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Lewis H. Evans


  • Born: 11 April 1846
  • Died: 15 March 1900
  • Father: Amos Evans
  • Mother: Catherine Keeley


Weekly Advocate, March 17, 1900


Lewis H. Evans Succumbed to Exposure While Lying in a Helpless Condition
The Unfortunate Man was on His Way Home When He Fell in Rowan's Alley and Slowly Froze to Death - His Body Found by James D. Hipple Early Yesterday Morning.

While on his way home from a lodge meeting at 1 o'clock yesterday morning, James D. Hippple almost stumbed over the prostrate body of a man in Rowan's alley, near Washington street. Mr. Hipple lives at No. 416 Walnut street, and to shorten the distance to his home he made a short cut through the alley. He did not recognize the figure that was lying in the alley, about twenty feet from Washington street, and wrapping his overcoat about the man he went back to High street to summon assistance.

He met Officer Hamilton and Special Dearolf, and the trio hastened back to Rowan's alley. Officer Hamilton made a hasty examination of the man and pronounced him dead. Dr. S. B. Swavely was summoned hastily. Officers Hamilton and Dearolf recognized the man as Lewis H. Evans, of No. 447 Beech street, who has followed the business of carting for some years.

On the arrival of Dr. Swavely he also said the man was dead. There was a slight cut above the right eye, no doubt caused by the man's fall upon the ground, but the doctor pronounced his death as due to heart failure and exposure. Mr. Evans had last been seen going up Washington street in the direction of his home, shortly after 11 o'clock on Wednesday night. The supposition is that he turned into Rowan's alley and in the darkness had fallen. He remained lying in the alley, thinly clad, for probably two hours before being discovered. He had been absent from home all day Wednesday.

Magistrate C. G. Bair was notified and empanelled the following jury of inquest: Jeremiah Gilbert, James D. Hipple, Dr. S. B. Swavely, Edward Freas, Officers Ed. Hamilton and Thos. Dearolf. They viewed the body after which it was removed to the Evans' home, No. 447 Beech street.

The deceased was a son of the late Amos and Catherine Evans, and was aged 53 years, 11 months and 4 days. His wife Elizabeth, and four children survive - Annie, wife of William Wentzel, of Pottstown, and Charles, Blanche, and Eva, living at home. His brothers and sisters are - Dr. Amos K. Evans, Pottstown Landing; John and William, farmers, of North Coventry, and Harriet, widow of Abner Scheffey, Pottstown Landing.

[The remainding paragraphs of the article deal with the inquest.]

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