The death records for 1810-1861 were filmed in the archives in Caserta.

The books for 1861-1865 are either missing, unfilmed, or mislabeled, but are probably available in the city of Fontechiari.

and alphabetical lists for the decades

The unformatted data from 1830-1861 is here, hopefully one can figure out what data is what,

also someday it will be formatted and maybe indexes will show up, until, use your search.


in the notes section h/ is husband of w/is wife of and wid/ is for widow or widower

dates generally are the event, but sometimes the record date (a day or two later)

AGES are in years unless: mo for months or 4+7 meaning 4 years seven months.


Deaths, unformatted 1830s 1840s 1850s with 60,61


and alphabetical lists for the decades

1830s 1840s 1850a and 60 61