Toomore Civil Parish Characteristics, County Mayo, Ireland

Toomore Civil Parish (a.k.a. Towmore or Tuymore) is part of Gallen Barony and Foxford Roman Catholic Parish. The Catholic Church records for Foxford cover years 1833-1911. There were only 16 Townlands in Toomore Civil Parish when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1856. A Roman Catholic Chapel was present on Chapel Street in the town of Foxford (that is part of the Townland of Foxford). There was another church and a graveyard in the Town of Foxford as well. The only other graveyard was in the Townland of Toomore. (Griffith, 1847-1864, 2003, Toomore).

As far as education goes, Toomore Civil Parish had a Board of Education National Schoolhouse in the Townland of Bollerhallagh, a Male National Schoolhouse in the Townland of Foxford and a Church Education Society Schoolhouse, Female National Schoolhouse and Male National Schoolhouse in the Town of Foxford. Finally, there was a National Schoolhouse in Toomore. Samuel Lewis' "A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland" mentions the presence of three public schools, one of which is at Laragan. (Lewis, 1837;2005, p. 639). I have been unable to identify the location of Laragan.

From an economic standpoint, the Townland and Town of Foxford pretty much dominated Toomore Civil Parish. It was the most heavily populated area as well. John Bingham obtained a patent in 1812 to hold a Market and Fairs in the Town of Foxford. (Gillespie, 1987, p. 87). When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1856, Foxford Townland had a documented Dispensary and Military Barracks. The Town of Foxford had the Grand Jury of County Mayo Petty Sessions House, a Pound, Board of Ordinance Military and Constabulary Barracks, a Store and a "Tolls and Customs of Fairs." I have created a page with more details on the Town of Foxford in my Market Towns of County Mayo section. A Watch house, Salmon Fishery and Eel Fishery were listed among Lord Clanmorris' properties. There was a Corn Mill present in the Townland of Bolllerhallagh, a Corn and Tuck Mill in Creggagh and Herd's Houses in Belgarrew, Bollerhallagh, Foxford and Moorbrook. (Griffith, 1847-1864; 2003, Toomore). Belgarrow is an anglicized version of Belgarriff according to Kate a genealogist with Dougherty ancestors.

The River Moy was documented in six different Townlands in Toomore Civil Parish, and a variety of lakes such as Lough Muck, Lough Akista, Toomore Lough and Arlogs Lough were noted as well. There weren't any designated "bog" parcels.

A variety of different landlords were represented in the Griffith's Valuation for Toomore Civil Parish, but Lord Clanmorris was dominant in the major Market Town of Foxford. Other landlords such as Lady De Clifford, Sir W H Palmer Bart and Francis R O'Grady were dominant in 2 or more Townlands.

(Griffith, 1847-1864; 2003, Toomore).