. 1906-1962
v. Myrtle H. Smith 1888-19
v. Oscar C. Smith 1889-1966
h. George R. Hill 1938-1955
v. no name
v. Verna A. Ashmore 1886-1955
v. Ray Machin 1907-1960
v. Bertha Machin 1911-19
h. Clyde C. Weeks 1877-1957
h. Carol Hanson 1939-1966

h. Hill Florance 1878-1960 Andrew C. 1874-1957
v. Alice
v. Harry Fox 1897-1955
v. Ruth McClaskey 1890-1969
v. Clement W. McClaskey 1887-1956
v. Oscar V. Capelle 1898-1956
Bass Roy M. 1889-1965 Alice Mae 1891-1966
v. Joseph Zettl 1889-1955
Smith Ada R. 1888-19-- Walter G. 1878-1964
h. Thornton Smith Oct. 6 1914 Nov 29 1928
h. In memory of Walter Grey Smith Jr. Missouri Ensign USNR July 29 1923 Oct 24 1945

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Copied by Wm. Cuthbertson, 9-5-70
Girard 179


h. Frank Earl 1889-1951 (OES stake)
h. Elizabeth M. 1883-1962 (OES stake)
h. Chesteen Bennett 1886-1941


h. Perry D. Oct 11 1873 Feb 5 1941
h. Arretta J. Jan 31 1880 July 14 1954
Goshert Mother Alice 1873-1940 Father Frank 1870-1948
v. David O'Donnell 1881-1953
v. Clara S. O'Donnell 1880-19
v. Matthew O'Donnell Sr. 1860-1940
v. Margaret O'Donnell 1860-1942
Peak Mother Mary M. 1868-1964 Father Benedict J. 1862-1939
Jefferson 1883-A.J. Jefferson-1939 1892-Grace L. his wife-1959
Short Mother Laura B. 1873-1962 Father Earl H. 1872-1941
Weekly Mother Samantha 1863-1952 Father Israel 1861-1943
Coon Cora Ellen Mar 5 1892 Dec 13 1960
Otis Sylvester Aug 23 1886 Sept 29 1944
daughter Leah May Nov 29 1921 Nov 20 1960
Malnar Pauline 1894-19-- Rudolf 1888-1944
h. Anna Podbregar 1862-1949

h. Lena Peak 1894-1964
h. Rhoda B. Peak 1892-1942 Pvt. 1 Cl. 29 Fld Arty Kas.
Carnall Mother Ruth 1895-19-- Father Benj. H. 1891-1943
Nye Hettie B. 1875-1944 Abraham L. 1874-1945

h. Leta Helena 1909 1965
v. William H. Schifferdecker 1882 1942
v. Maimie Schifferdecker 1885-1959
h. Wood John B. 1892-1967 Beatrice 1910-1943
h. Robert Wayne Van Hoozer July 15 1952
h. Martin Anna B. 1877-1962 John A. 1875-1952

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I've done my best to catch any mistakes I've made in transcribing the above information.
All facts should be checked before using because there may even be errors in the book.
I've seen errors in the actual recorded information as well as errors on the tombstone.
No one and nothing is perfect especially the family's memories of names and dates in many cases.
Transcibribed and Submitted by Orlena Marie Jenkins Bryant