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Jefferson County Directories
1878 Kansas State Gazetteer and Business Directory
Published by R. L. Polk & Company, Chicago.

Towns, postoffices and settlements within Jefferson County, 1878, some with brief business directories.

BOYLE--A postoffice in the northern part of Jefferson county, 10 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat. It is on the Kansas Central Ry, 31 miles from Leavenworth. Distance from Topeka, 31 miles, via Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Ry. Shipments, grain and live stock. Express, Adams. Daily mail. John Boyle, postmaster.

BUCK CREEK--A station on the Kansas Pacific Ry, in the southeast corner of Jefferson county, 22 miles from Topeka.

CHESTER--A hamlet located on Mud creek, in the southeastern part of Jefferson county, 12 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat, and 5 from Buck Creek, on the Kansas Pacific Ry., the nearest station. Stage to Oskaloosa and Lawrence. Weekly mail. J. H. Roberts, postmaster.

DIMON--A village located at the head waters of Wild Horse Creek, in the eastern part of Jefferson County, 9 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat, 9 from Tonganoxie, on the Kansas Pacific Ry, the nearest shipping point, and 30 by rail from Leavenworth. Semi-weekly mail. Settled 1870. Population, 40. E. U. Bond, postmaster.

Bond, E U, general store.
Cain J R, wagonmaker.
Davis Syvester, general store.
Foust William, blacksmith.
Hyman George, blacksmith.
Pearson I, physician.

GRANTVILLE--A station on the Kansas Pacific Ry, and settlement formed in 1867, on the Kansas River, in the southwest corner of Jefferson County, 20 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat, 7 from Topeka, and 60 from Kansas City, Mo. Principal exports, corn. Telegraph, Western Union. Express, K. P. Ry, United States and Adams. Daily mail. Population, 150. J. M. Chrisman, postmaster.

Briggs Rev L C, (Methodist).
Chrisman & Tyler, general store.
Colvin J H, justice of the peace.
Colvin & Mendenhall, grocers.
Gray Rev, (Methodist).
Jones J H, lawyer.
Rushmore G H, justice of the peace and express agent.
Tyler J, hotel proprietor.
Wright Silas, shoemaker.

GRASSHOPPER FALLS--Jefferson County. (See Valley Falls).

GROVE CITY--The postoffice for a small settlement formed in 1857, and located in the eastern part of Jefferson County, 8 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat, 7 from Winchester, on the Kansas Central Ry, the nearest shipping point, and 36 from Topeka. It contains a Baptist church and district school, and ships wheat and pork. Mail 4 times per week. Isaac H. Fowler, postmaster.

HALF MOUND--A station on the Kansas Central Ry, located in the northwestern part of Jefferson County, 5 miles from Valley Falls and 30 from Topeka.

MEDINA--A station on the Kansas Pacific Ry, located in the southern part of Jefferson County, 14 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat, 15 from Topeka, and 52 from Kansas City, Mo. The first settlement was make in 1866. Shipments principally grain and live stock. Express, K. P. Ry. Daily mail. Population 60. E. R. Haynes, postmaster.

Barn & Haynes, general store and grain.
Epps J T, wagonmaker.
Haynes E R, express and railroad agent.
Kunkel J P, blacksmith.
Thomas E R, hotel and drugs.
Thompson & Brown, flour mill.
Walsh John, general store and grain.

MERIDEN--A station on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe R. R., located in the western part of Jefferson County, 16 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat, and 12 from Topeka. It contains a Methodist Episcopal church and district school, and ships grain and live stock. Telegraph, Western Union. Express, Adams. Daily mail. Settled, 1874. Population, 70. M. S. Peterson, postmaster.

Chubb Jacob, builder.
Dawson A, physician.
England G N, physician.
Hoffman Rev G, (United Brethren).
McCarty J W, blacksmith.
McNabb Rev R L, (Methodist).
Palmer James, blacksmith.
Parks Joseph, general store.
Peterson M S, drugs, grain and notary public.
Silvers G, lawyer.
Sperry George C, station and express agent.
Wipp & Bonney, general store.

NEWMAN--A station on the Kansas Pacific Ry, in the southwestern part of Jefferson County, 13 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat, and 17 west of Lawrence. It has a daily mail.

NICHOLS--A station on the A., T. & S. F. R. R., in northern part of Jefferson County, 6 miles north of Valley Falls, and 17 from Oskaloosa, the county seat.

NORTONVILLE--A station on the A., T. & S. F. R. R., located in the extreme north of Jefferson County, 16 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat, and 35 from Topeka. It contains 3 churches--Presbyterian, United Presbyterian and Methodist--a district school and 2 hotels. Hay, grain, livestock and potatoes are the principal exports. Telegraph, Western Union. Express, American. Daily mail. Settled 1873. Population, 250. John Taggart, postmaster.

Andrews C W, lawyer and real estate agent.
Birdsell J C, physician.
Brown J B, land agent.
Cook E, horse trainer.
Davis & Babcock, hay press and dealers in hay.
Decker G, wagon and carriagemaker.
Dorr D F K, hotel.
Griffin & Co, grocers.
Haines J C, wagonmaker.
Kennedy W J, station and express agent.
Layson Wm L, lumber, lath and shingles.
McIntire & Layson, general store and lumber.
Orr Miss C, milliner and dressmaker.
Payne B F, blacksmith.
Pontins H P, banker and justice of the peace.
Pontins & McKenney, produce.
Richerter & Sons, hay press and dealers in hay.
Sankey J A, plasterer.
Sprague A N, physician.
Sprague A W, hay press and dealer in hay.
Sprague H C, drugs and oils.
Sprague W H, hay press and dealer in hay.
Taggart John, agent for town lots.
Webb R D, physician and druggist.
Young, W I, painter.

OSAWKIE--Jefferson County. (See Ozawkie).

OSKALOOSA--The seat of Jefferson County is a flourishing place of 800 inhabitants, containing a number of good business house, but no mills or manufacturies, though 3 hotels and 2 newspapers speak well for its enterprise. It also supports 4 attorneys at law, 4 physicians, 5 churches--Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, colored Methodist and Baptist, and a district school. It is situated in the central part of the county, 24 miles from Topeka and 9 from Winchester and Perry. Mail, daily. W. R. Price, postmaster.

Balsley J W, physician.
Beesenbark L F, hardware and agricultural implements.
Buckmaster W H, physician.
Bennett J H, lawyer.
Bliss J F, Frontier House.
Bloomer & Deming, livery.
Boucher Rev W A, (Methodist).
Buck & Co, druggist.
Cooper S S, Jefferson House.
Coy J B, livery.
Coy W A, druggist.
Crooks J, jeweler.
Crutchfield Terry, general store.
Davis G, furniture.
Deibert R H, grocer
Fairchild A F, blacksmith.
Fairhoen I H, Central Hotel.
Fuller H N, harnessmaker.
Hamilton W A, general store.
Hogeboom G W, physician.
Jenning Rev J O, (Presbyterian).
Johnson F M, banker.
Keeler & Gebhart, lawyers.
Kline D H, general store.
Lowman G W, physician.
McClellan & Cooper, general store.
McComber H D, harnessmaker.
Miles J H, blacksmith.
Morse & Foster, lawyers.
Noble T H, grocer.
Potter Ethel M, milliner.
Price Rev L D, (Methodist).
Roberts C W, furniture.
Roberts J W & F H, editors Independent.
Rosenbrook L F, hardware.
Smith D M, books and stationery.
Taylor Henry, banker.
Tedrick J K, boots and shoes.
Williams J L, lawyer.
Williams & Wilson, editors Sickle and Sheaf.

OZAWKIE--Sometimes spelled Osawkie, is a place of 250 inhabitants, and has been settled since 1854. Geographically, it is located near the centre of Jefferson County, 8 miles from Oskaloosa court house, and 5 from Rock Creek station, its nearest shipping point, although goods may also be shipped via Valley Falls. For a place of its size it supports more than the average number of churches and schools, there being a Dunkard, Methodist and Adventist churches, and a district school, with two departments. A flour mill operated by the fine water power of the Delaware is the only manufacturing interest. Shipments, corn and live stock. Stage communication with Oskaloosa and Rock Creek tri-weekly, carrying the mail. E. W. Metzger, postmaster.

Brown J N & Son, general store.
Cole S S, hotel.
Coleman A G, lawyer.
Dail M, flouring mill.
Hartzell J D, plasterer.
Holles Bros, druggists.
Johnson D O, blacksmith.
Metzger E W, general store.
Miner James, wagonmaker.
Mott & Walmer, blacksmiths and wagonmakers.
Page H, physician.
Puderbaugh A, physician.
Walmer Mrs Jennie, photographer.

PERRY--On the Delaware River and Kansas Pacific Ry., is an incorporated city of 500 inhabitants first settled in 1865. It is located in the southern part of Jefferson County, 15 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat, and 16 from Topeka. It contains a grain elevator, Presbyterian church, 2 public schools, and 1 hotel. The shipments are principally grain, live stock and wood. Telegraph, Western Union. Express, Kansas Pacific Ry. Stage to Oskaloosa. Daily mail. A. X. Gratigny, postmaster.

Adams & Spurlock, dealers in live stock.
Bouton L T, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
Britt J, butcher.
Douglass Joseph, cabinetmaker.
Francis H D, boots and shoes.
Gratigny Carson & Taylor, general store.
Gratigny, A F, druggist.
Gray Rev G T, (Methodist).
Ham James W, express and railroad agent.
Harwood G W, carpenter.
Hetzel O, harnessmaker and physician.
James W R, butcher and hotel.
Latshaw J & Co, grain and agrl implements.
Leamer Wm, general store.
McCall J, saloon.
McMurray J, physician.
Marwood G W, carpenter and joiner.
Murry Rev A G, (Methodist Episcopal).
Newal J, wagonmaker.
Roberts & Adams, nurserymen.
Rorick David, insurance agent.
Smith J R, principal of high school.
Stark Nathan, lumber and grain.
Stark & James, livery.
Surber D, physician.
Surber & Spangler, druggists.
Trumbull S J & Co, grain, agrl implements and elevator.
Wood J N O, physician and hotel.

PLUM CREEK--A postoffice and place of little note in Rural township, in the southeastern part of Jefferson County. Williamstown or Williamsville, on the Kansas Pacific Ry, lies 7 miles south.

PRAIRIE VIEW--A hamlet 3 miles east from Chester in Union township, southeastern part of Jefferson County, about 8 miles distant from Tonganoxie, the nearest railroad point, and 15 miles from Leavenworth.

ROCK CREEK--A locality in the township of the same name, in the central western part of Jefferson County. It is on the line of the A., T. & S. F. R. R.

RURAL--Better known as Williamsville, or Williamstown, the name of the station on the Kansas Pacific Ry., a small village settled in 1866, and located in the southeastern part of Jefferson County, 12 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat, and 18 from Topeka. It contains a steam saw mill, Methodist church and public school. Principal export, grain. Express, Kansas Pacific Ry. Daily mail. Population, 50. J. M. Cotton, postmaster.

Cotton J M, general store and railroad agent.
Jackson Rev L F, (Methodist).
Jones Mrs E, general store.
Jones J M, grain.

SCOTT--A small station on the Kansas Central Ry., in Jefferson township, northeast quarter of Jefferson County.

SCOTLAND--Jefferson County. (See Scott).

VALLEY FALLS--A city of 1000 or more inhabitants, 25 miles north of Topeka, in Delaware township, in the northwestern part of Jefferson County. It is a railroad center, the A., T. & S. F. R. R.'s forming a junction there. The waer power of the Delaware river is now utilized by three flouring mills, a woolen factory and an elevator. First settled in 1854, and therefore one of the oldest settlements in the state. Its exports are flour, woolen goods, wheat, cattle and hogs. Churches, Congregational, Methodist, Baptist and Catholic denominations. It contains also a union school, a weekly paper, the New Era, 3 hotels and a bank. Telegraph, Western Union. Express, Adams and United States. Mail, 4 times daily. Justin Hillyear, postmaster.

Aitken Thomas K, dentist.
Beland & Post, hardware.
Benedict & Bishop, bakers.
Best & Beland, drugs and books.
Bishop & Painter, saloon.
Black Peter, saloon
Bliss C F & Co, hardware and lumber.
Bounds Mrs M D, milliner.
Butts Wm C, agent A T & S F R R, Kansas Central, Adams and U S Exp Co.
Clark William, justice of the peace.
Colter S P, furniture.
Colvin L L, hotel.
Cowan Austin M, physician.
Coy Henry A, druggist.
Crosby & Kendall, general store.
Crotzer Miss C & Co, milliners.
Dunn Stephen H, blacksmith.
Fisher Mrs Lucelia A, bakery.
Fraizer Americus, grocer.
Friend Isaac, General Store.
Gallison Daniel Y, furniture and undertaker.
Gephart Jesse T B, physician.
Gillman Charles H, dentist.
Gish J B, physician.
Hicks William F, lumber.
Hicks, Gephart & Co, bankers.
Hutchins Edward M, livery stable.
Lafontaine Francis, hotel.
Legler Henry, ?ouring mill.
Legler Melcher, grocer.
Levi George, Barber.
Lord & Whedon, boots and shoes.
Lutt Louis, grocer.
McCammon George W, lawyer.
McCartney Mrs R K, milliner.
McCartney Robert K, insurance agent.
McDaniel S A, druggist.
McGinnis Wm M, tailor.
Mitchell J R, meat market.
Mayer Edward, hardware.
Myers Louis A, lawyer.
Newman V P, blacksmith.
Nolker Herman F, saloon.
Parker N E. grain dealer.
Patrick A G, publr Valley Falls New Era.
Piazzek Joseph M, ?ouring and woolen mill.
Ready John, harness maker.
Riddle R, hotel.
Risch Conrad, baker.
Saaler & Jorgenson, boots and shoes.
Schellberg Hubert, jeweler.
Schuhmacher Jacob, blacksmith and carriagemaker.
Shellabarger George G, photographer.
Simpson Richard D, real estate.
Smith Calvin, justice of the peace.
Steffens William, saloon.
Strickland E B & Co, general store.
Valley Bank and Savings Institution, M P Evans, cashr.
Valley Falls Elevator Co, grain dealers.
Weiser Daniel, constable.
Winterburg John J, harnessmaker.

WILLIAMSTOWN--Jefferson County. (See Rural.)

WILLIAMSVILLE--Jefferson County. (See Rural.)

WINCHESTER--A village of 300 inhabitants, in Jefferson township, in the northeastern part of Jefferson County, 10 miles north of Oskaloosa, the county seat, 15 east of Leavenworth, and 10 east of Valley Falls. It is a station on the Kansas Central Narrow Gauge railroad, situated in a rich and productive farming country, especially adapted to the growing of wheat. Winchester has 1 Methodist, 1 Christian and 2 Presbyterian churches, and a weekly newspaper, the Winchester Argus; also, 2 hotels. A stage leaves here for Oskaloosa and southern points daily. Mail, 4 times daily. United States Express have an agency here. The shipping products annually increase, and consist of wheat, corn, stock, hogs and farm products generally. Levi Wilhelm, postmaster.

Adams Charles J, station and express agent.
Adams John D, carpenter.
Ashwood James H, shoemaker.
Bailiff Rev E H, clergyman.
Barnes Aaron V, drugs and groceries.
Bates Dr Daniel M, druggist.
Boten John, wagonmaker.
Brown William H, blacksmith.
Carithers Misses, milliners.
Coult Rev D H.
Craig Daniel M, physician.
Davis Joseph C. furniture.
Evans Walter, propr Henry House.
Friend & Deutch, general store.
Fulton J F, justice of the peace.
Fulton & O’Neil, agricultural implements.
Gardner Thomas, propr Winchester Argus.
Gorham John A. general store.
Graham Edward, constable.
Griest David J, lumber.
House Henry C, livery.
Kirkpatrick Henry C, druggist.
Lackey R E, teacher.
Lemon William H, physician.
McCoy George, saddles and harness.
McHann Rev J S.
Smith David, propr Winchester Hotel and stock dealer.
Tilliston D G, school teacher.
Trouer Samuel, physician.
Varner E, painter.
Walls George R, barber.
Wilhelm Levi, general store.

WOODSTOCK--A hamlet consisting of about a dozen families, settled in 1865, and located on Mud Creek, in the southeastern part of Jefferson county, 8 miles from Oskaloosa, the county seat, 9 from Tonganoxie, on the Kansas Pacific Ry., the nearest station, and about about 30 by wagon road from Topeka. Semi-weekly mail-Friday and Saturday. J. W. Rogers, assistant postmaster.

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