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Herbert Theodore Thomas-Jamaican Policeman By his grandson

David Silvera's Silvera Home Page and Abrahams and Henriques Home Pages are no longer available. In Way Back Machine there is a page but it is not the original by David Silvera but one started in 2000

Tony Martin-Jones Family Page

Phillips Genealogy Page

Joanne Ayton's Page

Jeremy White's Vidal and Hall Family

Lloyd Johnson's Page

Knibb Pages

Peter Brunning's Melhado Page

Nancy's Saies-Jones, Baillie and Watson Families

Byles/Messado of Jamaica - Alan Byles

Heron Family Page-Richard Mitchell

Halls of Jamaica

Updated March 17, 2015

This is all I have found to date, but I have not done an exhaustive search. If you want your Jamaican genealogy Web Page to be linked to my list, send your URL by e-mail to The more places you have your page listed the more likely someone interested will see it!

A few sites have been lost with the closure of Geocities Web Hosting. They say on the closed site that you may be able to find them on the Web Archive WayBack Machine.

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