Kansas History and Heritage Project-Jefferson County Directories

Jefferson County Directories
1894 Kansas State Gazetteer and Business Directory
Published by R. L. Polk & Company, Chicago.

Jefferson County towns in 1894, with business directories.

GRANTVILLE. A village in Jefferson County, 25 miles southwest of Oskaloosa, the county seat. It is a station on the U. P. Ry. Nearest bank at Topeka. Population, 150. Tel., W. U. Exp., Pacific. W. J. Ingram, postmaster.

Burroughs S K, druggist.
Enochs Mrs Nellie, grocer.
Gilbert P M, justice of the peace.
Ham W T, justice of the peace.
Ingram W J, general store.
Lester J A, blacksmith.
Mendenhall John, carpenter.
Selkin J H, carpenter.
Smith Stephen E, physician.
Wagner R J, blacksmith.

McLOUTH. On the A., T. & S. Fe and the K. C., W. & N. W. R. Rs, in Jefferson county, 7 miles east of Oskaloosa, the county seat. It contains a grain elevator, a steam flouring mill, 3 churches, a district school and a weekly newspaper. Exp, Pacific. Tel., W. U. Population, 800. M. E. Williams, postmaster.

Bank of McLouth, Matt Edmonds pres, Charles H Steeper cash.
Barman A J, general store.
Bowman Henry, teacher.
Bowman John H, hardware.
Bradford Bros, carpenters.
Burk John W, harnessmaker.
Clark Wm, barber.
Cresse & Johnson, flour mill.
Edmonds Matt, live stock.
Frame Perry, newsdealer.
French Samuel P, general store.
Gardner W N . wagonmaker.
Glynn Ed. restaurant.
Glynn T, live stock.
Glynn T W & Son, flour mill.
Harding Wm M, live stock.
Healy Rev H D (United Brethren).
Jones Rev E (Baptist).
Kimmel Rev David (German Baptist).
McDonald George, restaurant.
McLouth Times, A B Mills propr.
McMaster House,Mark McMaster propr.
Mills A B, propr McLouth Times.
Miney & Cresse, grain.
Rankin Edgar C, druggist.
Reardon A P, live stock.
Reynolds H M, hardware.
Reynolds Robert W, general store.
Reynolds Samuel D, boots and shoes.
Rogers Wm. carpenter.
Shepherd T E, mason.
Starbuck Macy, carpenter.
Sykes Mrs Susan, milliner.
Tarr & McLouth, real estate.
Wolcott Mrs S Z, milliner.
Worde A, dentist.
Wray J L, hotel and livery.

MERIDEN. A city in Jefferson county, on the A.. T. & S. Fe R. R, and on the L., T. & S. W. Ry, 10 miles north of Topeka, 16 west of Oskaloosa, the county seat, and 39 from Atchison. Contains 4 churches, a graded school and a large steam flouring mill. Population, 462. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. Co. Robert Smith, postmaster.

American House, Dan Seal propr.
Arnold Hardware Co (Eugene Arnold, W A Gardner).
Aults Wm G, meat market.
Beeson & Becker (John Beeson, Henry Becker), lumber.
Brunk L C, Grain.
Commercial House, J O Peebler propr.
Crull Wm, livery.
Gardner Mrs M A, milliner.
Gardner Wm A, general store.
Hileman Willis, Blacksmith.
Hollingsworth F L, coal.
Hopkins G S, physician.
Huber Bros (Philip A and Harry E), meat market.
Huffman Ambrose J, wagonmaker.
Johnson H H, physician.
Kendall Allen O , physician.
Kendall Mercantile Co, Allen O & David A Kendall Proprs.
Kenerly John, painter.
Lonberg John, railroad contractor.
McLucas John, grain and coal.
Meriden State Bank, L Sharrard, cashier. Mosler A & L W (Abraham and L Wade), general store.
Peebler J O. propr Commercial House.
Peebler & Barr (John O and Wm W Peebler, John H Barr), general store.
Priest Bros (George W and Sylvanus C), grain.
Root Rev John A (Dunkard).
Saunders' Charles, restaurant.
Schafer John, harnessmaker.
Seal Dan, propr American House.
Shoom L M E, barber.
Smith George, plasterer.
Smith Robert, druggist.
Testerman Rev F M (United Brethren).
Tripp Frederick A, barber.
Wagner E A, hay.

NORTONVILLE. An incorporated city in Jefferson county, on the A., T. & S. Fe R. R., 16 miles southwest of Atchison, 16 north of Oskaloosa, the county seat, and 35 northeast of Topeka. A weekly newspaper is published and 2 banks are sustained. Population, 835. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co. D. M. Stillman, postmaster.

Anderson & Jones, wagonmakers.
Babcock M S, cattle breeder.
Bank of Nortonville The (capital, $20,000; surplus, $1,500), O W Babcock pres, John W Harris cash.
Bowen Wm A, stone mason.
Brundage J D, insurance.
Brunstetter P, grocer.
Burdick E K, cold storage.
Burdick Herbert D, jeweler.
Campbell & Webb (John Campbell, S D Webb), live stock.
Carter John T, horses.
Cline Charles E. barber.
Cohoe D W, painter.
Commercial Hotel, Mrs Anna S Davis propr.
Coon Casper, photographer.
Crandall C B, dentist.
Daum John, auctioneer.
Davis Mrs Anna S, propr Commercial Hotel.
Dill L A, auctioneer.
Dill & Son, livery.
Dorr D F K, livery.
Elmore J L, insurance.
Engle James A, windmills and farm impts.
Eshom R J, grain elevator.
Glenn P A, prin public schools.
Green H, meat market.
Griffey & Skinner, grain.
Griffin & Son (Samuel P and Uberto S), general store.
Harris J W, insurance.
Haskell R D, carpenter.
Hood Rev S M (United Presbyterian).
Hooton Rev (Christian).
Hummel Bros, farm impts.
Hummel Walter L, harnessmaker.
Jacobs Rev S P (Methodist).
Janssen Charles O, hardware.
Johannes Wm, farm impts.
Johnson S M, music teacher.
Kaufman Frank, shoemaker.
Kenyon George W, carpenter.
King Mrs Elizabeth, milliner.
Kleinfelter N, carpenter.
Koenig & Pardee, bakery and rest.
Langworthy O I, barber.
Layson W , live stock.
Layson & Martin, lumber.
McCarthy & McDonald (Cornelius C McCarthy, T J McDonald), general store.
McCoy Bros, meat market.
Marsh David P, carpenter.
Mathews Rev (Presbyterian).
Mattocks E W, carpenter.
Maxson H R, physician.
Maxson Ira L, publr The Royal Neighbor.
Meyer R H, blacksmith.
Michael Rev (Catholic).
Nichols L E, painter.
Nichols & Varner, well diggers.
Nortonville Cheese Mnfg Co, C B Merry mngr.
Nortonville News, L F Randolph publr.
Nortonville State Bank (capital, $50,000), C C McCarthy pres, John Campbell cash.
Ocker Wm M, justice of peace.
Perry A J & Co (Andrew J Perry, Charles Kaufman), general store.
Randolph George F, windmills and pumps.
Randolph L F, publr Nortonville News.
Roberts D E, railroad, exp and tel agt.
Rogers Wm, mason.
Royal Neighbor The, Ira L Maxson publr.
Sandfort H J, general store.
Scott Mrs Sarah A, milliner.
Seever John H, confectioner.
Smithers R, shoemaker.
Standish John, live stock.
Standish & Brown, live stock.
Stillman A B, general store.
Terry & Carty (B Terry, Wm Carty), blacksmiths.
Todd Rev J M (Baptist).
Webb Richard D, physician.
Webb & Groff, general store.
Whitaker Frank S, hardware.
Woodworth Charles L, painter.
Young Wm I, painter.
Zimmerman Isaiah, coal.

OSKALOOSA. The judicial seat of Jefferson County, located on Slough creek, on the L, T & S. W. div. of the U. P. Ry, and the K. C., W. & N. W. R. R., in the east central part of the county, 22 miles from Lawrence, 28 from Topeka, 28 from Leavenworth and 54 from Kansas City Mo. The city contains Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal and Colored Baptist churches, a graded school, 2 banks, a $20,000 court house, a saw and grist mill, and 2 weekly newspapers, the Independent and the Times. Ships grain, flax, live stock and produce. Tel., W. U. Exp., Pacific. Population, 800. Albert G. Patrick, postmaster.

Abbott George, clerk district court.
Acheson Fred, restaurant.
Aitken Wm K, dentist.
Balsley John W, druggist.
Beveridge J F, editor Times.
Bliss J F, justice and hotel.
Brown I B, register of deeds.
Buck A J, restaurant.
Carter Charles, live stock.
Carter Green, marshal.
Chase Charles E, wagonmaker.
Conant Alvin P, mngr Opera House.
Conwell House, Mrs Nancy Reed propr.
Cooper S S, propr Jefferson House and mayor.
Coy Wm A, clothing.
Cristler Rev C G (Methodist).
Critchfield Opera House, Alvin P Conant mngr.
Cunningham M W, teacher.
Davis George, carpenter.
Davis T H, county surveyor.
Deming Mm H C, milliner.
Deming H G, real estate.
Diebert Richard H, stoves.
Dietrich Fred E, barber.
Dunlap & Smith, milliners and dressmakers.
Evans Lemuel, live stock.
Fairchild Abial F, blacksmith.
Fairchild John, ldr Oskaloosa Cornet Band.
Fairchild Wm S, blacksmith.
Fairholm W K, billiards.
Fegan John, shoemaker.
Gephart Marsh, lawyer.
Gibbs J M, county clerk.
Gilluly Wm F, lawyer. .
Golden Charles G, blacksmith.
Graves, Mrs E M, teacher.
Graves Henry J, real estate.
Green Rev E W (Presbyterian).
Hamilton & Hamilton (John L and Wm A), grocers.
Hart John A, jeweler.
Hofman Christian, hardware.
Housh & Noble (David Housh, Charles E Noble), general store.
Howard Mrs M E, dressmaker.
Huddleston Thomas E, grocer.
Jefferson County Bank, Terry Critchfield pres, M L Critchfield cash.
Jefferson House, S S Cooper propr.
Johnson Francis M, loans.
Johnston Samuel, druggist.
Judy Asa D, live stock.
Lane W D, lawyer.
Larkins Alexander, agt L, T & S W Ry.
Legler Mell, county treasurer.
Lehmann & Williamson (Wm Lehmann, John Williamson), livery and lumber.
McClellan & Co (Clark B McClellan, Wm S Van Cleaves), general store.
McPherson George, live stock.
McUmber H D, mason.
McUmber Norman, fruit grower.
Main James, live stock.
Mayou Rev Joseph (Episcopal).
Michaels Peter, harnessmaker.
Morley Henry, carpenter.
Morse & Casebier (Dennis H Morse, Henry N Casebier) lawyers.
Mosier E I, lawyer.
Myers Louis A, district judge.
Newell Vol F, live stock.
Nickum Miss Carrie, teacher.
Nickum Charles, meat market.
Ninchelser Wm, express agt and coal.
O’Brien Edward, clerk district court.
Oskaloosa Canning Co, Wm H Huddleston pres.
Oskaloosa Cornet Band, John Fairchild leader.
Oskaloosa Creamery, Wm H Huddleston propr.
Oskaloosa Independent, Frank H Roberts propr.
Oskaloosa Times, J F Beveridge Editor.
Paddeck Isaac N, painter.
Patrick Albert G, postmaster.
Patterson A E, furniture.
Patterson George A, dry goods.
Peppard Samuel, feed mill.
Potter Ethel M, milliner.
Reed Mrs Nancy, propr Conwell House
Roberts Frank , propr Independent.
Roberts Rev J W (Methodist).
Sands Alonzo, carpenter.
Sands Bell, milliner.
Schaeffer H B, county attorney.
Sheldon E E, principal schools.
Sheldon Selah H, real estate and ins.
Smith Dr Albert G, druggist.
Smith David M, insurance.
Snell Wm D, supt of instruction.
Snyder Edwin, fruit grower.
Stanley & Johnson (Billings P Stanley, J Harvey Johnson), Abstracts and Real Estate.
State Bank of Oskaloosa, Wm H Huddelston pres. Charles W Huddelston Cash.
Stevens Victor M, barber.
Thompson George, carpenter.
Trapp Job T, painter.
Wade Miss Alta, teacher.
Weatherford J H, sheriff.
Weightman T W, grocer.
Wise Henry M, meat market.
Wise Wm J & Son (Wm J and George), furniture.
Worswick Henry, grocer.

OZAWKIE. On the U. P. Ry and on the Delaware river, in Jefferson county, 8 miles west of Oskaloosa, the county seat. Nearest bank at Oskaloosa. Population, 300. Exp., Pacific. Tel., W. U. N. W. Brammell, postmaster.

Abbott House, P P Skidmore propr.
Brammell N W, general store and hardware.
Haberlein E, general store.
Hanson C, shoemaker.
Holler, Priddy & Co, druggists.
Johnson B W, barber.
Johnson D W, blacksmith.
Marker A, grocer.
Metzger F , carpenter and saw mill.
Miner James, wagonmaker.
Morris Joseph, livery.
Parsons L C, railroad, exp and tel agt.
Priderbaugh A, physician.
Quiett Bros, harnessmakers.
Quiett F N, grocer.
Skidmore P , propr Abbott House.
Statler James A, drugs.
Steffey S H, live stock.
Stewart John, general store.
Tucker Dr J C, justice of peace.
Werst J C, stone mason.
Wieland Thomas, furniture.
Willson, Griffitts & Co, flour mill.

ROCK CREEK. On the A., T. & S. Fe R. R., in Jefferson county, 15 miles west of Oskaloosa, the county seat. Bank at Meriden, 5 miles distant. Population, 125. Exp., W., F. & Co. Tel., W. U.

Coffey Mrs James E, general store.
Coffey John C, hardware.
Crumpton & Gibb, druggists.
Grist Wm, live stock.
Hunter C S, hay.
Newman & Keener, blacksmiths.
Owen & Son, general store.
Shaw Mrs S J, hotel

PERRY. The postoffice at Perryville, a station on the U. P. Ry, in Jefferson county, 16 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat, and 18 from Lawrence. Has a bank. Population, 500. Tel., W. U. Exp., Pacific. S. R. Brann, postmaster.

Bailey Howard, dry goods and groceries.
Bank of Perry (capital, $10,000), J F Goepfert pres, J Raines cash.
Bouton James, livery.
Bouton L H, druggist.
Browning S, barber.
Burns P, physician.
Douglass Joseph, furniture.
Flagg E D, physician.
Geopfert & Whittley. live stock.
Gilfillin John, flour and feed.
Grinter Susa, music teacher.
Haynes R E, railroad and exp agent.
Haynes R P, lawyer.
Hoffman C R, lumber.
Kirby T 0, propr Stark House.
Larimer H , carpenter.
Leach Frank, carpenter.
Lee Thomas, farm implements and hardware.
Lynn T, stone contractor.
Madison M W, barber.
Perry Opera House, L E Merritt mngr.
Poehler T, grain elevator.
Schell F M, coal.
Sharp Dr, grocer.
Spangler W, justice of peace.
Spangler W H, druggist.
Stark M, lumber.
Stark House, T C Kirby propr.
Surber D, physician.
Swan Charles, carpenter.
Taylor Millard, carpenter.
Thompson J H, stone contractor.
Walker A, harnessmaker.

VALLEY FALLS. An enterprising and prosperous incorporated city, located on the Delaware river, on the A., T. & S. Fe R. R., on the U. P. Ry, and on the K. C., W. & N. W. R. R., in Delaware township, northwestern part of Jefierson county, 16 miles northwest of Oskaloosa, the county seat, 26 from Atchlson, 25 from Topeka, 35 from Leavenworth and 61 from Kansas City, Mo. It was first settled in 1854, is surrounded by a thickly settled and prosperous farming section, and now contains Baptist, United Presbyterian, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Christian and Congregational churches, good public schools, flouring mills, a large elevator, first-class hotels, 8 banks and numerous well stocked special and general stores, etc., 2 weekly newspapers, the New Era and the Farmers’ Vindicator, are published. The shipments comprise grain, flour, live stock, wool and produce. Water works and electric lights. Tel., W. U. Exp., Pacific and W. F. & Co. Population, 1,000. Louis M. Tutt, postmaster.

Aitken Thomas K, dentist.
Beightle John L, gunsmith.
Beland John, justice of peace.
Benedix Ernest W, general store.
Bly T H, physician.
Booth & Frazier (Wm T Booth, Americus Frazier), lumber.
Bridge J H, blacksmith.
Brooks Charles, painter.
Burnett Luther, druggist.
Carver Daniel G. live stock and agt K C, W & N W R R.
Cassaday Wm J , furniture.
Cataract Hotel, James J Gardiner propr.
City Hotel, Reuben Witcher propr.
Clark Rev (Baptist).
Conser Henry G, restaurant.
Cook Fon, livery.
Cook Rev O L (Christian).
Cowan A M & N W (Austin M and N Wilson), physicians.
Cowan Miss Cora, teacher.
Coy Hutchins & Co (Wm A Coy, Wm E Hutchins, Charles H Simms), clothing.
Davis J H, leader Valley Falls Cornet Band.
Delaware Bank (capital, $10,000), J M Piazzeck pres, D Butts cash.
De Loran Frank, barber.
Diehl Mrs Frederick, blacksmith.
Doolittle & Co (Henry M Doolittle), hardware.
Dornblaser John M, grocer.
Dort & Farrar (H M Dort, James Farrar), live stock.
Durham A, confectioner.
Durham Mrs A, milllner.
England George W, physician.
Evans Eli, shoes.
Evans Frank J, railroad and exp agt.
Evans Joseph, grocer.
Farmers’ Vindicator, N H Harman propr.
Frazier John, coal.
Gardiner James J, propr Cataract Hotel and live stock.
Gephart Dr Jesse T B, tile mnfr.
Gillman Dr C H, dentist.
Goesy A Louis, shoemaker.
Gragg Frank, veterinary surgeon.
Greenbaum Solomon, dry goods.
Haire Rev Wm C (Congregational).
Hamble P J & C B, lawyers.
Harman Addison, livery.
Harman George, justice of peace.
Harman Noah, live stock, 5 miles w.
Harman N H, propr Farmers’ Vindicator.
Hatfield Thomas H, live stock.
Hauck Bros (Charles and Louis), grocers.
Herst J M, meat market.
Hicks, Gephart & Co (Jesse T B Gephart), bankers.
Hillyer House R D Simpson propr; the only first-class Hotel in town, Broadway.
Hostler Bros, live stock, 7 miles e.
Hughes Elijah, live stock, 1 1/2 miles w.
James Miss Alice, teacher.
Juvenile Cornet Band, Lyle Dort leader.
Karr E P, publr New Era.
Keener Perry, jeweler.
Kendall Alvin , general store.
Knouse John G, harnessmaker.
Knouse Wm F, carpenter.
La Fontain Frank, grocer.
Lawrence Rev James (Methodist).
Legler Henry, flour mill.
Legler Mell, county treasurer.
Longstrom John, blacksmith.
Lord & Nachand(Thomas C Lord, Ozias S Nachand) carpenters, contractors and builders.
Loss Paul, tailor.
Lowman Jacob, barber.
McCartney Miss Jessie, teacher.
McCartney Robert K (established 1869), notary, real estate, insurance and loans.
McCoy Henry, baker.
McCoy Jacob H, baker.
McCoy Wm B, photographer.
McCoy W H C, live stock.
Marks Millard F, physician.
Marsh Thomas, plasterer.
Marsh Wm, harnessmaker.
Michael Rev Father (Catholic).
Mitchell J R & Son (James R and U S), meats and live stock.
Mitchell Truman, cooper.
Moyer & Co (Edward Moyer, Caius C and Thomas C Lord), bridge bldrs.
Murray Mrs Angeline, milliner.
Myers Louis A, district judge.
Myers Miss Maud, teacher.
Nachand Ozias S, restaurant and confectionery; patronage solicited.
Nation J W, prin schools.
Newman Vincent P, blacksmith.
Nolker Herman F, mngr Turner Hall.
Northrup Lorenzo, physician.
Nutting David C, grocer.
Octagon Hotel, D Smith propr.
Paxton & Paxton (Daniel P and Thomas), dry goods.
Piazzeck De Forest F, woolen and flour mill.
Piazzeck Joseph M, grain elevator.
Potter Ethel M, milliner.
Ratz John, shoemaker.
Reppert & Watson (Benjamin B Reppert, Charles H Watson), grocers.
Rose Mrs Lua G, artist.
Rose W C, nursery.
Russell A M, jeweler.
Schaeffer I B, grocer.
Schellberg Hubert, jeweler.
Schmitt Lawrence, hardware.
Schuler Herman J, furniture.
Schumacher Jacob, blacksmith.
Shaffer F C, cigar mnfr.
Simpson Richard D, Propr Hillyer House.
Smith David (col’d), propr Octagon Hotel.
Stockwell Allen. city marshal.
Springfield Mrs Anna, music teacher.
Summerfeld Ernest, hardware.
Swallow Frank, physician.
Swiler Dr John O, druggist.
Tischhauser Paul, general store.
Townsend E K, lawyer.
Turner Hall, H R Nolker mngr.
Tutt Louis M, postmaster.
Umberger Rev J B (Lutheran).
Valley Falls Bank of Deposit (capital, $15,000), Alvin D Kendall propr, M V Ward cash.
Valley Falls Cornet Band, J H Davis leader.
Valley Falls Electric Light Co, D F F Piazzeck mngr.
Valley Falls New Era, E P Karr publr.
Webster & Son (Isaac C and B), live stock, 6 miles w.
Witcher Reuben, City Hotel.
Young Joseph R. coal and grocer.

WINCHESTER. On the U. P. Ry, in Jefferson county, 10 miles north of Oskaloosa, the judicial seat. Has 4 churches, a bank and a weekly newspaper. Population, 600. Exp., Pacific. Tel., W. U. A. V. Barns, postmaster.

Angleman Rev George (Methodist).
Bank of Winchester (capital, $50,000),
W Farris pres, Freeman Elmore cash.
Barns Aaron V, General Store.
Barns Robert, grocer.
Blush & Varner, painters.
Carley J O R, physician.
Carson John, live stock breeder.
Central Hotel, Mrs E Low propr.
Clark Wm A, general store.
Coulter Rev David H (Presbyterian).
Coulter James M, dentist.
Dickinson Millard R, agent K C div U P Ry.
Everett W E, confectioner.
Everett & Coulter (N W Everett, Joseph Coulter), hardware.
Forsythe Miss Susan I, dressmaker.
French T E, blacksmith. ‘
Gardiner E F, confectioner.
Goff Romanzo W, general store.
Hinchman Cary, nursery.
Hinchman Ollie, milliner.
Howard L G, barber.
Hutchins Rev E B (Baptist).
Irwin Hall, John Irwin propr.
Irwin J W, furniture.
Kirkpatrick Frank, druggist.
Lemon John D, druggist.
Lemon Wm H, physician.
Low Mrs E, propr Central Hotel.
Ludwig Frank M, photographer.
McClure Reuben, insurance.
McConnell Charles, carpenter.
McDavis E, barber.
McDermond Alexander L, harnessmkr
McDermond John T, blacksmith.
McKemey & Wilhelm (Wm McKemey, John H Wilhelm), hardware.
Martin W G, Physician.
Moore Rev W S (Christian).
Morrison & Co (R M Morrison, John D Lemon), general store.
O'Neill & Hines, live stock.
Reynolds John A, lumber.
Royer & Sons (Jacob B, Charles G and Frank B), carpenters.
Talket Harrison, blacksmith.
Wallace R B, grain elevator.
Weatherford & Sons (Wm S, John H and Wm F), general store.
Wert E, livery.
Wert Joseph M, meats.
Wilkinson Wm D, plasterer.
Willson T J, shoemaker.
Wilson & Chestnut (Mattie Wilson, Maggie Chestnut), milliners.
Wilt Prof Andrew J, teacher.
Witt Ira B, music teacher.
Worswick Prof Wm 0, teacher.
Yeck George W, meats.

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