Produced in 1849 by Hugh Godfray, a "Map of The Island of Jersey" on a scale of approximately 4.3 inches
to a mile (1:14,735) shows all roads, lanes, houses and their Proprietors at that date. (With the exception of the
houses in the towns and villages, notably St.Heliers, St.Aubin and Gorey). The map is quite large measuring some 55
x 40 inches, and is available from the Societe Jersiaise.
     Considerable "cultural" changes are shown on the most recent maps of Jersey, notably the urban sprawl of
St.Heliers and in the vicinity of St. Brelade's, and also the addition of the airport in St.Peter's Parish. The "Official
Lesure Map", produced by the Ordinance Survey for the States of Jersey in 1981 on a scale of 1:25,000 (about 2.5
inches to a mile) incorporates a GRID based on the UTM zone 30, Central Meridian 3 Degrees West (International
Spheroid/European Datum). This Grid was arbitrarily imposed on the "Godfray" map as a reference for indexing the


     The monumental two volume work by Joan Stevens "'Old Jersey Houses", (Published by Phillimore,
1965,1980) lists many of the houses shown on the "Godfrey Map". Though some locations cannot be pinpointed
with the data available to the Index compiler, many are indicated as nearly as possible. Reference is made to the
Volume and Page of the work cited. (OJH Vol. & p.)


     Some 2,000 names of House Proprietors are listed in alphabetical order by Parish. In most cases only one
initial is given for an individual, thus there is a certain ambiguity in the nomenclature for a number of individuals
may bear the same name or names starting with the same letter ( i.e. "J " for Jean, John, Joseph, Jacque, James etc),
on the other hand a given individual may be the owner of several houses.
     Reference to the Grid system is for the most part only an indication in which 1 kilometer grid the subject
lies (i.e. where the three digit numerals end in zero). Where possible a more specific location is given in location of
houses cited in "Old Jersey Houses" (OJH, see above)
     Attribution to a Cueillette or Vingtaine is taken from that shown on the "Godfray Map". The referral to
"Village or Area" is more arbitrary, and is drawn from the Ordinance Survey map in part.
     The index comprises over 100 pages of typescript, and is far from a complete reference. It should form a
supplementary source to the study of the 1851 Census. The compiler would be most appreciative of any corrections
or suggested improvements. It should be emphasized the work was done in Calgary, Canada, without the opportunity
of any "Field Checks"!
The index can be found on separate pages, by Parish, by clicking on one of the following.

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