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Mary Ann Sassman was the daughter of William G. Sassaman and Emma Bechtel. She was born in June of 1897, probably in West Pottsgrove, Montgomery County, PA. Her siblings were Elsie Mest, Harry, Albert Leon (who resided in Birmingham, Alabama), Lottie Frech, Leonard, Martha VanBuskirk, Lloyd, Bessie Evans, Dorothy Weiss, and Pearl Magliochetti.

Mary Ann married W. Leonard Dilliplane in Elkton, MD in 1918. She worked as a dietician/cook at the Pottstown Hospital. She had three sons. She died in 1953, at the age of 56.

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Paternal Ancestors of Mary Ann Sassaman

The immigrant Sassaman ancestor of Mary Ann, was Hermanus Sassamanhausen. He was born in Germany and immigrated to America in 1738 aboard the ship St. Andrew. His first wife was Anna Maria Beyer, daughter of John Philip Beyer and Maria Elizabeth Beck. They had at least one daughter, Magdalena, before Anna Maria died in 1746. In 1748, Hermanus married Maria Amalina Spiess. The marriage was recorded at the German Reformed Church in Philadelphia. Later records (including the will and some of baptism records) show his wife's name as Maria Magdalena. At this point I am not sure if Maria Amalina and Maria Magdalena are the same person. In 1771, Hermanus and his wife (Magdalena) had twins sons Henry and Andrew. Hermanus died in 1780, when the twins were about 9 years old.

In 1798, the twin Andrew Sassaman (by now the name had been shortened) married Maria Ritter, daughter of Matthias Ritter and Anna Maria Hallman. Interestly, his twin brother Henry married Maria's sister Sarah and his older brother John married Susanna, yet a third Ritter sister. Maria and Andrew lived in Colebrookedale, Berks County, where Andrew died in 1825. Among the children of Andrew and Maria was a son Andrew, Jr. He married Lydia Moser, daughter of Henry and Catherine Moser. Lydia and Andrew had at least 9 children. In 1861, at the age of 52, he apparently enlisted and served in the Civil War. Lydia died about 1869. Andrew died in 1881 at the age of 72.

Among the children of Andrew and Lydia, was a son Henry, born in 1835. He married Harriet Garber (or Garver) in 1859. They had a family of 8 children. They moved to Kansas sometime between 1875 and 1880. They were living there when Andrew's father died in 1881. They apparently did not stay in Kansas long, as they moved back to Pennsylvania before 1889, which is when their son William married Emma Bechtel.

Maternal Ancestors of Mary Ann Sassaman

The immigrant Bechtel ancestor of Emma, mother of Mary Ann Sassaman, was Johan George. He emigrated from Germany and settled near Amity, Berks County, PA. He married Anna Maria Klingman and they had two children: Catherine and George K. Johan George died in 1748. According to one report, he had returned to Germany to settle his father's estate and died on the return trip. In 1750 his widow married George Schadler. The son George K. Bechtel, who was born in 1744, married Hannah Yocum. Among their children was George Y. Bechtel, who was born in 1770. In 1792, he married Hannah (or Johanna) Swinehart, daughter of Johannes Swinehart and Johanna Reichard. Among their children was George S. Bechtel, born 1795.

In 1816, George S. Bechtel married Catherine Levengood. She was born in 1799, the daughter of John Levengood and Catherine Becker. Her paternal grandparents were Jacob Levengood and Christina Brand. Her maternal grandparents were John Becker and Catherine Levengood. Grandmother Catherine was the daughter of Peter Levengood. Peter and Jacob Levengood were brothers who emigrated from Switerland with their father Ulrich in 1733.

George S. Bechtel died in 1864 and his wife Catherine in 1859. Ten children were named in George's will, including Augustus L. Bechtel, who was born in 1832. Augustus was engineer at the Warwick Iron Company. He also served as a school director. He and his wife Catherine Bucher resided in Stowe. Catherine Bucher, who was born in 1836, was the daughter of Henry Bucher and Hannah Moser. Her paternal grandparents were Sebastian Bucher and Hannah Becker, Hannah being another daughter of John Becker and Catherine Levengood named above. Sebastian Bucher was the son of Sebastian Bucher Sr. and Elizabeth Keeley. Hannah Moser was a daughter of Henry and Catherine Moser and sister to Lydia Moser who married Andrew Sassaman.

Augustus and Catherine were the parents of 12 children. Daughter Emma, who was born in 1870 was the ninth child. In February of 1889, Emma married William G. Sassaman in Camden, NJ. For their honeymoon they visited Baltimore, Washington DC and other places. During their marriage, they resided near Pottstown, in Stowe. Emma died in November of 1922 and William in October of 1926.

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