The Civil War Battle Sites in Indian Territory/Oklahoma

Civil War Battle Sites in the Indian Territory

There were no great battles in the Indian Territory to compare, in numbers of soldiers engaged, with the decisive battles in the east, or even with Wilson's Creek, Pea Ridge, at which many Indians fought, and Westport in the west. There was hard fighting, however, at Round Mountain and Chustenahlah, Locust Grove and Fort Wayne, Cabin Creek and Honey Springs.

Most destructive was the irregular fighting of partisan groups raids, the flight and pursuit of civilian bands, the burning of homes and schools, and the readjustments to refugee camps. No people in the United States suffered heavier losses than the Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole tribes, where the bitterness of internal strife was added to the destruction of large scale war.

Information courtesy of Historical Atlas of Oklahoma by John W. Morris, Charles R. Goins and Edwin C. McReynolds. Third Edition, updated from the 1980 census. Available through the Oklahoma Historical Society Bookstore. Wiley Post Historical Building, Oklahoma City, OK 73105.






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