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Family Registries:
Koseki Touhon and Koseki Shouhon

The purpose of this page is to collect and offer information about the best way of obtaining copies of family registry records from Japan. Visitors to this page who have successfully obtained copies of their registries from Japan, as well as those who are in the process of trying to obtain copies of their records, are invited to submit tips, exchange information, and post their experiences.

The Posting Page is a collection of advice and experiences culled from fellow researchers about how to obtain copies of family registries from Japan! Your input is welcomed!

Stuart Terashita's Japanese-American Genealogy Home Page: A great page bursting with information about Japanese genealogy including the history and details of koseki! Thanks for sharing your knowledge Stuart!

What, basically, are koseki?
Do I really want or need a copy of this thing and why?

How do you read registries?
What are the forms' basic layouts?

Huh?! Some of this record is handwritten!
And in Japanese!

How can I obtain my family's koseki touhon or koseki shouhon registry?
What are my options and what's the best method?

Are there koseki regulations?
Why am I having trouble getting a copy of the registry?

Can I ask someone to collect my family registry for me?
Wouldn't that be the easiest way?

Any other sources for family records?
Aren't there temples, shrines, or churches that maintain family records?

Why are these records considered so private?
The records are public information, aren't they?

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