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Merchant Shipping

Civil Parish of St. Ives, Eccl. District of -

Folio 58

10,(Jonadab) St. Ives,1,Thomas Grenfell,Crew,,,,Master (Not On Board),\- Unknown,,103t Schooner Foreign trade. Off Falmouth
,,,James Noall,Crew,U,23,,Mate,St. Ives Cornwall,,
,,,Charles Searl,Crew,M,23,,A. B. Seaman,London Kent,,
,,,A F Marshall,Crew,W,30,,C & A. B. Seaman,Barbados Island Overseas Brit. Subj,,Place of birth: Add Brigtown

Folio 59

116,(Jane) St. Ives,1,Richard Hooper,Crew,U,30,,Master,Mevagissey Cornwall,,45t Schooner Coastways. At Sea
,,,Thomas Rowse,Crew,M,36,,Mate,Mevagissey Cornwall,,
,,,David Brokenshere,Crew,U,26,,A B Seaman,Mevagissey Cornwall,,
,,,John Williams,Crew,U,17,,Ordinearey,St. Cleer Unknown,,

Folio 60

42,(Ivy) St. Ives,1,Wm. Thos. Richards,Crew,M,45,,Master,St. Ives Cornwall,,89t schooner Coasting. Ladnock Roads
,,,Anthony Thomas,Crew,M,35,,Mate,St. Ives Cornwall,,
,,,Samuel Philips,Crew,M,25,,A B,St. Ives Cornwall,,
,,,John Hardy,Crew,M,21,,A B,St. Ives Cornwall,,
,,,Edmond Paul,Crew,M,68,,O'dary,Devonport Devon,,Surname uncertain

Folio 61

209,(Morton) St. Ives,1,Robert Morton,Crew,M,45,,Master,Devonport Devon,,112t schooner home trade. Ponarth Roads
,,,John Hooper,Crew,M,49,,Mate,St. Ives Cornwall,,
,,,Richard John Chellew,Crew,M,24,,Seaman,St. Ives Cornwall,,
,,,David Thomas,Crew,U,30,,Seaman,\- Cardiganshire,,
,,,Thomas Parry,Crew,U,19,,Ordinary Seaman,\- Cardiganshire,,

Merchant Shipping

Civil Parish of Padstow, Eccl. District of -

Folio 67

40,(Tubiskin) Padstow,1,Edmund Tabb,Crew,M,34,,Master,St. Mabyn Cornwall,,49t Schooner Coasting Trade. At Sea
,,,John Bishop,Crew,M,28,,Mate,Wadebridge Cornwall,,
,,,John Lock,Crew,U,19,,A B Seaman,Portsmouth Hampshire,,
,,,Edward Myies,Crew,U,16,,Boy,\- Co. Cork,,

Folio 68

11,(Cottager) Padstow,1,Nicholas Hewett,Crew,M,30,,Master,Polruan Cornwall,,"65t Schooner Coast. Whitsand Bay, Lands End"
,,,Edward Croft,Crew,M,30,,Mate,Fowey Cornwall,,
,,,William Roberts,Crew,M,33,,A B,Charlestown Cornwall,,
,,,Patrick Caleagan,Crew,U,,,O S,Kingsail Ireland,,
,,,John Wight,Crew,U,17,,Boy,Warren Point Ireland,,

Folio 69

99,(Letitia) Padstow,1,Wm Brown,Crew,M,39,,Master,Boscastle Cornwall,,90t Schooner Coasting. At Sea
,,,Edmond Smith,Crew,M,37,,Mate,Plymouth Devon,,
,,,Charles Rigway,Crew,M,24,,A B Seaman,Chatham Kent,,
,,,George Trigs,Crew,S,18,,Ordinary,Plimstock Devon,,
,,,Joseph Horden,Crew,S,18,,Boy,Plimstock Devon,,

Folio 70

,(Providence) Padstow,1,Edward Jerimyn,Crew,M,47,,Master,\- Co. Cork,,62t Scnr Coasting. Cape Crnwll. Surn uncert
,,,Hugh Oats,Crew,M,35,,Mate,Plymouth Devon,,
,,,Martin Devereux,Crew,U,22,,Seaman,\- Co. Waterford,,
,,,Thomas Kingwood,Crew,U,16,,Boy,Plymouth Devon,,

Folio 71

251,(Ocean Queen) Padstow,1,James Richards,Crew,M,33,,Master,Port Isaac Cornwall,,121t Foreign & Coastwise. 5m off Ilfracombe
,,,Thomas Inch,Crew,M,35,,Mate,St. Endellion Cornwall,,
,,,William Matton,Crew,U,25,,Seaman,St. Endellion Cornwall,,
,,,William Mitchell,Crew,U,20,,Seaman,Port Isaac Cornwall,,
,,,Joseph Inch,Crew,U,18,,Ordinary,Port Gavern Cornwall,,
,,,John Cock,Crew,U,17,,Cook & Steward,St. Kea Cornwall,,

Folio 72

35,(Thomas & Elizabeth) Padstow,1,John Bate,Crew,M,47,,Master,Portisaac Cornwall,,42t Schooner Coasting. At anchor xxx Bay.
,,,John Bate,Crew,U,18,,Mate,Portisaac Cornwall,,
,,,Richard Worden,Crew,U,21,,Ordinary,Wadebridge Cornwall,,

Folio 73

57,(Emma Jane) Padstow,1,Thomas Deacon,Crew,M,32,,Master,Padstow Cornwall,,66t Sch. Coast. Sth Rock(?) light brg WSW 8
,,,Thomas Blandford,Crew,M,40,,Mate,Southampton Hampshire,,
,,,John Mcbride,Crew,U,19,,Ordinary,Larne Co. Antrim,,
,,,James Perry,Crew,U,20,,Ordinary,Salt Pans Unknown,,

Folio 74

440,(Glendorgal) Padstow,1,George Pappin,Crew,M,36,,Master,Newquay Cornwall,,62t Schooner Coasting. Point Lizzy W N W 4
,,,George Brown,Crew,M,24,,Mate,Kinsale Ireland,,
,,,John Bunt,Crew,U,20,,Able Seaman,Newquay Cornwall,,
,,,Richard Barwood,Crew,U,19,,Odnary Seaman,Bridport Dorset,,

Folio 75

250,(Ceres) Padstow,1,Edward Keal,Crew,M,28,,Master,St. Teath Cornwall,,41t Coasting Schooner. At Sea off Point xxx
,,,William Apps,Crew,M,35,,Mate,Port Isaac Cornwall,,
,,,James Telfer,Crew,U,14,,Boy,Castletown Cumberland,,
,,,Elizabeth Keal,Passgr,M,,25,Master's Wife,Helston Cornwall,,
,,,Sarah Keal,Passgr,U,,5,Daughter,Port Isaac Cornwall,,
,,,Edward Keal,Passgr,U,2,,Son,Port Isaac Cornwall,,

Folio 76

,(Johnson & Elizabeth) Padstow,1,Joseph Hicks,Crew,M,25,,Master,Newquay Cornwall,,76t Coasting. Sth Stack Light N E 9 miles
,,,Andrew Trethewy,Crew,U,23,,Mate,Newquay Cornwall,,
,,,Joseph Spevens,Crew,U,29,,A B Seaman,St. Mawgan Cornwall,,
,,,William Sleeman,Crew,U,22,,A B Seaman,Newquay Cornwall,,
,,,James Lewis,Crew,U,19,,Boy,Bridgewater Somerset,,

Folio 77

77,(Dispatch) Padstow,1,James Mason Fishley,Crew,M,32,,Master,Port Isaac Cornwall,,74t Scher Coast. Point Linas N W 5M
,,,John Taylor,Crew,M,26,,Mate,Port Isaac Cornwall,,
,,,Henery Found,Crew,M,28,,Able Seaman,Morwenstow Cornwall,,
,,,David Luke,Crew,U,22,,Odnay,Benderry (Sth Wls) Wales,,
,,,George Fishley,Crew,U,16,,Boy,Port Isaac Cornwall,,

Folio 78

37,(Stag) Padstow,1,Joseph Gregor,Crew,,,,Master [not On Board],\- Unknown,,34t Ketch Coastwise. Two on shore
,,,Elie Smith,Crew,U,19,,Cook,Falmouth Cornwall,,Drawing of a bed on return.

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