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St Marys Arklow Graveyard in Wicklow County Ireland

ALLENLaurence6 June 1846Jane53
ALLINAnn17 March 1809John31
BEAKEYCatherine19 December 1808Thomas32
BERGINDaniel29 November 177768
BROWNMary2 February 1767Morgan61
BROWNMichaelno dates66
BROWNRichardno dates1800's
BRYANMary1 January 1767
BYRNEBridget18 March 1842George40
BYRNEBridget8 February 1851John62
BYRNECatherine12 November 1784Lewis45
BYRNELewis25 September 1782Catherine55
BYRNEMichael30 January 179032LewisCatherine
BYRNEChristen28 March 178754
BYRNEChristopher11 May 1846Sarah71Ballynattin
BYRNEThomas7 April 183231BallyroanGeorge Byrne
BYRNEGarret11 May 183646BallyroanGeorge Byrne
BYRNEJoseph29 October 184535George Byrne
BYRNEChristopher10 November 183921John ByrneBridget
BYRNEJohn6 February 1838Bridget57
BYRNEDaniel20 March 180833/37
BYRNEMaurice16 April 181650Edward Byrne (son)
BYRNEGarrett31 May 1786 22J Byrne
BYRNEMargaret30 April 186177Maurice Byrne(son )
BYRNEMary25 February 183990Edward Byrne (son)
BYRNEJames7 March 174722
BYRNE Elizabeth(aka Reynolds)9 May 1842 24Bridget Reynolds
BYRNEJane14 January 184125Margaret Oneill(mother0
BYRNE John19 November 181875Johanna Reynolds(daughter)
BYRNEMary26 March 184085Johanna Reynolds(daughter)
BYRNEJoseph21 October 1793Judith39
BYRNEJudith25 September178568James Nalty
BYRNEThomas30 October 182246ArklowDenis Byrne(son)
CARNEYMathew22 February 175622
CAVANAGHPeter15 November 186639ArklowPeter Cavanagh (father)
CAVENAYMary11 April 1777 60
CHARLESJohn19 February 177321
CHARLESNicholas16 February 179640
COGHLINMary23 June 1855William40
COGHLINAugustin24 June 186519WilliamMary
COLVINElizabeth12 June 182055James Oneil (brother)
CRANEBridget16 March 179859Patrick Crane
CRANEJohn12 August 179960Patrick Crane
CRANLYAnne20 August 1841George27Anne Cranly (daughter)
CRANLYGeorge25 November 1859Anne46
CULLIN James4 August 18443James Cullen(father)
CULLIN JosephDied Young
CULLIN PeterDied Young
DIXONCatherine19 April 184638ArklowSamuel Dixon(son)
DIXONThomas18 December 186621Samuel Dixon(brother)
DONN/DUNNMargard6 December 1751
DOYLEAnn6 April 182971Michael Doyle(son)
DOYLEMurthey14 october 181823Michael Doyle(brother)
DOYLEJane15 May 1832Michael30Michael doyle(husband)
DOYLEAnne20 February 18424John Doyle(father)
DOYLEAnne20 February18473 monthsJohn Doyle(father)
DOYLEThomas23 December 185211John Doyle(father)
DOYLEJohn8 April 18606John Doyle(father)
DOYLEMiles14 August 18555John Doyle(father)
DOYLEThomas10 May 18648John Doyle(father)
DOYLEChristopher12 July 1873Mary50ArklowChristopher (son)
DOYLEMary7 March 1853Christopher70Christopher(son)
DOYLECatherine6 May 183320Christopher(brother)
DOYLEPatrick15 December 181326Christopher(brother)
DOYLEDaniael18 March 1780
DOYLEMartin5 May 178950
DOYLEDaniel George25 January 18635 monthsAnn Cranly(mother)
DOYLEThomasWho died youngAnn Cranly(mother)
DOYLEJohn27 June 18628 monthsJohn Furlong( grandfather)Kate Furlong
DUNNGeorge20 February 1846Mary56AskinchMary Dunn(wife)
DUNNMaurice25 January 183723Mary Dunn(mother)
DUNNJames16 June 183818Mary Dunn(mother)
DUNNGeorgeWho died youngMary Dunn(mother)
DUNNAnnWho died youngMary Dunn(mother)
DUNNMauriceWho died youngMary Dunn(mother)
DWANJames29 July 1854Elizabeth61BallinclayElizabeth Dwan(wife)
DWANThomas11 July 185424Elizabeth Dwan(mother)
EDWARDSGarot12 January 174767
EDWARDSOnour4 March 175267
EDWARDSJohn15 February 1838Margaret45Philip Bolger
EDWARDSMargaret11 September 18?John34Philip Bolger
EDWARDSUnknownDied YoungPhilip Bolger
EDWARDSUnknownDied YoungPhilip Bolger
FURLONGElizabeth27 August 1851Laurence38ArklowLaurence Furlong(husband)
FURLONGHanna8 June 18477Laurence Furlong(father)
FURLONGLaurence 12 June 1847 3Laurence Furlong(father)
FURLONGLaurence 20 February 184918 monthsLaurence Furlong(father)
FURLONGKate12 April 186424Laurence Furlong(father)
FURLONGLaurence Thomas1 January 1866Laurence Furlong(grandfather)
FURLONGPeter1 February 1867
FURLONGElizabeth7 April1852John39John Furlong(husband)
FURLONG Michael10 May18515John Furlong(father)Elizabeth
FURLONGEdward28 June 1851 7John Furlong(father)
FURLONGKate25 November186525John Furlong(father)
HACKETHonory23 August 183265
HANONPatrick19 July 175622
KARNEYJudey15 February 181052
KARNEYJames3 April 1797 6
KARNEYEdward3 May 181224
KARNEYMark30 May 180922
CARNEYMathew22 February 175622
KARNEYCatherine3 June 181818
KAVANAGHBridget3 October 1865James28Arklow
KAVANAGHBridgetWho died youngArklowJames Kavanagh(father)Bridget
KAVANAGHGregory25 December 1799Mary77Arklow
KAVANAGHMary5 November 1837Gregory92
KAVANAGHPatrick5 February 1820Catherine43Catherine (wife)
CAVENAYMary11 April 1777 Moras
KAVANAUGHMorris28 October 1765 60
KAVENAGHJames17 October 181317Mathew Kavanagh(father)
KAVENAGHMathew30 August 181715Mathew Kavanagh(father)
KAVENAGHBridgetMarch 1823Mathew49Mathew Kavanagh(husband)
KAVENAGHMathew17 March 182474
KAVENAUGHBatholomew21 April 180358
KAVENAGHJohn11 June 179725John Kavenagh(father)
KAVENAUGHDenis28 March 177755
KAVENAUGHMichael12 December 174024
KAVENAUGHTimothy1 May 177249
KEHOEWilliam9 May 1854Margaret54Lamberton
KELLYMary26 December 179512Richard Kelly(father)
KENNEDYLaurence10 July 1850Judith77Arklow
KENNEDYPatrick19 May 185836LaurenceJudith
KENNEDYJohn25 February 184819LaurenceJudith
KENNEDYJames19 February 185821LaurenceJudith
KENNEYJohn8 March 185770BallymauriceMichael Kenny(son)
KINSLEYAnne2 June 1860John44
KINSLEYunknownWho died youngJohn KinsleyAnne
KINSLEYUnknownWhos died youngJohn Kinsley (father)
KINSLEYUnknownWho died youngJohn Kinsley (father)
KINSLEYUnknownWho died youngJohn Kinsley (father)
KINSLEYUnknownWho died youngJohn Kinsley (father)
KINSLEYMathew12 March 176433
LINITINJamesDecember 1795
LINITINJohnDecember 1795
LINITINPatrickDecember 1795
LINITINMarkDecember 1795
McDANELLAlexanderMarch 175753
MAGRATHJames26 October 1839Anne39BarrindarAnne Magrath(wife)
MAGRATHSarah25 February 18396Anne Macgrath(mother)Anne
MAGRATHCatherine27 February 18469Anne Macgrath(mother)
MURRAYAnne12 May 185026Anne Macgrath(mother)
MAGRATHJohn7 June 182729Francis Magrath(father)
MAGRATHCatherine2 May 183612Francis Magrath(father)
MAGRATHFrancis16 June 1847Mary80
MAGRATHMary20 April 1850Francis75
MANIFOLDBenjamin1 June 179860Jane Dunn(daughter)
MANIFOLDMary24 January 185371Cornelius Manifold (son)
MANIFOLDMary23 December 18401Cornelius Manifold (father)
MANIFOLDCatherine27 January 18446Cornelius Maniffold(father)
MANIFOLDEllen2 February 18442Cornelius Manifold(father)
MANIFOLDMichael19 April 184652Michael Manifold(son0
MOONEYWilliam29 August 1849Eleanor36Eleanor Mooney(wife)
MOONEYMaryWho died youngEleanor Mooney(mother)
MOONEYJamesWho died youngEleanor Mooney (mother)
MURPHEYPatrick1 December 173248
MURPHEYWilliam20 May 176948
MURPHYArthur9 April 1813Bother below31
MURPHYMarkOctober 180779
MURPHYEdward3 April 180060
MURPHYMargaret22 December 1853Patrick62Kilmichael
MURPHYEdward16 June 185238Patrick Murphy(father)Margaret
MURPHYEdward1 January 180980Edward Murphy(son)
MURPHYMrs1 November 181870Edward Murphy(son)
MURPHYSarah5 November 185733Patrick Murphy(father)
MURPHYOwen19 November 184875Patrick Murphy(brother)
MURRAYEliza9 August 18599ArklowMichael Murray(father)
MURRAY Julia16 January 18571Michael Murray(father)
NALTYJames1 January 178366
O'NEILLDaniel8 May 1830Margaret55ArklowMargaret Oneil (his wife)
O'NEILLMargaret30 April 184764ArklowJohn O'Neill(son)
O'NEILLThomas20 August 183934ArklowMargaret Oneil (his mother)
O'NEILLMichael29 December 184420ArklowMargaret Oneil(his mother)
O'NEILLEdward3 March 184735ArklowMargaret Oniel(his mother)
O'NEILLJames17 June 185832ArklowMargaret Oneil (his mother)
O'NEILLJames27 September 181244ArklowRosanna Macloughlin(daughter)
O'NEILLMilesAugust 181275ArklowRosanna Macloughlin(daughter)
O'NEILLJaneRosanna Macloughlin(sister)
O'NEILLMargaretRosanna Macloughlin(sister)
O'NEILLMilesRosanna Macloughlin(sister)
O'NEILLMichaelDecember 1839Rosanna Macloughlin(sister)
O'REILLYJames20 August 177070
O'REILLYRose14 May 178072
O'REILLYJames18 January 179358
REDMONDDaniel1 December 177730
REYNOLDSBridget30 March 185925ArklowJohanna Reynolds(mother)
REYNOLDSJohanna8 July 185022Johanna Reynolds(mother)
REYNOLDSStephen13 March 1839Johanna63Johanna Reynolds(his wife)
REYNOLDSJohnJune 181110 MonthsHonora
REYNOLDSPatrick2 April 181319Honora
REYNOLDSHonora11 February 181455
RICHARDSONMargaret27 June 183229Niece of Honory Hacket
RUSSELJames26 may 181960BallycooleenJohn Russell(son)
RUSSELLGeorge27 August 1760 84
RUSSELLJohn7 March 175854
RUSSELLPeter4 December 181047Kilcarra
RUSSELLWilliam11 January 184044KilcarraPeter Russell(his father)
SALLENDenny7 March 174210
SALLENPatrick11 January 1840
TERRELLPatrick7 April 175035
TIMMONSBridget1805Jeremiah28Jeremiah Timmons(her husband)
TOOLEJames29 October 186290ArklowJohn Toole(his son)
TOOLEBridget5 April 185583ArklowJohn Toole( son)
TOOLEMary27 March 1862James64ArklowJames Toole(her husband)
TOOLEMichael9 September 1851Judith44ArklowJudith Toole (his wife)
TOOLEchildArklowJudith Toole (mother)
TOOLEchildArklowJudith Toole (mother)
TOOLEchildArklowJudith Toole(mother)
TOOLEchildArklowJudith Toole (mother)
TOWELChars15 August 1725
TOWELLuke22 February 171633
WALSHPatrick2 September 1790 78
WELSHOwen1 August 179268


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