Toomore Civil Parish Townlands, Churches and Graveyards, County Mayo, Ireland

When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted for Toomore Civil Parish, there was a Roman Catholic Chapel in the Townland of Foxford in the Town of Foxford, on Chapel Street and a Church on Pound Street. There were graveyards in the Town of Foxford on Pound Street and in the Townland of Toomore.

  1. Aghaward
  2. Ballinillaun
  3. Belgarrow (Belgarrow is an anglicized version of Belgarriff according to Kate a genealogist with Dougherty ancestors).
  4. Bollerhallagh
  5. Cabragh
  6. Cashel
  7. Cloonmung
  8. Creggagh
  9. Cregnafyla
  10. Foxford
  11. Kilmore
  12. Leckee
  13. Moorbrook
  14. Rinnananny
  15. Shanwar
  16. Toomore