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Alvin F. Dilliplane's Letter

This letter was written by Alvin Dilliplane to his Mother, Rachel Boughter Dilliplane. He was a private in Company A, 111 Infantry, serving in WWI in France. He was killed in action on September 7, 1918, a couple of weeks after he wrote this letter.

Somewhere in France, Aug. 18, 1918
Dear Mother,

A few lines to let you know I am well and safe, and hope you are all the same. I have not received a letter from you since I am over here, but have dropped a couple of letters to you and hope you have received them.

We have just come out of action and are going back for a rest. We were in a big battle a couple of days ago and we gave those Germans hell. They are still on the run. It sure was exciting as we went over the top one morning into no man's land after the Germans, and had a stiff fight for a day or more.

They got more than one of our boys, but we made up for them, as we sure did knock off a bunch of those dirty Huns. There are some Pottstown boys among the dead and wounded, but I came out of it without a scratch. I sure was lucky... if you showed your head you were a dead one. But most of us kept well under cover.

We captured a few Germans and they said that they did not have many more men left, as we had knocked most of them off.

The Huns show no mercy. They had this town we were in for nearly four years, and when we drove them out, they broke an old woman's fingers before they left; after she had waited on them all that time, and the worst part of it was, she could hardly help herself as she was 70 years old. When we got relieved, we took her along back with us, and she was sure glad.

I suppose you have read Paul Binder's letters to The News. He had one of them how they treated the French people. Well, it is all true, Mother. As those dirty rotten Germans don't stop at anything. Mother, I have no more use for them since I have been in battle, as I saw more than one of my best pals fall on the field.

I guess I have told you nearly all I can for this time. Hoping to hear from you soon.

With love and best wishes,

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