Eighth Generation

76. Isaac Hugh GABBARD1,44 was born on 14 May 1805 in Washington Co, Virginia.17,45,46 He died on 22 May 1892 at the age of 87 in Owsley County, Kentucky.17

In the census, immediately after Jane is listed 26 year old Elizabeth. She cannot be Jane's child. Perhaps a child from an earlier marriage?

Isaac was about 9 years old when his parents migranted through the Cumberland Gap from Washington Co VA to Indian Creek in Clay Co KY.

Four of the sons of Isaac and Jane were in the Union Army during the Civil War: George W., James, Jacob and Michael. James was killed in the battle Lookout Mountain; Michael was wounded in the same battle. Michale was an Honor Guard for Abraham Lincoln's body when it was transported by rail from Chicago to Springfield, Illinois. [Actually 5 sons served - Abel served, too, because he applied for his pension.]

Isaac is buried in the Henry Gabbard graveyard on Indian Creek in Owsley Co KY. Jane, known as Jennie, died in Berea, KY but was brought back for burial to same graveyard.

1860 Census. Owsley Co, KY, Hh 691 [next to brothers Jacob & John]
Isaac Gabbard, age 55, farmer, b. VA
Jane, 49.
Mary 21. Abel 18. Abijah 17. Rachel 14. Margaret 12. Martha J. 10, William age 8.
Nancy Isaacks, age 87, widow, b. NC, Blind. [Isaac's mother-in-law]

Isaac Hugh GABBARD and Jane Agnes "Jennie" ISAACS were married on 11 February 1827 in Clay County, Kentucky.1,17,45 Jane Agnes "Jennie" ISAACS, daughter of Samuel ISAACS and Nancy BALDRIDGE, was born on 24 December 1811.1,45 She died on 1 April 1896 at the age of 84 in Berea, Madison County, Kentucky.1

Isaac Hugh GABBARD and Jane Agnes "Jennie" ISAACS had the following children:



Elizabeth GABBARD was born in 1829 in Kentucky.44

Buried Richard Reynolds Cem. Owsley Co Ky, located on the old Richard Reynolds
place on Lower Cow Creek, a short distance behind Sam Cornett's Home.
Elizabeth Gabbard 15 Jun 1829- 21 Oct 1901 (D/O Isaac Hugh & Jane Isaacs
Gabbard , married John Scribner Reynolds)
John Scribner Reynolds 18 Sept 1830- 12 Mar 1912 (S/O Richard & Jemina
Scribner Reynolds, married Elizabeth Gabbard)
Email on GABBARD-L 30 Jul 2000.



George Washington GABBARD1 was born on 10 December 1830 in Kentucky.1,44 He died on 10 May 1911 at the age of 80 in Owsley County, Kentucky.1

Married to Mary Shook as per email on GABBARD-L dated 31 Jul 2000. [ His first wife was Eliza Ann Williams, Mary was the second wife.]

George married Eliza Williams 7 Aug 1851. She was born in KY in 1828 and was the daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth (Hunt) Williams. She died in December 1865, a year after George was discharged from the Union Army. He then married Mary Elizabeth Shook on 19 Apr 1866 at the home of David Shook. There were 7 children by the 1st marriage, 14 by the second.

He joined Company A of the 47th Regt of KY Infantry Volunteers at Irvine KY on 3 Jul 1863. In December, he took sick with measles and because of the inclement weather suffered severe pain in his left side, hip, thigh & leg. He never completely recovered. He applied for his Invalid Pension in Nov of 1879. He resided at the time in Jackson Co KY. His neighbors in Owsley Co state they had known George from 1864 to 1879 when he appears to have moved from Owsley Co to Jackson Co. He applied for an increase in pension in 1896 and was back in Owsley Co. His widow Mary, applied for the pension after his death. Proof of her age was in George's old 1826 Bible.

Mary's tombstone says she was born 18 Mar 1847, but the Bible and pension records indicate she was born 18 Mar 1845. She died 15 Feb 1922.



James B. GABBARD1 was born in 1832 in Kentucky.44

James married Elizabeth Frost.



Jacob "Black Jake" GABBARD1 was born in January 1835 in Kentucky.44

Jacob married Elizabeth Peters.

1860 Census. Owsley Co KY, Boonville P.O., Hh 342
Jacob Gabbard, age 24, Farmer, b. TN
Elizabeth 19.
Rebecca, age 6 months.

1870 Census. Buffalo Precinct, Boonvile P.O., Owsley Co KY, Hh 2
Jacob Gabbard Jr., age 35
Elizabeth 27.
Rebecca 10. Abel 8. Godfrey 5. Martha J. 3, and Margaret age 1.

1880 Census. Pond Creek, Jackson Co KY, Hh 260
Jacob Gabbard, 45. Elizabeth 39., wife
Abel, son, 18. Godfrey, son, 15. Martha, dau, 13. Margaret, dau, 11.
Sarah, dau, 9. Isaac, son, 6. Elijah, son, 3. Nannie B., age 7 months, daughter born in Nov.

1900 Census. Pond Creek, Jackson Co, KY, Hh 388
Jacob Gabbard, b. Jan 1835, age 65, widowed, stock trader
Laura, daughter, b. May 1882, age 18.

1900 - son, Elijah, in Horse Lick, Jackson Co KY, Hh 48
Elijah Gabbard, b. May 1877, age 23, married 6 years
Sophia, wife, b. May 1879, age 21, has had 2 children
Bertha, dau, b. Jan 1894, age 6
Robert, son, b. Dec 1899, age 5 months



Micheal GABBARD1 was born in 1836 in Kentucky.44

1860. Boonville, Owsley Co KY, H 346, next to his dad
Elisha Gabbard, age 26. Nancy, age 22.
Susan, age 2 months
Michael Gabbard, age 23.

Michael married Mary Ann Mangun.



Mary "Polly" GABBARD.



Abel C. GABBARD1 was born in 1840 in Kentucky.44

Wife Lucy Eversole. Applied for Invalids Civil War Pension. See Ancestry database.

Lucy Eversole Gabbard was the 1st postmaster of the local 4th class postoffice called "Gabbard". She served from 1883 until 1899 and then her sister-in-law Nancy Gabbard Reynolds was Postmaster until 1895. The next Postmaster was George Washington Gabbard, Nancy's brother, who served until 1901.



Abijah B. GABBARD1 was born in 1842 in Kentucky.44

Abijah married Nancy Bishop.



Rachel GABBARD1 was born in 1844 in Kentucky.44

Rachel died unmarried.



Margaret GABBARD1 was born in 1846 in Kentucky.44

Margaret married Elias Reynolds.



Martha J. GABBARD1 was born in 1850 in Owsley County, Kentucky.

Martha married Pleasant Reynolds.



William A. GABBARD1 was born in 1852 in Owsley County, Kentucky.

William married Vanetta Lewis.



Nancy GABBARD1 was born (date unknown).

Nancy married Perry P. Reynolds.