High School Graduates, 1890-1937, Medicine Lodge, Barber County, Kansas Barber County, Kansas.  

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A List of the Graduates of Medicine Lodge High School, 1890 - 1937.

Medicine Lodge High School in the 1930s,  Barber County, Kansas.

This school is still in use in 2005 and is the Intermediate School (grades 5-8). Note the Christian Church on the left and the Presbyterian Church on the right.

Photo courtesy of Bob Osborn.
Medicine Lodge High School in the 1930s, Barber County, Kansas
This school is still in use in 2005 and is the Intermediate School (grades 5-8).
Note the Christian Church on the left and the Presbyterian Church on the right.
Photo courtesy of Bob Osborn.

The Barber County Index, May 20, 1937.

A List of the Graduates of Medicine Lodge High School

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Class of 1890
Lulu Maude Hahn (Mrs. A. F. Smith)
Carrie Carmichael (Mrs. G. W. Shaw)

Class of 1891
Lora Speece
Angie Lawry (Mrs. Finger)
Theda North (Mrs. McLaughlin)
John Phillips (deceased)

No class of 1892

Class of 1893
Seward I. Field (deceased)
Fred F. Perry
Lulu Karr
Gertrude Ellis (Mrs. Roy Hall)
Gertrude Hinman
Josie V. Good (Mrs. Walter Gant, deceased)
Willie E. Wood
Lena O'Bryan (Mrs. Hewins)

Class of 1894
Myrtle Cook (Mrs. W. L. Lewis)
Muriel DeGeer (Mrs. R. J. Hill)
Nellie Southworth (Mrs. J. N. Tincher)
Harry Jobes
Barbara Karr (Mrs. Ross)

No Class of 1895

Class of 1896
Minnie Gant (Mrs. Paul Adams)

Class of 1897
Stella Lebrecht
Della Burner (Mrs. E. C. Goatley)

Class of 1898
James Hellings
Blanche Young (Mrs. Samuel Griffin)
Maggie Collins (Mrs. McCorkle)
Emily Mounsey (Mrs. Charles Butcher)

Class of 1899
Roy Arterburn
Lydia Watkins (Mrs. Ernest Gaddie)
Bessie McCoy (Mrs. Luther Kidd)
Cecil Osborn (Mrs. Glenn A. DeLay)
Leon Osborn

No Class of 1900

Class of 1901
Walter Cushenberry
Essie Lindley (Mrs. R. W. Low)
Walter Owen

Class of 1902
Nora Flint
Edna Kaufman (Mrs. Grandstaff)

Class of 1903
Chester Martin (deceased)
Frank Williams

Class of 1904
Grace Williams (Mrs. A. D. Yewell)
Una Holmes (Mrs. Cecil Lewis, deceased)
Summerfield Alexander

Class of 1905
Frank Lindley
George Osborn
Guilford Davis
Rachel Nixon
Roy Flint
Henry Rankin
Herschel Jarett (deceased)
Edith Trotter (Mrs. Frank DeGeer)
Sam Laury
Lawrence Stevens

Class of 1906
Leorna Flohr (Mrs. E. L. Basey)
Elsie Trotter (Mrs. Winters)
Holice Zeiler
Herbert Hammond
Ella Schmidt (Mrs. Sam Kennerly)
Lillian Lorton
Paul D. Covert
Amber Hunt
Elizabeth Fitzgerald (Mrs. T. E. Bliss)
Mary McCoy (Mrs. E. E. Thomas)
Gertrude Stevens (Mrs. Walter Cushenbery)
Nettie McLain (Mrs. Burtis S. Bill)
Ernest Burton (deceased)

No Class of 1907

Class of 1908
Alma Shell (Mrs. W. G. Parker)
Uel H. Major
Dora Haun
Letha VanNess
Hazel Tucker
Bernice Williams (Mrs. Garnett Richardson)
Mary Slane (Mrs. Hull)

Class of 1909
Blanche Johnson (Mrs. R. A. Axline, deceased)
Ruth Flint (Mrs. Geo. Lee)
Gladys Gibson
Roger Axline
Theodore Utterback
Grace Richardson (Mrs. Kirkbride)

Class of 1910
Allie Murphy (Mrs. Earl Crouch)
Opal Murlett (Mrs. Schrader)
Bertram Burton
Florence MacGregor (Mrs. Walter Ford)
Raymond Schmidt
Cynthia McGuire
Ruth Copley
Frances Axline (Mrs. V. L. Cook)
Paul Fair

Class of 1911
Erma Smith
Emma Roessler
Paul Richardson
Gladys Shell (Mrs. Watson)
Clifford Lindley
Purcell McCague
Laura Wadsworth (Mrs. Fred Benefiel)
Frank Cook
Alma Palmer (Mrs. Frank McKibben, deceased)
Mona Dobson (Mrs. Roland Dawson)
Caroline Read (Mrs. Howard Stone)
Fred Benefiel

Class of 1912
Margaret Wright (deceased)
Una Ward
Glenola Wilkins (Mrs. J. C. Hinshaw)
Roy Moore
Everett Shell
Alice Martin (Mrs. R. W. MacGregor)
Robert Warwick
James Martin
Riley MacGregor
Grace Copley
Glenn Lindley (deceased)
Sadie Fairley (Mrs. Muelesch)
Georgia Steele (Mrs. Otto Southworth)
Charley Pepoon
Stella Kidd (Mrs. Pitts)
Jessie Murphy (Mrs. Wayne Hager)
Freda Elsea (Mrs. E. E. Peckenpaugh)
Wesley Totten

Class of 1913
Bessie Wright (Mrs. Walter Forsyth)
Olive Murphy (Mrs. Jerry Gillespie)
Stacia Parsons (Mrs. Byron Sheldon)
Mary Mills (Mrs. E. E. Lake)
Ruth Major
Georgianna Stout
Mary Swartz (Mrs. Corbett)
Esther Fair (Mrs. Gordon Lindley)
Belle Groendycke (Mrs. Walter Friend)
Mabel McGuire
Gordon Lindley
Franklin McLain
George Groendycke
Charley Wise
Gussie Palmer
Roscoe Elliott
Allan Hibbard
Mary Dewitt (Mrs. Glenn Lindley)
Elva Wise (Mrs. Had White)
Raph Axline (deceased)
Celia Mills (Mrs. Mark Purdy)

Class of 1914
Minnie McGuire (Mrs. V. G. Coleman)
Lelah Thomas
Murial Groendycke (Mrs. Glen Holmes)
Milton Case
Golda Friend (Mrs. Richard Haile)
Gladys MacGregor (Mrs. ReQua, deceased)
Elva Campbell
Elsie Campbell
Lenora Coles (Mrs. Homer Hoagland)
Marion Knight
Ola Larabee (Mrs. Fred Friend)
Edna Iford (Mrs. Ledrue Tibbitts)
Mary Stout
Hazel Lonker
Frankie Axtell (Mrs. Donald Grigsby)
Nellie Roark
James Roark
Ezra Read
Elmer Thomas
Fred Friend
Donald Grigsby
Ralph DeWitt
Allen Herr
Edwin Wright

Class of 1915
Mary Chapin (Mrs. Clark)
Marjorie Cook (Mrs. Don Skinner)
Ellis Cummins
Dale Fair
Marjorie Ellis
Ruth Fairley
Hugh Froman
Fern Gibson (Mrs. Everett Shell)
Nettie Groendycke (Mrs. Franklin Eby)
Len Groendycke
Relda Knowles (Mrs. Johnson)
Opal Herr (Mrs. Bailey)
Florence Martin (Mrs. L. M. Stone)
Gladys McCracken (Mrs. Tom Warwick)
Harold Roessler
Lester Rhoades
Lulu Springer (Mrs. R. G. Hall)
Mabel Stone (Mrs. Elmer Thomas)
Gertrude Lemmon (Mrs. Earl Martin)
Bessie Thom (Mrs. Ezra Read)
Victor Landreth
Robert Thom
Clifford Schmidt
Helen Thomas (Mrs. Gillen)
Jenilee Wheat (Mrs. Homer Smith)
Myrtle Woodcock (Mrs. Alvin Jordon)
Erma Woodcock (Mrs. Elmer Angell)

Class of 1916
( First Class in the High School Auditorium)
Thomas V. Strathan
Evelyn S. Lukens (Mrs. J. Foster)
Elsie Friend (Mrs. James Jones)
Howard Painter
Leslie Weidner
Dan Hall (deceased)
Mary Coles (Mrs. Raffington)
Virgil Wadsworth
Richard Woodward
Herbert LeGrande
William Root
Franklin Eby
Grace Herr
Donald Skinner
Helen Gibson (Mrs. S. A. Harrison)
William Froman
Robert McCracken
Rodger Kaufman
Arvilla Farley (Mrs. Garten)
Carrie Nurse (Mrs. Mathews)
Forrest Stout
Herschel Shriver
Carline Bradney (Mrs. Arthur Williams)
Mazie McGuire (Mrs. Arthur DeWitt)
Beulah Brown (Mrs. Chance)
Ethel Hull (Mrs. Reed)
James Jones (deceased)
Joe Whelan

Class of 1917
Helen Bragg (Mrs. Chas. Wise)
Golda Dorr
Bly Ewalt
A. T. Elliott
Stella Fairley
Clarice Fuller (Mrs. Briggs)
Mamie Fuller (Mrs. Simpkins)
Floyd Hewitt
Nellie Illingsworth (Mrs. Edwin Wright)
Ray Ives
Lillian Meixner
Cora Moore (Mrs. Nida)
Alta Powers
Retta Powers (Mrs. M. Banker)
Luke Purdy
Mabel Roark (Mrs. W. B. Landis)
Sarah Roark (Mrs. Russel Lake)
Helen Shaw (Mrs. Wm. Rankin)
Carrie Springer (Mrs. John Balding)
Ivo Sheahan (deceased)
Adela Thom
Cuba Strickland (Mrs. Herschel Shriver)
Olgie Walker (Mrs. Fred Knowles)
Albert Tilton (deceased)

Class of 1918
Alice Bradney (Mrs. Fred Strickland)
Opal Cox
Sibil Hagerman (Mrs. Lake)
Rena Crouse (Mrs. Wm. Myers)
Melba Major
Helen Ireland (Mrs. Roy Swearingen)
Edna McCain
Fay Moomau (Mrs. Luther Wilson, deceased)
Ruth Purdy (Mrs. Paul Tucker)
Mae Smith (Mrs. Marvin Parsons)
Joy Tedrow (Mrs. A. T. Elliott)
Gertrude Thom (Mrs. Robert McCracken)
Ruthelma Wilkins (Mrs. P. O. Hershberger)
William Folkers (deceased)
Louis Knight
Phillip Randolph
Ray Rogers
Ray Wheat
Paul Stout
Earl Yoke
Wava Goff (Mrs. Glenn McCullough)
Leonard Manning
Wyatt Stout

Class of 1919
Opal Bloom (Mrs. Parr)
Kendall Field
Mabel Herr (Mrs. James Watson)
Kenneth Illingsworth
William Knight
Ralph Lonker
Inez Murphy (Mrs. Elbert Read)
Joseph Orr
Russell Post
Will Shiver
Glenn Bloom
James Eby
J. Martin Hall
Annie Jackson (Mrs. Morris)
Addie Long (Mrs. Dillman Shaw)
Arthur Martin
William J. Horney
Harold Newland
Leone Powell (Mrs. W. J. Horney)
Randall Shaw
Ruth Stout (Mrs. Ted Groendycke)
Bertha Wilson
Alice DeWitt (Mrs. J. Martin Hall)

Class of 1920
Grace Marshall (Mrs. Earl Dart)
Minnie Sandford (Mrs. James Whittmore, deceased)
Bertha Davis (Mrs. Fred Lasswell)
Margaret Buckles
Hazel Rankin (Mrs. Raymond Donavan)
Annabel Stevens (Mrs. Floyd Gordon)
Goldie Mills (Mrs. Harve Axtell)
Madge Stone (Mrs. Harry Lewis)
Raymond Donovan
Paul Lemon
Leonard Luther
Harley Wilson

Class of 1921
Inez Jester (Mrs. Wilson, deceased)
Katherine Fairley
Helen Stafford (Mrs. E. Gaunt)
Mary Ruthford
Ralph Ewalt
Waldron Fair
Criss Thom
Glenn Lacy
Ralph Groendycke
Huston Case
Earl Edwards
Beulah Hutchins (Mrs. Clawson)
Winifred Knight (Mrs. Chas. Morelock)
Mildred Crouse (Mrs. Detwiler)
Phyllis Tedrow ( Mrs. Fergus)
Jewell Herr
Eva Bragg (Mrs. Huston Case)
Violet Bowman (Mrs. Ricke)
Elsie Miller (Mrs. Dewey McKaig)
Donnabel Slack
Mary Walker
Evaline Barnard (Mrs. Walker)
Floyd Herr

Class of 1922
Rosie Brugger (Mrs. Clifford Hittle)
Pearle Louise Martin (Mrs. Floyd Smith)
Floyd Hall
Marie Hoovler (Mrs. Decker)
Cora Shanka (Mrs. Boyd McCracken)
Gladys Rankin (Mrs. Griesinger)
Alice Marion Field
Ellen Moore (Mrs. Guy Earl)
Melvah Lonker
Irene M. Coles (Mrs. Leonard Manning, deceased)
Mrs. Nelda Scott
Phillip Wilson
Albert E. Wadsworth
Cleda Grandstaff (Mrs. Ellis Clark)
Rupert Martin
Lon Hoagland
Ella J. Funk (Mrs. Loren Springer)
Mildred Pinkerton (Mrs. C. W. Lowen)
Gail Kenney (Mrs. Harley Wilson)
Marjorie Montgomery
Sybil Donovan (Mrs. Leland Eaton)
George Martin
Arthur Croft
Thelma Horney (Mrs. M. B. Skinner)
Troy Strickland

Class of 1923
Ruth Axtell (Mrs. C. A. Sitler)
Alma Barnard (Mrs. Lon Hoagland)
Brick Case
Anna Cravens (Mrs. Ferguson)
Lester Cravens
Thelma Curtis (Mrs. Nurse)
Violet Davis (Mrs. Elmer Conner)
Chester Fullerton
Hardin Gilbert
Kenneth Grigsby
Mary Harvey
Ivan Hewitt
Anna Hoovier (Mrs. Troy Strickland)
Lelia Hull
Mary Ireland (Mrs. Ed Dill)
Ted Kenney
Audrice Lonker (Mrs. Crosby)
Jessie Lusk (Mrs. Jas. Stranathan)
Clay McCoy (deceased)
Mildred McCracken
Fred Moomau
Trice Newsom
Ruth Orr (Mrs. Willard Harnden)
Carl Pickens
Earl Powell
Ruth Robertson
Gladys Strickland (Mrs. Roland Hewitt)
Ed Swartz
Marjorie Tedrow
Bill Thom
Ezma Urton (Mrs. Kinkaid)
Mildred Wadsworth (Mrs. Wilbur Murray)
Bessie Strain
Pearl Harris
Minnie Pearl Johnson
Mary Heathman
Miles Harvey

Class of 1924
Mary McCracken (Mrs. Smith)
Robert Mullikin
Myrtle Axtell
Cornelius Brown
Bessie Harbaugh (Mrs. Ivan Hewitt)
Leslie Flinn
Julia Barnard (Mrs. Robt. Knowles)
Ralph Cook
Thelma Harris
Ethel Lewis (Mrs. Paul Sears)
Carl Aubley
Ruth Hewitt (Mrs. Milton Harrell)
Virgil Kimball
Madge Aubley (Mrs. Emmit Evans)
Audrey Clawson (Mrs. Russell)
Thornton Woodard
Faye Hewitt (Mrs. Dorris Froggatte)
Ralph Pelton
Alpha Conaway (Mrs. Miller)
Helen Phillips (Mrs. Charles Page)
Axtell Woodward (deceased)
Edith Nelson
Frank Montgomery
Erna Eckell
Beatrice Walker (Mrs. Albert Crane)
Lynn Benefiel
Ernest Woodward
Nirene Hewitt (Mrs. Roy Brown)
Glenn Nixon

Class of 1925
Jaunita Binning (Mrs. Harlan Hendricks)
Louis Bloom (Mrs. Glen Vanderwork)
Ruth Case
Dorothy Fullerton (Mrs. F. L. Marsh)
Florence Gant
Lester Hanby
Grace Harris
Florence Harris (Mrs. Chas. McCracken)
Blanche Hemmer (Mrs. Howard Jennings)
Flossie Hoyt (Mrs. Guy Hittle)
Bill Ireland
Florence Jackson (Mrs. Harms)
Margaret Knight (Mrs. G. K. Ricky)
Govan Mills
Callie Mills
Guy Newkirk
Nellie Newland (Mrs. Neal Lovell)
Vernon Newland
Bertie Nurse (Mrs. Neil Owen)
Eloise Owen (Mrs. George Grey)
Louise Painter (Mrs. Floyd Hall)
Chester Powell
Mable Poindexter
Mildred Poindexter (Mrs. Kinney)
Margaret Smith (Mrs. Pounds)
Frank Smith
Martha Stoops
Winnie Stockstill
Douglas Tedrow
Roger Thom (deceased)
Louise Wadsworth (Mrs. Glenn Bloom)

Class of 1926
Floyd Adamson
Gwendolyn Bray
Faye Donovan (deceased)
Carl Kenney
Frank Knowles, Jr.
Morris Larrison
Charles Luallen
Charles McCracken
Dale Morris
Myra Mounsey
Opal Pelton (Mrs. Norval White)
Orville Pelton
Walter Sharpe
Pauline Stout
LaVon Thompson
Frances Utt
Bernice Wiley
Alice Walker
Easther Williams
Murel Williams
Ella Bell (Mrs. Chick Howell)
Marion Orr (Mrs. W. D. Sharpe)
Edna Stoops (Mrs. Jack Lake)
Fay Warren (Mrs. Jim Harper)
Edith Woodward (Mrs. Ben Mullikin)
Ethel Woodward (Mrs. Bob Mullikin)

Class of 1927
John Adamson
Lloyd Clarke
Loren Cregar
Henry Ficken
John Groendycke
Martin Hall
Dwight Hinshaw
Claire Kimball
Erple Kinkaid
Orville Mills
Elam Moomau
Elra Noell
Charles Phye
Glenn Powell
Kenneth Williams
John Woodward
Ira Nixon
George Harris
Florence Bell (Mrs. Elam Moomau)
Carrie Stroup
Myrtle Urton
Louise Watkins
Helen Wheat (Mrs. Chas. Gordon)
Mary Willan
Ruth Hittle (Mrs. McCracken)
Wendall Adams
Geraldine Wilson (Mrs. Lloyd Clarke)
Benita Grandstaff (Mrs. G. O. Rickard)

Class of 1928
Fred Ficken
Charles Gordon
Marion Groves
Floyeda Hardison
Vivian Hewitt
Luella Hoyt
Alma Jarnigan
Josephine Knowles
Harold Knox
Robert Mounsey
Freda Nurse
Margaret Phye
Evelyn Rankin (Mrs. K. Grigsby)
Kenneth Skinner
Lorena Angell
Ralph Aubley
Lloyd Benefiel
Ruth DeWitt (Mrs. O. Mills)
Lois Smart (Mrs. Winters)
Mildred Smith
Dorothy Stevens (Mrs. C. C. McIlree)
Jack Stockstill
John Tedrow
Ila Watkins
Florence Woodward
Arrena Yewell
Gerald Yoke
Ola Healan (Mrs. Webster)

Class of 1929
Margaret Dobson
Neona Gordon
Raymond Harris
Geraldine Ireland
Essie Jackson
Paul Kimball
Mina Miller
Glenn Kimball
Ruby Lytle (Mrs. F. Hollar)
James Martin
LeRoy Murphy
Harvey McCoy
Thelma Moomau (Mrs. R. V. Hyatt)
LeRoy Moomau
Elmer McCracken
Florence Neal (Mrs. K. Huston)
Hazel Neal (Mrs. LeRoy Murphy)
David Osborn
Eugene Rankin
Marjorie Rozzelle (Mrs. Simpson)
Raymond Sheldon
Wayne Tillotson
Franklin Warren
Wallace Willms
Emelyn Woodard
Agnes Williams
Rex Woodward
Margaret Watson (deceased)
Mary Morris (Mrs. M. Strait)
Gertrude Murphy (Mrs. Bernard Smith)

Class of 1930
Helendean Angell
Ethel Axtell
Blanche Davis
Algia Davis (Mrs. Mader)
Martha Dawson
Eunice DeGeer
Evangeline Fullerton (Mrs. W. R. McCulley)
Thelma Fussell (Mrs. Bert Wilson)
Claudine Newkirk (mrs. Elra Noell)
Ethel Smith (Mrs. Ullstrom)
Opal Thomas (Mrs. Chas. Barnard)
Velma Vaughn
Homer Brittain
Alvin Duncan
Kenneth Dye
Walter Edwards (deceased)
Eldon Smart
Jasper Tincher

Class of 1931
Bessie Baughman
Mina Binning
MIldred Cloutman
Bonnie Davis
Leah Eckell
Claris Gordon
Darline Manson (Mrs. Dorell Richard)
Frances Moomau (Mrs. Karl Torline)
Myrtle Myer
Lucille Mills (deceased)
Lelia McMullen (Mrs. G. Balding)
Geneva Overstreet
Thelma Page
Ethel Ruff
Mary Scotton
Bertha Singer (Mrs. Guy Aubley)
Wilma Shanks
Olie Bell
Rudolph Ficken
Lester Gilmore
Bob Hamar
Roy McCracken
Bill McCulley
Merle Rankin
Paul Reeves
Carl Rinke (deceased)
Dorell Richard
Max Shaw
Robert Thompson
Richard Turnbull
Guy Williams
Sanford Woodard
Vernon Woodward
Eugene Winters

Class of 1932
Geneva Barnard
Helen Cavin
Frances Creger
Eula DeGeer
Billie Eckell
Marjorie Edwards
Leota Fussell (Mrs. Joe Summers)
Helen Frederick
Gladys Harris (Mrs. Ralph Thomas)
Edith Holmes
Florence Kimsey
Blanche Kinkaid
Georgia Luallen
Louise Magnison (Mrs. V. E. McAdams)
Thelma Nurse
Ellen Page
Betty Richardson (Mrs. Chas. Smith)
Dena Scott
Ruth Vaughn
Luke Chapin
Jack Ford
Charles Guenther
George Griffin
Clarence Gray
Joe Hinshaw
Alva Jester
Cecil Miller
Glenn Morris
Lewis Moots (deceased)
Frank Moomau
Tom Myers
Albert Nirschl
Donald Simpson
Kenneth Singer
Charles Smith
Russell Warrington
Vayla Tincher
Winifred Watkins (Mrs. Clair Freeman)

Class of 1933
Wenonah Angell
Mary Etta Axrell
Mary Belisle (Mrs. Albert Nirschl)
Mary Bell (Mrs. Francis Frederick & Mrs. Bart Hommertzheim)
Lexie Davis
Jessie Donovan
Irene Giggy (deceased)
Edna Gordon
Louise Hall
Ruth Harbaugh (Mrs. Luke Chapin)
Dorothy Hybsha
Mary Jester (Mrs. Merle Gaunt)
Edna Moore
Lucille Scotton
Mildred Stevens
Marjorie Warren (Mrs. Henry Skinner)
Leona Woodward
Henry E. Abt Jr.
Ducie Chads
Roy Davis
Jack Gilmore
Clifford Kimball
Richard Newton
Courtney Richardson
Ellis Thomas
Nelson Turnbull
David Watkins
Ruth Ireland (Mrs. Lloyd Day)
Della McCracken
Geraldine Moomau
Marian Smith (Mrs. Henry Abt, Jr.)
Alice Strong

Class of 1934
Pauline Harbaugh
Georgia Harrison (Mrs. Jack Gotterup)
Frances Lukens
Mary Lunsford
Louise McCoy
Elizabeth McCracken
Alice Moomau (Mrs. Clarence Thompson)
Agnes Nurse
Doris Parr
Jewell Strickland (Mrs. Russell Rhoades)
Mary Warren (Mrs. R. Turnbull)
Virginia Woodward Newton
Clarke Moots
Lester Porter (deceased)
Robert Parr
Hollice Ruff
Francis Strickland
Gwynne Adams
Charles Bartholomew
James Bell
Keith Case
Lloyd Day
Beuford Duncan
Carl Harris
Vic Horney
Walter Kinsey
Charles Kraft
Bill Lusk
Vivian Meckel
Charles Page
Donald Parr
Brooks Rickard
Roy Rula

Class of 1935
Lucille Angell (probably Eula Zara (Angell) Jacobs)
Mildred Benefiel
Evelyn Brittain
Anna Lee Dewees
Doris Griem
Lucille Groves
Wilma Howard
Freda Kimsey
Lucille Lunsford
Vera Lytle
Opal Magnison (Mrs. R. Spencer)
Frances Martin
Helen Moore
Jessie Murphy
Cathryn Pelzl
Frances Stone
Mildred Strickland
Lucille Strong
Maxine Tincher (Mrs. W. McPherson)
Virginia Trice
Wilma Warren
Alfred Adams
Ketron Byerley
Ted Chapin
Clair Edwards
Ed Ficken
Raymond Gilmore
Eugene Hart
Wayne Heel
John Hobble
Howard Kasney
David Kirkbride
Robert Knight
Bob Lake
Floyd Lingo
Bill Martin
Bill Neal
Warren Rodgers
Lester Shaw
Burns Simpson
Jean Van Landingham
Ruby Winters

Class of 1936
Gordon Anderson
Elmer Bell
Aubrey Brumley
George Cloutman
Sam Forsyth
Robert Frederick
Charles Hall
Jimmie Harris
Aaron Hunt
Walter Jones
Donald Kinkaid
Wallace Kirkbride
Bill Lalicker
Jack Rankin
Laile Rankin
Paul Newton
Jack Shanka
Kenton Tedrow
Wendell Warren
____ Watkins
James Williams
Margaret Abt
Margaret Bell
Opal Brock
Winifred Conn
Louise Edwards
Nadine Fowler
Mildred Groves
Mary Louise Harbaugh
Mildred Horney Marie Hoyt (Mrs. Lester Sage)
Georgia Mae Kimball
Georgia Lukens
Lela Mae Martin
Nona Mae McDowell
Hazel Parr
Leona Parr
Fern Phillips
Joyce Platt
Ruth Weaver
Homer Watkins

Class of 1937:
Milford Anderson
Elmer Angell
Bill Barnard
George Bartels
Bill Brass
Bob Brass
Eldon Davis
Kenneth Duncan
Gerald Forsyth
Franklin Gordon
Riley Hartzell
Dale Hogan
Kenneth McKaig
Vernon Meckel
Walter Moore
Marvin Nurse
Dillman Parr
Charles Reed
Ellis Schiff
Bob Smith
Floyd Utz
Charles Vaughn
Tom Williams
Pearl Bell
Virginia Eby
Marguerita Fishburn
Thelma Foster
Peggy Hall
Helen Hibbard
Betty Hinshaw
Mary Jane Holser
May Honrey
Dorothy Johnson
Naomi Johnson
Euleta Lake
Lenora McCracken
Marian McShea
Ruth Phillips
Ruth Rozzelle
Ruth Ellen Serrot
Dorothy Strickland
Faribe Warren
Carrie Watkins
Mary Elizabeth Wilson
Russel Weidner

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