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Ada Elizabeth Evans was born in North Coventry Township, Chester County, PA, on May 12, 1902. She was the fourth child of Henry Harrison "Harry" Evans and his wife Minnie Shaner. Her older siblings were Cora, Harry and Nellie. Her younger siblings were Herman and Lillian. When she was a young child, the family moved from North Coventry to nearby Pottstown, where they rented a home on Cherry Street.

On September 5, 1923, shortly after her 21st birthday, Ada married Lawrence O. Garner. For a short time they lived in Bethlehem, PA, but then moved back to Pottstown to 1045 Queen Street, where they lived the rest of their lives. Ada and Lawrence had eight children. Their oldest was a daughter Doris, who died when she was 2 months old. They went on to have three sons and four more daughters.

Ada died in 1982, two months shy of her 80th birthday. She had been a widow for over twenty years. She was survived by seven children and eight grandchildren.

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Ada Evans Paternal Ancestors

The immigrant Evans ancestor of Harry, father of Ada, was William Evans. William's grandfather, John Evans, was from Carmarthenshire in Wales. As a reward for performing valuable military service, he received a land grant in Limerick, Ireland and was living there by 1628. He married Ellen DeVerdon. He died in 1632, leaving two sons and three daughters. His younger son was John. This John had three sons, the middle one being William, who immigrated to the American colonies.

William Evans, his wife Ann and young son William, arrived in Philadelphia in 1698 and originally settled in Gwynedd. Shortly thereafter, they moved to Limerick, PA. It is said that Limerick, PA was named after their native homeland in Ireland. The elder William died before 1716, and his wife Ann died in 1720. The children named in Ann's will (which was probated in Philadelphia, PA) were William Jr., Owen, George, Elizabeth and David.

William Evans, Jr. married twice. His second wife was Rachel Roberts. One of their sons was Mordecai Evans. He was born in 1730. Mordecai married Catherine. They built a home in 1763 in Limerick township, PA. The house is still standing. (See recent picture on left.) The children of Mordecai and Catherine were Adna (male), Mary, Ruth, Mordecai Jr., and Catherine.

Mordecai Evans, Jr. married Mary Britton. Their children were Amos, Wilhelmina and Anna. Mordecai Jr. died in 1843 and his wife Mary in 1849. They are buried at Limerick Church Cemetery (a.k.a. St. James Church). Their tombstones, as well as many others in the Evans family, can be viewed at FindAGrave

Amos Evans, son of Mordecai Jr. and Mary, was born in 1803. He married Catherine, daughter of Jacob Keeley and his wife Mary Shimer. Amos and Catherine were the parents of 12 children of which eleven have been identified. Their ninth (possibly tenth) child was John P. Evans. He married Mary, daughter of Abraham and Rebecca (Derr) Newman. John and Mary also had 12 children. Their third child was Henry Harrison Evans, born in 1871. He was the father of Ada Evans Garner.

Ada Evans Maternal Ancestors

The immigrant Shaner ancestor of Minnie, mother of Ada, was Melchior Schoener. He and his wife Anna Maria Geiger and their older children arrived in Philadelphia on Sept 21, 1742 on the ship Francis and Elizabeth. Melchior and Anna Maria settled in New Hanover township in present day Montgomery County, PA. Their children were John, Peter, Daniel, George, Christophel, Catherine, Andrew, David, Anna Maria, and Jacob.

Christophel married Elizabeth Graff. They lived in Colebrookedale township (present day Berks county, PA). Their children were Catherine, William, Magdalena, Christian, Mary, Elizabeth, Samuel and Solomon. Jacob, another son of Melchior, married Anna Barbara. Their children were Anna Maria, John, Elizabeth, Catherine and George.

Solomon, the youngest son of Christophel, married his first cousin Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob. They lived in North Coventry, Chester County, PA. Among their children was a son Daniel. He was a tin smith by trade. He married Mary Ann Hoff, daughter of Richard Hoff and Hannah Garber. Mary Ann's father died when she was very young, and her mother married John Bell. Her mother, Hannah (Garber) Hoff Bell, was the daughter of Conrad Garber and Anna Maria Bechtel.

Daniel Shaner died in 1890 and his wife Mary Ann died in 1892. They and many of their relatives are buried at Shenkel Burial Grounds in North Coventry. Their tombstones can be viewed at FindAGrave .

One of the sons of Daniel and Mary Ann was Enos Shaner. He was a machinist and inventor. He married Adeline E. Miller, daughter of George K. Miller and Mary Ann Evans. Mary Ann Evans was the daughter of Amos and Catherine (Keeley) Evan. Mary Ann Evans was the older sister of John P. Evans who is named above in the section on paternal ancestors.

Minnie (Shaner) Evans, mother of Ada, was the daughter of Enos and Adeline (Miller) Shaner. She married Harry Evans, who was actually her first cousin once removed. In addition to Ada, Minnie and Harry had Cora, Harry Jr., Nellie, Herman and Lillian. Minnie died in 1931 at the age of 63, while working in her garden. Harry died in 1947 at the age of 76. They are buried in Mount Zion Cemetery in North Coventry, along with several of their children.

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