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Cowley County Cemeteries
Akron/Green Valley/Pate
Sunnyside/Walnut Valley
located 0.9 miles W of new US Hwy. 77 on CR 8 (Lake Rd) across old Hwy. 77 & the railroad tracks. CR 8 is 8.9 miles N of Winfield on US Hwy. 77 or 2.0 miles S of KS Hwy. 15 on US Hwy. 77.
1 mile E of Atlanta CC#2 N side of road.
Beaver Creek/Beaver/Kingsbury/Myers 
.3 blocks E of Main St. turn N go about 1 1/2 miles, turn back E go 1/4 mile, sits on S side of road.
Cedar Vale
in Chautauqua County
1 mile W of Cambridge on Hwy. 160, then S 1/2 mile, there is a sign on the highway.
Cowley Co. Poor Farm/County Poor Farm
Located just outside the Winfield city limits. From the Hwy 77 and 360 bypass, go E on 360, just before you get to the Wheat Rd. turn off ( Rubbermaid Corner) look for Joel Mack road, turn S follow the road to the E, when the road turns S, cemetery is on the corner.
Dexter/Old Dexter
From Arkansas City, go East on HWY 166, 18 miles to HWY 15, turn North go 4 1/2 miles, on top of hill is cemetery sign, go back East aprox 1,000 feet, cemetery sits on North side of Rd.
From Winfield go East on HWY 160, 10 miles will change to HWY 15 will curve to the South, go through Dexter aprox 1 mile, go to top of the hill, turn at the cemetery sign. This is aprox 18 miles from Winfield.
Fairview/Griffith/Early Tisdale/Griffin/ Old Tisdale 
8 miles north of Winfield on Highway 77, turn east on Cowley #8 for 4 8/10 miles. Turn south and go 3/4 miles through Floral and at the Y in the road go west to the cemetery which is located on the south side of the road.
Geuda Springs
go E out of Geuda Springs on the Oxford Rd. this will curve back N, go about 2 miles to 110th. Rd. turn E on 110th. go about 1/4 mile. There is a sign on the Oxford Road. This is the best kept cemetery I have seen for a country cemetery, they do a great job!
Actually sits about 1 mile into the Sumner County
Glen Grouse/Gen Grove 
GrahamIn Winfield go N on College street to North St. then 2 blks W, cemetery is on Michigan St.
Grand Prairie/Flottman/ North Prairie
1 mile E of Burden on Hwy. 160 then N 3 miles. Cemetery sits at junction of 231st. and 82nd. There is a sign on the highway.
Highland/City/ New/South/Valley View
Winfield-City ...... 620-221-5500
located on the south edge of Winfield. The cemetery sits up on an hill just above the Walnut River over looking Winfield.
Hope/Mercer/Mount Hope
.S out of Arkansas City on HWY 77 to 312th. Rd. go W 3 miles, cemetery sits on S side of road.
Lazette/Old Indian/Old Soldier's 
Liberty/Silverdale Township
See cemetery page for directions
Maple City/Spring Creek
About 14 miles E of Arkansas City on Hwy. 166 , turn S on CCR 13, go aprox. 3 miles cemetery sits on E side of road.
Memorial Lawn
on premises ...... 620-442-1110
24647 61st. Rd. Arkansas City
Mount Vernon-Atlanta/North Vernon
E of Atlanta on CC 2 go 4 miles to 251st, then S 2 miles to 52nd. Rd. go 1/4 mile sits on S side of road.
Mount Vernon-Winfield/South Vernon/Fairview
Go N out of Winfield on Hwy. 77 about 3 miles to CCR 18, then go 4 miles W on 18 to 41st. Rd. go 1/2 mile South, cemetery sits on E side of road. OR from Hwy. 77 & 160 Jct. go W 4 1/2 miles to 41st. Rd then turn N go 2 1/2 miles.
Mt. ZionW out of Winfield on HWY 160 to 21st. Rd. sits on the jct. of 160 & 21st. on S side of HWY.
3 miles S of Udall to 92nd. then 2miles E to 5th. then back S 1/2 mile, sits on E side of road.
North Cedar Creek/Cedar Creek/Zimmerman
1 mile West of Cowley & Chautauqua County line on Highway 166, (this would make it 2 miles West of Cedar Vale) to 337th. Rd. go North 1 mile sits on East side of road on top of hill.
Otter Creek/Rockwell/Thompson
Go east out of Arkansas City on Hwy 166 or Madison Ave. from Hwy 77-166 jct. go 2 miles to Country Club Rd. turn N go 1 mile to E. Birch, then go E 1 mile to cemetery, there are signs along the way.
Pleasant Valley/Hackney
N of Arkansas City on HWY 77 go W on 232nd. Rd. can be seen from the HWY.
Polo/Dutch CreekMaple
Prairie Ridge/Red Valley
Red Bud
go E out of Udall on K-15 to Williams Street turn N go 2 miles turning E on 42nd. go to 31st. Rd, then N 1 3/4 miles.
Red Bud Catholic
go E of Udall on K-15 to 41st. Rd. go N about 3 miles sits on corner of 32nd. & 41st. (very few stones)
Cemetery office 441-4470
on Kansas & 15th. St. in Arkansas City
Rock Creek/Courtright
Go East on 166 from Arkansas City 29 miles, then turn South go 1/2 mile, turn East onto 262nd. Rd. go 1 mile, then back South onto Road 1 for 4 miles, turn right go 1 mile, then back left go 1/2 mile, then turn right onto Bear Creek Rd. go 1/2 mile
Rose Valley 10 miles South of 160 Highway on CCR 1.
Saint Mary's Catholic/ Catholicon 12th. street in Winfield about the 1000 blk
Salem/New Salem8 miles west of Burden on Cowley County Road #4
Silver CreekLocated west of Burden on hwy 160, S onto 201st. Rd 1 mile & W on 122nd. Rd aprox. 1/2 mile on S side of road.
Silverdale/IronsE of Arkansas City on Madison, to The Camp Horizon Sign, or 296th. Rd, stay on 296th. going tward Silverdale to 131st. Rd. about 4 miles, then turn South on 131st. and go aprox 1/4 mile cemetery on W side of road.
South Bend 
South Prairie/Windsor/Gospel Ridge/Pleasant Ridge/Prairie/South Windsor
At the E edge of Cambridge on Hwy. 160, go south on CC road #7 or 281st. Rd go to 122nd. turn E, go to 132nd and back S on 291st. Rd. This road has several curves in it, just stay on the main road. It is about 5 miles to the cemetery, there are no signs, even at the cemetery, sits on E side of road
go 2 miles S of Arkansas City on Hwy. 77 to the IXL area, turn E onto 322nd. Rd. go about 5 miles. cemetery is on N side of road.
Star ValleyLocated 4 miles E & 1 1/2 miles N of Udall
turn E on Williams St. or CCR# 2 in Rock, stay on paved road for 2 1/2 miles to 101st .Rd. Cemetery is on N side of road.
.N out of Arkansas City on HWY 77 to 202nd. Rd. turn W go 4 miles to 31st. Rd. then S 1 mile..
Thompson/Otter Creek/Rockwell
Located northwest of Cedar Vale
Timber Creek/Upper Timber Creek 
6 miles E of Winfield on hwy 160 to 171st. Rd then N 1 1/2 miles, cemetery has a small sign, sits on E side of road.
on SW edge of Udall on 5th. Street, sits on N side of street Wilmot Cemetery... go N of CC 4 on CC1 past Winfield City Lake, you will curve to the E then back N keep going North about 1/4 mile, cemetery on West side of road.
UnionIn Winfield go N on College street to North St. then 2 blks W, cemetery is on Michigan St.
WidenerTurn E on Williams St. or CCR# 2 in Rock, stay on paved road for 2 1/2 miles to 101st .Rd. to Statler Cemetery. On the west side of this cemetery, turn left on a narrow dirt road. Follow this road a few blocks, across the creek, leading to front gate of Widener.
WilmotLocated north of Winfield City Lake
Winfield State Hospital/State Home/State Hospital
On the grounds, which is N on College St. sits up on a hill, the cemetery is on the NE part of the grounds.
**Records for Mt. Hope/Mercer Cem. are kept by Rindt-Erdman Funeral Home, Box 756 100 E. Kansas Ave., Arkansas City , KS 67005.


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