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    This site is dedicated to the genealogy and history of Zsedeny, Newell and related families. We would be pleased to hear from any of the related family members and to add their remembrances and data. The family owes Steve Zedney a debt of gratitude for unearthing so much of our history from census, church and newspaper records. Steve contributed the Gedcom and his newspaper extracts for this site from his extensive research over the past year or so. Needless to say, the search continues for some family members and thus this site will certainly change over the next months . However, we feel it is time to get started on the project and just let it evolve as new data comes to light and new ideas emerge for improving the site. Please bring any errors, suspected errors or new ideas for the site to the attention of Garnett Zsedeny. For genealogy errors, questions or additions contact Steve Zedney. The plan for the site is to use a combination of ahnentafel charts, which readily convey a great deal of information and Ged2WWW which more concisely presents the data in several forms, along with our remembrances.

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