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People from the Fitzwilliam estate who settled in Ontario, 1847-55

In the late 1840s a program of assisted emigration was initiated by Lord Fitzwilliam to reduce the number of tenants on his estate in southwest County Wicklow Ireland. Most of these emigrants sailed from New Ross to Quebec City, but few of them stayed in Quebec, where the population was for the most part French-speaking. Instead, they continued on up the St. Lawrence River to the province of Ontario (then called Upper Canada) and became part of Irish communities there.

The following data was compiled by Anne Burgess. It lists many of the Irish from the Fitzwilliam estate who settled in the West 1/2 of Ontario, from roughly Belleville to Lake Huron.

People that settled in the East 1/2 of ontario can be found at Find Death Records on Ancestors at A Story of Emigration: Southwest Wicklow to Ontario, Canada

Name of TenantFromSettled In

BALFE, John and DOBBS, AliceHillbrookeOro, Ontario

BANNISTER, Andrew and ElizabethAskakeaghTrafalgar, Ontario

BOGGS, Leyburn and BYRNE, JaneRossbaneGarafraxa East, Ontario

BOULGER, JudithGlenphillippeenCobourg, Ontario

BOWES, James and ELLIOT, ElizaCoolfancySt. Vincent, Ontario

BYRNE, Edward and BettyCoolfancyBarrie, Ontario

BYRNE, Edward and MargaretTanseycloseHaldimand, Ontario

BYRNE, HughBallyshonog?Garafraxa West, Ontario

BYRNE, John and MaryToberlownaghHamilton Twp., Ontario (Northumberland County)

BYRNE, Margaret DOYLECoolfancyBarrie, Ontario

BYRNE, Mary KENNYKilcavanVespra, Ontario

BYRNE, Mary; Joseph; Lawrence; Mark; Mary Ann; PeterBallinguileHamilton, Ontario

BYRNE, Mat and FannyToorboyNiagara, Ontario

BYRNE, Patrick and AnnToberpatrickEtobicoke, Ontario

BYRNE, Patrick and AnnCroneleaDarlington, Ontario

BYRNE, Patrick and EllenRosbaneTrafalgar, Ontario

BYRNE, Simon and BRIEN, MargaretCoolboyYork, Ontario

BYRNE, William and BridgetCoolfancyToronto, Ontario

CARNEY, Betty; RichardMoylishaEtobicoke, Ontario and Colborne Twp, Ontario

CARROLL, John and BridgetCoolfancyYork, Ontario

CARROLL, Joshua and AliceCoolfancyEtobicoke, Ontario

COADY, Patrick and MaryRathshanmoreWhitby, Ontario

COLLINS, Ann and Jane (Grandy stepdaughters)CroneyhornManvers, Ontario

CONNELL, Edward and McCARTHY, AnnKilcavanArthur, Ontario

CONNELL, JamesKilcavanArthur, Ontario

CUFFE, James and MaryAskakeaghPercy, Ontario

CUFFE, John and AnneAskakeaghBentinck, Ontario

CURREN/CURRAN, Patrick and TOOLE, MaryCoolboyToronto, Ontario (Peel)

DILLON, RichardRosnakillDereham, Ontario

DORCEY, Miles; Peter; CatherineCoolroeEtobicoke, Ontario and Glenelg, Ontario

DOYLE, James and JudyKilmaloneToronto, Ontario

DOYLE, Pat and BiddyKillinureHamilton Twp., Ontario (Northumberland County)

DUNN, Frank and LucyRathbaneWhitby, Ontario

FOX, Denis and ElizabethCoolboyHamilton Twp., Ontario (Northumberland County)

FREEMAN, RichardToorboySouth Easthope, Ontario

GAHAN, ElizabethFarneesToronto, Ontario and Newmarket, Ontario

GRAHAM, NicholasCarnewToronto, Ontario

GRANDY, Henry and SusanCroneyhornManvers, Ontario

GRIFFIN, Thomas and JaneKnocknaboleyHowick, Ontario

HAGEN, John and AnnCarrigroeMarkham, Ontario

HARMON, Edward, James, Peter, Thomas; cousin Peter HarmonBallinguileHamilton, Ontario and Aldborough, Ontario (Elgin West)

HEALY, James and WinnyAskakeaghBrighton, Ontario

HEFFERNAN, John and TOMPKINS, SallyCoolroeVespra, Ontario

HOPKINS, Edward and JaneCorndogSomerville, Ontario

HUTTON, Thomas and CharlotteSlievenamoughBentinck, Ontario

JOHNSTON, Henry and MaryBallinglenHamilton, Ontario

KAVANAGH, Garret and MaryBallyraheenArthur, Ontario

KAVANAGH, John and KENNY, CatherineParkmoreVespra, Ontario

KEARY/CAREY, RobertKilballyowenNiagara, Ontario

KENNY, MartinTomacorkVespra, Ontario

KERRIVAN/KERWIN, Cornelius; ElizaBallinguileNiagara, Ontario

LAMBERT, CatherineSlievemweelBrighton, Ontario

LAWRENCE, Anthony and DorothyRathshanmoreToronto, Ontario

LAWRENCE, Henry; Anthony; Susanna; MarthaSlieveroeBobcageon, Ontario and Somerville, Ontario

LAWRENCE, John and MarthaSlieveroeGlenelg, Ontario

LAWRENCE, Thomas and HenriettaRathshanmoreWhitby, Ontario

LEE, John and MaryCoolfancyTrafalgar, Ontario

LYNCH, Anne Byrne; MichaelGlenphillippeenBarrie, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario

MELLON, Peter and JaneCoolboyVaughan, Ontario

MOORE, Mary HEFFERNANBallykellyBarrie, Ontario

MORRIS, Stephen and CUMMERFORD, BridgetMullansToronto, Ontario (Peel)

MURPHY, EdwardMullannaskeaghProton, Ontario

MURPHY, Margaret DOYLE; John; MargaretParkmoreVespra, Ontario

MURPHY, Patrick and DOBBS, JuliaParkmoreOro, Ontario

MURPHY, Philip and BridgetTomnafinnogueProton, Ontario

MYERS, DorothyTallyhoeManvers, Ontario

NOWLAN, Mary; Edward; PatrickKillinureNormanby, Ontario

O'NEAL, Patrick and DollyKilballyowenEtobicoke, Ontario

PRESTLEY, Robert and MaryMotabowerEtobicoke, Ontario

REDMOND, John and AnnCroneyhornHay, Ontario

ROACH, CatherineMotybowerChinguacousy, Ontario

ROSSITER, AnnTombreaneAdjala, Ontario

ROSSITER, JohnTombreaneTecumseth, Ontario

ROSSITER, Patrick and AnnTombreaneYork East, Ontario

RYAN, Michael and MaryCoolfancyYork, Ontario

SHANNON, Ann DOYLEHillbrookeBarrie, Ontario

SHERIDAN, Edward and DOYLE, Ann; William; MarySlievenamoughOrillia, Ontario

SHERIDAN, Lawrence and Bridget; PatrickSlievenamoughOrillia, Ontario

TWAMLEY, George and ElizaRosnastrawWhitby, Ontario

WHELAN, William and MaryBallynavorthaPickering, Ontario

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