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Benjamin Franklin Evans


  • Born: about 1840
  • Died: 19 April 1870
  • Father: Jesse Brooke Evans
  • Mother: Mary Ann Souther


Montgomery Ledger, April 26, 1870

Sad Case of Drowning -

On Tuesday last, B. Franklin Evans, an unmarried man, aged about 33 years, who had his home with his mother, on the south bank of the Schuylkill river, North Coventry township, Chester co., met his death by drowning. It seems the deceased, in company with a nephew, who is quite a child yet, was engaged on the above morning in taking drift wood from the river, a short distance from his residence. About 9 o'clock several persons who were at work near by, were attracted to the spot by the cries of the child, who said his uncle had fallen into the stream and floated out of sight. - That is all that is known about the affair, except that he was seen in that locality a short time previously by persons in the neighborhood. From the fact that Evans has been subject to epilepsy, for several years, the general opinion is that while standing on the bank of the stream, which at this point is pretty high, he was taken with a fit, and falling forward was precipitated into the waters beneath. It is further conjectured that feeling faint and anticipating an attack from his old complaint he had endeavored to get away from the river's brink, and had only time to reach the top of the declivity when the fit came upon him.

Although every possible effort was made to recover the body of the deceased, it was not found, owing to the high water, until Sunday afternoon, when it was noticed floating on the Chester side of the river, near the shore, a short distance below the Madison bridge. The remains were taken home, and the funeral will take place to day, at 9 o'clock, to proceed to Limerick Church.

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