Jamaican Old Queries

Queries: 1997 to Jan - February 1998

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MACLAGAN/REMMINGTON, Any Parish, 1810-1820
Looking for any details of Thomas Maclagan Medical Doctor in Jamaica from 1810-1820, relative of the Archbishop of York Maclagan. George a son born to Thomas and Jessie Remmington a free mulatto in Jamaica in 1820 a brother Alexander born 1810. Tammy ecc1@adelaide.on.net

Gordon, Joseph, St. Andrews, Jamica - c. 1800-1860
I am looking for any information on Joseph Gordon who was a White attorney and Custos Rotulorum of the Parish of Saint Andrews, Jamica. History sources indicate that he was the father of George William Gordon, c 1820-1865, member of Parliament, and a Jamican National Hero. My great-grandfather Jesse Gordon was born February 18, 1849, in Twickenham, Middlesex, England, (near London) the son of a Joseph Gordon and Eliza Maria Barber. A headstone for "Ellis Mac-Intosh Gordon" found in the Oak Lane Cemetery, Twickenham, England, notes that "Ellis" was the son of Joseph Gordon, Custos Rotulorum, St. Andrews, Jamica. Ellis, who died at age 9 in 1847, is believed to have been a student at Aragon House, a school in Twickenham for students from overseas. Was Joseph Gordon of Twickenham, England, the same Joseph Gordon of Saint Andrews. Any information would be welcome. Send information to lgordon@iei.net

BENTLEY, Any Parish, 20th Century
My family name is Bentley. My great grandfather Anderson Bentley was supposedly from Jamaica. He was a Methodist preacher while here in America. He had sons named Robert, Rother, Haven, Lon, Oliver and a daughter named Dosha. The family picks up in Georgia..the Tallapoosa area. I would be grateful for any information anyone can send to me.MeerCat42@aol.com

COTTON, St Catherine, 1785-1810
Seeking information on a James COTTON, loyalist from North Carolina, who died in Spanish Town, Jamaica in 1785. Left wife (#2) and 2-3 children. Wife, Ann, died in 1810. Am interested in any information related to him.Julie O'Neil Perkins jperkins@mindspring.com

ROSS, Charles, St Mary, 20th Century
Trying to trace my grandfather genealogy on my mothers side his name was Charles Ross from St. Mary. He died when my mother was 4 years old. My name is Marjorie E. McDonald-Maxwell. memax@bellatlantic.net

Eliza VIDA,any parish, pre-1841.
She is listed in Danish Virgin Islands census for 1841 as being married to Mordecai Daguilard of St. Croix, D.V.I. Seeking any info on Eliza Vida and Vida family of Jamaica. Likely they are Jewish. sjmckee@sprynet.com

STEVENS - WESTON, St Catherine, 1880-1919
Researching the families of Stevens and Weston of the area around Spanish Town and St. Catherine Parish, in the late nineteenth century -- 1880-1919 -- before emigration to the United States. John Joseph Stevens, born England 1861, married Alice Kathleen Weston, born 1869, Jamaica, daughter of Charles Weston. Robert McClain, TexMass@aol.com

PAWSEY, Anywhere in island, early 20th century
Looking for information on Pawseys who were in Glasgow, Scotland in 1911. Robert Pawsey, son of Alfred Pawsey and Teresa Fray, married Christina MacIvorion 24th April 1911 at Govan, Co Lanark. Pawseys supposed to have been from Jamaica.Chrlaws@aol.com

NEYSMITH-BELL, Portland, 1930's
Looking for relatives of Zechariah D. Neysmith of Belvedere, or Buff Bay, Portland. He was married to Ellen Adina Bell and had 9 or 10 children. I don't know if he had any brothers, but I know there are other relatives. He died in July 1933 and was probably in his 50's. Please reply to C. Lewis vercyn@randomc.com

Looking for information on John Escofferi and/or Louisa Eulaine Savarie, who married in late XVIII Century. Had four kids, John (born 1795), Annette Rose (b.1797), Edward (b. 1800) and Judith. The name Escofferi was later changed to Escoffery. The original John might have come from Corsica or England via Haiti. Raul E. Jimenez

Looking for information on Moses De Castro Mattos, who married Maria Crouch in early XIX century in Jamaica and had Alexander, Hannah, George (1812-1876) and Matthew Francis (1816-1892) Mattos. He was apparently of Portuguese Jewish roots. As such, his paternal family name may have been De Castro rather than Mattos (or Matos, as it is written in Spanish and Portuguese). I'm trying to find out who his parents were and where he and they were from. I am from Panama in Central America. Raul E. Jimenez

TYRRELL of Port Antonio, late 18th century.
Any references or connections to this name please contact me.Christopher M. Codrington coopcod@idt.net

BLAIR, Leeds,St. Elizabeth, Jamaica 1884-
Looking for parents and grandparents of Joseph Henry Blair (Jones?), born Leeds, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, June 3, 1884. Immigrated to Panama Central America in 1915. Father John Blair ? Birthdate & Birthplace; Mother Ellen (?) Blair, ? Birthdate & Birthplace. Any information would be welcome. Am trying to trace back to first Blair in this family from either Ireland or Scotland. Send information to JDCeilidh@aol.com (Jennifer Blair)

BARNETT - Spanishtown, Jamaica - ca 1720
I am looking for information on a Jonathan Barnett who was Captain of a Privateer Sloop in 1720. He carried a Commission from the Governor of Jamaica and was involved in the capture of two of history's most famous female pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. They were captured by Captain Barnett and tried in Spanishtown, Jamaica in late 1720. Captain Barnett also testified at their trial. If you have any information on this Captain Jonathan Barnett please email me at airloom@ptialaska.net

KIRKLAND, St. Andrews - ca 1818
William KIRKLAND m. Juliana Grace HART in 1818 in St. Andrews parish. Looking for information on children born of this marriage. Have identified two, so far. Laura Eliza Jane Kirkland and C. M. Kirkland (male). William Kirkland was a bookkeeper on the Blue Mountain Estate located about 6 miles from Morant Bay ca. 1820. Thank you. marie@nidlink.com

HART, St. Andrews - c. 1818
Juliana Grace HART m. William KIRKLAND in 1818 in St. Andrews parish, Jamaica. Seeking parental and sibling information on Juliana. She died at Bowden and was buried at Bath in 1859. Thank you. marie@nidlink.com

Looking for family histories for the "Bruce (Saint Mary Parish)" family or "Parsons (Saint Ann Parrish)" family. My grandfathers name is Robert Bruce. My other grandfathers name is Brian Parsons. Please email Bruce Parsons at parsons@msn.com

DEPASS, Port Royal, ca 1800-1843+
Looking for any information about Ebenezer dePass, b 1803, d 1843, Port Royal. Died after being struck by a fieldpiece during the fire in Kingston Jamaica 1843. Buried in old parish of Port Royal.Children of Ebenezer: Theodore Edward. sdepass@netcom.com

I am seeking information on my great grand father John Winter Hooper who was a school master/teacher of religion at Portland, Vere/Clarendon from 1857 to 1868. The above information was sent to me by the JamaicaArchives as listed in the Vere Trust minute book 1855-1889. Can anybody tell me if the Vere Free schools were connected to the Church of England?. I would also like some information on two ministers that gave John Winter Hooper his testinonals. One was Jas Williams, Rector of Portland and the other was Victor Heischell, Curate of Moore Town. John Hooper was married to Rosina Calnek. Their children were Henrietta, Frederick Augustus, Alfred Ernest, Patrick, James, William C., Maurice & Eva (Sarah Evengeline). I am not sure where John W. was born. It could have been Dublin, Ireland. He was married in Jamaica and died there around the 1880's but I have been unable to find his wedding or death certificate.Alba Dunlop adunlop@ilap.com

Brockway, Jamaica, before1765
Seeking information on Patience Brockway. Married Thomas Brown of Stonington, CT about 1765. The only information I have on her is that she was from Jamaica, West Indies and was of French descent and that she met Thomas while he was on a southern voyage.Leo Brown e-mail lfbnjb@sprynet.com

Cyrus, St Ann, 1870's
Looking for any relatives of William Cyrus b 1879 (or 1876) d 1971 of Concord, St Ann. His family moved to Good Hope in Clarendon. I would also like information regarding his parents who were William Cyrus Senior and Celian Walters. Any information regarding Good Hope in Clarendon would also be appreciated.MarcieWilliams@Compuserve.com

Looking for information on George Algernon MILNER who married Mercelina Rosina da PINTO in Kingston about 1880. She is rumored to be from Curacao. Also looking for information on Hugh Maxwell DIXON b. England married Linda LINDO about 1898 in St. Mary's. Both died in St. Mary's.Tamara Bentz tjbentz@prodigy.net

Scott Elder V. Scott, 20th century
Am searching for information about an Elder V. Scott, born in 1901 in the British West Indies, twin brother to Hadley Scott who died in Queens, NY in 1971. Elder has a daughter, Lydia Scott Burton, born October 15, 1942 in Memphis Tennessee and presently in Evansville, Indiana. He is believed to have died in the 1960's, may have been buried in Jamaica. He divorced mother of Lydia in the 1940's and is thought to have remarried and settled in Jamaica. Specifically, am seeking information on any family, including other children, if any, who would be interested in making contact with daughter... Lydia. BurtonRH@juno.com

Thelwell, 20th Century

TEDDER, Jamaica, 18th Century
Handed-down family info says that a male TEDDER went to Jamaica to become a planter. He would have been born around 1785 in Essex or perhaps London & was the brother of a Mary Tedder who m. John Bryant in 1815 at St Martin in the Fields, London. I can supply lots of linking info but does anyone know of a TEDDER going to Jamaica about that time - possibly dying there later? Dave Dave_Tylcoat@compuserve.com

Alexander FRAZER - Eleanor DUCKWORTH, St Catherine,1800
Seeking information on the family of ELEANOR DUCKWORTH, believed to be daughter of John Duckworth, a naval officer. Married ALEXANDER FRAZER 29 January 1800 Spanish Town, Jamaica. Alexander was in the 4th Battalion 60th Regiment. Info on parents and siblings appreciated. Reply-To: lionel.fraser@sympatico.ca

WILLIAMSON- Hudson, born 21-9-1836 at St. Thomas, Jamaica.
His parents were William WILLIAMSON and Millicent (Maiden name LANE). Hudson came to Australia and died in 1901. His father's occupation was "planter". Any further information on this family would be appreciated. E-mail Val at pblaby@apollo.ruralnet.net.au

Cyrus - Clarendon/St Ann, 1879
Looking for any relatives of William Cyrus b 1879 (or 1876) d 1971 ofConcord, St Ann. His family moved to Good Hope in Clarendon. I would also like information regarding his parents who were William Cyrus Senior and Celian Walters. Any information regarding Good Hope in Clarendon would also be appreciated.My email address is MarcieWilliams@Compuserve.com

Grainge, St Mary, 1888
I am looking for any information about my grandfather. He died when my mother was 2 years old and there is very little information we I have about him. His name was Samuel Augustus Grainge. He was baptized at Anath Bay or may be Annatto Bay. He left Jamaica around 1888-89, probably for Haiti. Up to this point he had been in the care of Eugenie St. Louis magistrate communal to Dame Marie. This informations I have from a imigrationpaper dated 15 August 1988, Kingston J. He ended up in Norway around 1895, where he married. e-mail: trondsc@sn.no

PALMER, St. Elizabeth & St. Mary - 1800-1965
STERLING, St. Mary - 1800-1965
I am interested in finding out any information possible about the PALMERS. My only information begins with the siblings David, Grace and Willie (possibly William) PALMER. David was born around 1878 in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. He later moved to St. Mary, Jamaica where he and Matilda STERLING had 13 (?) children. They were married in that parish around 1915. David is believed to have died in 1952 and Matilda in 1963; no record of Grace or Willie's birth, death, etc. Any record or births, deaths, marriages, wills, etc., concerning these people, their parents, or offsprings would be of great value to me. Thanks! SUEPHIL@MSN.COM

MURRAY, Port Royal?, ca 1780-1812+

Looking for the parents of Elias Wainwright Murray, (merchant, butcher) b 1812, d 1868, Port Royal. Father reputed to be of Scottish descent (Kirkcudbright). Mother slave or free person of colour. m Ann Campbell 1836. Children of Elias and Ann: Samuel Ward, Elias Phillips, William Calrke, Hannnah Brown, Mary Ann Rice, Anna Clarke, Harriet Matilda, Ann Amerlia, Elias Alexander Baine, John Livingston Ward, Caroline Medola Bolt. mitchelm@pullman.com

GRAVES, St Ann? after 1836

Seeking descendents of children of Julines Beckford (carpenter) and Francis Ann(nee Hall) Graves:m 1817, St Ann . Children: Sarah Grace b 1819, Johanna b 1823, William Beckford b 1827, Bathshua b 1830, John Oliver b 1831, all chr in St Ann.mitchelm@pullman.com

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