Seventh Generation

59. Henry GABBARD1,16,22 was born about 1768 in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.22,23 He died about 1854 at the age of 86 in Indian Creek, Owsley County, Kentucky.17,23

Henry was too young to serve in the Revolution. His first record appears in Burke Co in 1787 when he witnessed a promissory note for his brother John.

There is a record of a Henry Gabard in the Augusta Co Court Records [Chalkley] on July 1790 "Robert Williams and Henry Gabhart, returned no inhabitants.". Family tradition holds that Henry had made a trip to Indian Creek country in KY to evaluate the conditions there. His cousins, sons of Mathias Gabbert, son of the immigrant Fredrich, lived in this area of VA [Rockbridge Co], so this indicates that family ties might have remained strong. Henry, five of Henry's siblings and five of his cousins all eventrually moved to Kentucky.

Henry lived in Burke Co long to marry Barbara Hunsucker in 1792. He does appear on the tax rolls of Washington Co VA from 1793 to 1814. He would appear he did not live in Tennessee with other members of his family.

Henry's brother George had a survey made on Walker Mountain and assigned it to George. Their brother Mathias had a grant for 79 acres in the same area.
VA Land Patent, PB #46, p.425
27 Oct 1800 Washington Co. 71 acres on the North waters of Beaver Creek, a north branch of the Holstein River, adj Peter Manpower, Joseph Gray, etc.
Abraham Hunsucker [probably a brother of Barbara] also located here.
18 Oct 1800 Washington Co. 100 acres on waters of Abraham's Crk a south branch of the North fork of the Holstein River. PB #46, p.363
Henry had another Land Patent:
25 Jun 1813 Washington Co. 50 acres, both sides of Smiths Crk adj William Gilson, John McCormack, Leighton Smith. PB #63, p.479.

14 Apr 1812 William Gilson, assignee of Robert Preston to Henry Gabbert. 27 acres on waters of Smith's Creek, a South Branch of the North Fork of the Holstein adj John McCormack & John Kaylor. Patent to Gilson on 10 Nov 1800. Land on South side of Valley Ridge. DB 5, p.66
30 Apr 1814 Henry & Barbara Gabbert to Landman Short, 77 acres, two tracts on Smith's Creek. DB 5, p.412

Henry sold his land to move to KY. The first tract of 71 acres was sold for taxes in 1815.
1 Aug 1815. Henry Gabbert, delinquent 1802-1804. Sold to John Henderson of Washington Co VA. 71 acres.

Moved to Indian Creek in Owsley Co (then Clay) in 1815-16 along with his wife, 7 sons & 2 daughters. His brother Jacob had already moved there. Two of the sons gave North Carolina as their birthplace in the 1850 census. The two daughters both married grandsons of Cornelius Bowman, Sr. soon after arriving in Clay County.

Henry lived with son listed as Jacob Jr. in the 1850 Census in Owsley Co. There is also a Jacob, Sr. in Owsley that I believe to be a son of Henry's brother Jacob.

Barbara and Henry Gabbard are said to be buried in Henry Gabbart/James Cole Cemetery in Owsley Co KY. Elizabeth Bowman, their daughter who married Cornelius B. Bowman, is also buried there. Isaac Hugh Gabbard, son of Barbara & Henry is buried there [14 May 1805 - 1892] - he married Jane Isaacs. Jacob Gabbard, another son, 1813-1900, married Elizabeth Woods and he is buried in this cemetery.

Henry GABBARD and Barbara HUNSUCKER were married in 1792 in Washington Co, Virginia.23 Barbara HUNSUCKER was born about 1770 in Augusta County, Virginia.23 She died about 1848 at the age of 78 in Indian Creek, Owsley County, Kentucky.23

Barbara Hunsucker was the daughter or sister of Abraham Hunsucker. I believe there may have been both a father and brother named Abraham.

There appears to have been a plethora of Abraham Hunsuckers.

Here's one bit of information concerning an Abraham who married Catherine:
Abraham Hunsacker Cumberland Co. NC 1767 (TAX LIST)
Had a grant of 200 acres in Cumberland County, NC south of Deep River on 11 Dec. 1770.(Cumberland county land F:392)
They then apparently move to Burke County, also a burned Court House record county.
1790 Census NC, Burke Co.
This Abraham b. 1715 came to America in 1738 on ship "Bilander Thistle" at the age of 23 yrs. with his parents, Peter and Anna (see web page on Peter HUNSUKER)
He married Katherine as proved in deed of 9/19/1775... Abraham HUNSUCKER to George HARENGER. signed Abraham & Katerin HUNSUCKER. WIT: Chris. YEW & Chris. CARENGER.
ABRAHAM JR. Burke Co. NC, Page # : 108
Rev. War Solider
JOHN HUNSUCKER 1790 NC Page # : 108

If the years of birth of the following Abraham [1754] and Barbara [1770] are correct, then there were only 16 years between them, making it much more likely they were siblings.

An Abraham Hunsucker [II] was born in Pennsylvania in 1754 of Palatinate German immigrant parents. Possible parents are Abraham born about 1715 in Germany and his wife Katherine, surname unknown, other sources suggest she may have been Elizabeth Catherine Zirkle. Passengers on the Bilander, "Thistle of Philadelphia" which arrived in Philadelphia on 28 Oct 1738, from Rotterdam by way of Cowes, England, under command of Capt George Houston, included Peter Huntzicker age 53, Abraham Huntzicker 23, and Creetta, 18.

A Hunsucker family also came on the Pennsylvania Merchant in 1731, along with the early Gabbards. Over age 16 was Hartman, Anna, Frena, and Elizabeth; under 16 were another Anna, Ursul, Meye and Hannes.

Abraham's family moved to Frederick Co VA and then on to Cumberland NC in the early 1770's. They received a NC Grant for 200 acres on the South Fork of the Middle Little River in Rowan Co NC. Abraham served in the Revolution in the Continental Army and applied for and was granted his pension in Washington Co VA in 1834. In 1790, Abram Hunsucker, Jr was in the 1790 Burke Co NC Census with five females; Abram Hunsucker and a Jonathan Hunsucker were also counted. There are other records in Burke Co through 1795.

By 1798 there was a survey for Abraham Hunsucker in Washington Co VA. This land was within five miles of the Gabbard families. Two of the Hunsucker ladies married into the Fleenor family. Mary Sarah Hunsucker married Adam Fleenor on 26 Feb 1797 and Catherine Hunsucker married Daniel Fleenor on 11 Jan 1798.

VA Land Patent: 18 Oct 1800 To Abraham Hunsucker in Washington Co. 100 acres on waters of Abraham's Creek, a south branch of the North Fork of Holstein River. PB #46, p.363.

In 1810, Abraham and wife are listed in the Washington Co VA 1810 census, both over 45, with another female 16-25. Abram III is also in this census, age 16-26 and has two young girls under 10 years of age as well as his spouse, listed as 26-45. A John and Peter Hunsucker were also in the Washington Co Census in 1810
Hunsucker, John: 1m under 10, 1m 10-16, 1m 26-45. 1f -10, 1f 10-16, 1f 16-26, 1f over 45
Hunsucker, Peter 1m -10, 2m 10-16, 1m 16-26, 1m 26-45. 2f under 10, 1f 26-45.

In 1820, only one Abram Hunsucker was found in Washington Co, but it appears that the older couple may have been living with Abram III. There was 1m 16-26, 1m 26-45, and 1m 45+; 3f 10-16, 2f 16-26, 1f 26-45, and 1f 45+

In 1830, it appears perhaps Abraham II's wife is no longer living but he is still living with his son Abraham III. There was 1m age 5-10, 1m age 40-50, 1m 70-80; 1f -5, 2f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 3f 15-20, and 1f age 40-50. There was also a James Hunsucker found in 1830, age 30-40 with a wife age 20-30 and two children.

Abraham II is said to have died in 1834 [that is practically the same year his pension said granted]
Scott Co VA 22 Oct 1832, Abram Hunsucker applied for his pension. He stated he was aged 78 years; born in 1754 in Lancaster Co PA. His father, when the affiant was very young, first removed to Shenandoah Co VA and then into Cumberland, NC on Deep River [this was actually Burke Co NC]. He served several tours, the first in 1781 for 3 months under command of Capt Clark of the NC militia at the Battle of Cowpens [17 Jan 1781], Genl. Morgan commanding. He returned home and then became the one man out of 15 selected to serve for 12 months. He was under Capt Henry Read's militia in Burke Co, was marched to Salisbury & placed under command of Capt. Breward. He was marched & joined Genl. Green at the siege of Ninety Six [22 May 1781, in SC]. He marched with Green to Santee and to the battle of Eutaw Springs [18 Sep 1781]. After 12 months he was discharged.
He was awarded his pension of $50, issued 5 Aug 1833, arrears to Mar 4, 1831 or 1832. The heirs of Abram. Hunsucker had a lawyer write the Commissioner of Pensions on 27 Aug 1856 to inquire whether or not there was an arrears of pension due when Abram died. The Pension Office replied that he was paid to 4 Sep 1833. No actual date of death is mentioned.

In 1840, Abraham Hunsucker [III] had 1m -5, 1m 15-20, and 1m 50-60. Females were 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 3f 20-30, 1f 50-60, and 1f 60-70. There is an older lady in the household but not enough older to be the mother of either Abraham or his wife.

This third Abraham, left us a most puzzling 1850 Census record. Abram, age 88, b. NC, Barbary, age 91, b. NC. All the youngers ones b. VA: Elizabeth 21, Nancy 20, James 24, Malinda 19, Matilda 23, Sarah 17, and Mary 1. I believe Elizabeth may be James' wife and Mary their daughter. The problem with this family is that the ages of Abram and Barbary seem to be about 30 years off - they are about 30 years too old. Certainly to have had children these ages, and they do seem to be their children, because Abram III wrote his Will on 22 Oct 1857 and named several of these children.

1850 Census. Dist. 67, Washington Co VA, Hh 1846
Abram Huntsucker, age 88, farmer, b. NC
Barbary, age 91, b. NC
Born in Virginia: Elizabeth, 21. Nancy, 20, Jas. 24, farmer, Malinda 19. Matilda 23. Sarah 17. Mary 1.

Dist. 67, Hh 1788
Abram Huntsucker, 26, farmer, b. VA
Nancy 27. Louisa 5. Ellen 33. Sarah 4.
on the same page with Abram:
Hh 1786. Elisha Fleenor, and Elizabeth, age 40, and children

The will did name wife Barbara. Children were oldest daughter Elizabeth, wife of Elijah Fleenor; Sally wife of Elijah Ringley [found in the 1850 Washington Co census and Sally was age 41]; Nancy Hunsucker [above - age 20], Malinda Hunsucker [above - age 19], Mary, the wife of Levi Baker [age 36, living in Washington Co]; Rebecca wife of James Fleenor; Catherine the wife of Michael Shelly [age 34, living in Scott Co], Matilda, wife of Aden Ringley [above -age 23], and son James Hunsucker - he and his wife Elizabeth are to take care of wife Barbara or pay $50 yearly for her support. Dated 22 Oct 1857.
Signed: Abraham Hunsucker
Wit: Francis Ellington, Almus Childs, and Daniel Fleenor
Proved 22 Mar 1858. James Hunsucker took the oath as Administrator, his bond with Francis Ellington.

The ages of the children named in the will that I found in 1850, are supported by the marks in the earlier censuses. Sarah age 17 in the 1850 census, was not named in the Will. Barbary at age 91 could not possibly be the mother of Malinda age 19 who was named in both the census and the will. The age of Abraham and his wife appeared to both be 50-60 in 1850, indicating you would expect to find them aged between 60 and 70 in 1850, not aged 88 and 91.

Another very strange record found online is a letter of Administration of the estate of Abram Hunsucker filed on 7 Nov 1857 -just prior to the probate of the will of Abraham III above. Gasper Fleener was administrator. This seemed to be the report of his property sale, notes owed, and a list of those who owed money to the estate. This may very well be the final settlement of Abraham II, but I cannot explain why it is so late in being presented to the court. Could it be the young Abraham, age 26 in 1850? He doesn't seem to be in the Will?

Henry GABBARD and Barbara HUNSUCKER had the following children:



Michael GABBARD.



Mathias GABBARD.



Elizabeth GABBARD.






Margaret GABBARD.



Isaac Hugh GABBARD.









Jacob GABBARD Jr..