Parish of Avoca 1911 census, County Wicklow Ireland
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Parish of Avoca 1911 census, County Wicklow Ireland

Avoca 1911 Census        
A list of all persons in Avoca Parish Census night 26/4/1911        
Not Complete        
BALLINAMONA 8 Houses        
HILL John 45 Farmer  
HILL Margaret Jane 37 Wife  
HILL George H 14 Son  
HILL John 12 Son  
HILL Rebecca Margaret 9 Daughter  
HILL Francis E 7 Son  
HILL Valentine 4 Son  
HILL Albert J 1 Son  
HILL Ellen   Grandmother  
HANNIGAN John 60 Farmer  
HANNIGAN Rosanna 24 Daughter  
HANNIGAN Denis 19 Son  
REILLY Charles 73 Servant  
KINSELLA John 39 Labourer  
KINSELLA Susan 37 Wife  
KINSELLA Patrick 11 Son  
KINSELLA John 9 Son  
KINSELLA William 6 Son  
KINSELLA James 4 Son  
KINSELLA George 1 Son  
HANNIGAN Catherine 63 Head  
FARRELL Anne 74 Sister  
KEOGH Peter 46 Labourer  
KEOGH Anne 44 Wife  
KEOGH Leticia 14 Daughter  
KEOGH Thomas 9 Son  
KEOGH John 6 Son  
KEOGH Joseph 5 Son  
KEOGH James 3 Son  
BURNS Elizabeth 47 Farmer  
BURNS William J 14 Son  
BURNS George E 9 Son  
BURNS Charlotte E 7 Daughter  
McCABE Peter 82 Boarder  
McDONALD Andrew 58 D.M.P  
McDONALD Elizabeth 54 Wife  
McDONALD Patrick 19 Son  
McDONALD Elizabeth 15 Daughter  
BALINAPARK 4 Houses      
HUDSON John 41 Clerk  
O'BRIEN Patrick 43 Servant  
O'BRIEN Margaret 37 Servant  
O'BRIEN Thomas 2 Boarder  
BYRNE Matthew 27 Labourer  
BYRNE Mary Anne 25 Wife  
HILL Richard 34 Farmer  
HILL Elizabeth 30 Wife  
HILL Edith 2 Daughter  
HILL Evelyn 1 Daughter  
GRIFFIN John 19 Servant  
LACEY Jane 20 Servant  
BALLYGAHAN LOWER- 9 House & Manufactory        
FAHY Michael 50 Blacksmith  
FAHY Catherine 54 Wife  
FAHY Brigid 25 Daughter  
FAHY Michael 20 Son Blacksmith
FAHY Charles 18 Son  
FAHY Patrick 16 Son  
FAHY Teresa 14 Daughter  
FAHY Kate 12 Daughter  
FAHY Michael 72 Sawyer  
FAHY Alicia 20 Daughter  
CARTER Thomas 67 Ochre Miner  
CARTER Alice 65 Wife  
CARTER Thomas 29 Son  
HEAKNEY? Elizabeth 31 Daughter of Thomas  
HEAKNEY? Harry 9 Son of Elizabeth  
TRACY John 63 Ex R.I.C. Sergt  
TRACY Mary 62 Wife  
TRACY Anne Marie 25 Daughter  
TRACY John T 22 Son  
USHER James 57 Clerk  
DUNNE Julia   Widow  
DUNNE James   Son  
DUNNE Martha   Daughter  
DUNNE Nicholas   Son  
DUNNE Julia   Daughter  
DUNNE Ellen   Daughter  
DUNNE Kathleen   Daughter  
TRAVERS Patrick 31 Engine Driver  
TRAVERS Alice 28 Wife  
TRAVERS Susanna 21 Daughter  
LEESON Richard 69 Carpenter  
LEESON Mary 34 Daughter  
LEESON William 33 Son  
LEESON Richard 32 Son  
LEESON Gretta 27 Daughter  
HALL Sarah 60 Dressmaker  
NEILL James 65 Shoemaker  
NEILL Mary 36 Daughter  
BYRNE Catherine 69 Widow  
BYRNE Peter 30 Son  
BYRNE Michael 29 Son  
GREENE Wingfield 64 Farmer  
GREENE Hoskena 59 Wife  
GREENE Thomas 32 Son  
GREENE Joseph 30 Son  
GREENE Martha 24 Daughter  
KING Patrick 20 Servant  
KINCH Thomas 58 Farmer  
KINCH Elizabeth 31 Wife  
KINCH Thomas 21 Son  
KINCH Margaret 24 Daughter  
KINCH Elizabeth M 20 Daughter  
KINCH Matthew 15 Son  
KINCH Mary J 1 Daughter  
HALL Mary J 68 Widow  
GRIFFIN William 26 Nephew  
SOMERS Patrick 30 Servant  
FLEMING Charles 60 Farmer  
FLEMING Elizabeth 36 Daughter  
BALLYMONEEN 16 Houses        
TUKE Richard 32 Nurseryman  
TUKE Anne 40 Wife  
TUKE Kathleen 9 Daughter  
TUKE Mary 5 Daughter  
TUKE John 3 Son  
TUKE Ellen 1 Daughter  
JOHNSON Edward 46 Farmer  
JOHNSON Elizabeth 44 Wife  
JOHNSON Edward 14 Son  

find your ancestors free death records


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