THE MEDICINE LODGE COUNCIL, Barber County, Kansas Barber County, Kansas.  

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The Barber County Index, September 29, 1927.


(From The Frontier, February, 1909,
"Forty years with the Cheyennes" by George Bent, page 5.)

In the fall the government decided to make peace and preparations were being made for a big council on Medicine Lodge Creek. I was then acting as interpreter for Major Wynkoop, the Cheyenne and Araphoe agent, and was sent out to bring Indians to the council. I met Colonel Leavenworth, the agent for the Comanches, Kiowas and Apaches in an Indian camp where the town of Wichita, Kansas, now is. He ordered me to take some chiefs on to Fort Larned. Up to this time I had not been to any fort. During the war so many false reports had been spread about me that it was not safe to go among the whites. But I now risked it and took the chiefs to Larned.

About a month before the council was held part of the Indians had already gathered on Medicine Lodge Creek. The Arapahos were encamped just above the council ground and the Kiowas an Apaches just below; attack the train and make trouble, but they did not. The Arapahos and Apaches all went out to meet them and then we brought them to Black Kettle's camp, where they remained for two days. When they returned to the Cheyennes encamped on Cimarron River they took word of the council to them, and so when the commissioners arrived these Cheyennes came in to meet them.

Commissioner of Indian Affairs Taylor were on this commission. I acted as interpreter, and my brother Charley was there too. The council ended in the tribes signing treaties agreeing to go to reservations. The Dog Soldiers were at the head of the peace party at the council and all of their chiefs, Bull Bear, Tall Bull and White Horse, signed the treaty.

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Barber County Index, September 29, 1927.

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Barber County Index, September 29, 1927.

The Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek   The text of the treaty, from

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