Union Township Irish Families Documented in the 1850 St Joseph County, Indiana Census

There were five Irish-born individuals and their families living in Union Township, St. Joseph County, Indiana when the 1850 Census was conducted. Union Township is in the central, southern most part of St Joseph County immediately south of Center Township. The category entitled Read/ Write if checked implies that that individual is over the age of 20 and can neither read nor write.

Regarding the Gillan Family: John Gillan is listed as having real estate valued at $200, and his son John attended school in 1850.

Regarding Surnames McLean, Clifford and Donavan: Owen McClean, James Clifford and Michael Donavan are living with the Palmer family.

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Gillan, John 39 Ireland Farmer  
Gillan, Catharine 39 Ireland   No
Gillan, Hugh 13 New York    
Gillan, Margarette 13 Indiana    
Gillan, John 10 Indiana    
Gillan, Edward 8 Indiana    
Gillan, Michael 2 Indiana    
Gillan, George 8/12 Indiana    
McLean?, Owen 25 Ireland Laborer  
Clifford, James 32 Ireland Laborer  
Donavan, Michael 25 Ireland Laborer