The John and Catherine Talbot Family of South Bend, Indiana: An Analysis of this Irish Family's Migration from Ireland to South Bend Indiana and Beyond in South Bend St. Joseph Church and Sacred Heart Church Records, Census and other Resources

John and Catherine (possibly nee Dignan) Talbot were present in South Bend, Indiana as early as 1859 (in the Sacred Heart Church records) and the 1860 Portage Township, South Bend, Indiana Census and possibly earlier.

The objective of this compilation is to try to establish the earliest possible evidence of this family in the United States through all available resources. I would love to hear from anyone who believes that they may be a descendent of this family so that we can work together to find their origins in Ireland and migration trail to the U.S. This will most definitely be a work in progress and all findings I speculate on would have to be proven for accuracy with Ireland and U.S. marriage records, church baptismal records and death records among other genealogical resources. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate.

Research Observations and Analysis: There is a Petrus and Hannah Tarbet Family (with son John) in the 1870 South Bend Census living next door to John and Catherine Tarbet (Talbot) who I am unable to locate in the 1860 South Bend Census. I have been unable thus far to identify how they might be related. I believe that Hannah (Anna) his wife may be the daughter of John and Catherine Talbot that live next door in that 1870 census. There is a marriage license record on for a Peter Talbot and Anna Talbot being married in St Joseph County, Indiana on August 11, 1868 by Alexis Granger one of the Sacred Heart Priests. Obtaining that marrige record, if available at the South Bend archives may yield valuable clues to linking this family to John and Catharine. I believe that John and Catherine's daughter Margaret married Elisha Luther on July 19, 1860 and is living next door to the widowed Catherina Talbot in the 1880 census. There is a Naturalization Record for a John Talbot in the "Index to Naturalization Records in pre 1907 Order Books of Indiana County Courts" that may or may not be this John. There is no year given with the record, but it is from St Joseph County, Indiana.

Special Kudos must go out to Johanna, an East Coast Genealogist and descendent of Mary Diggin Moriarty (Catherine Diggin Talbot's sister), who shared the fruits of her exhaustive research with me on the Diggin and Bannon Family origins and how they tie in with this Talbot family. The St Joseph census listed Catherine's maiden name as Dignan, but extensive research on Johanna's part has clarified her maiden name as Diggin vs Dignan.

Fr P O'Donnell of Rathmore Presbytern, Diocese of Kerry was also kind enough to forward to me the birth record for Margaret Talbart (Talbot) and Catherine Talbart (Talbot) daughters of John Talbert and Catherine Diggan. Margaret was born on January 28, 1840 and Catherine on June 3, 1843 in Balashein. She was baptismzed in Abbeydorney, County Kerry, Ireland. Special thanks to him for taking the time to send it!

A very brief synopsis of her quite extensive research documents The Edward and Mary (Diggin) Moriarty Family originating in Milltown, County Kerry, Ireland. Edward arrived first in South Bend, Indiana and she followed in 1854 with her children only to find out that he had died before her arrival. She and Catherine (Diggin) Talbot were sisters. According to Johanna, four Diggin sisters followed a migration trail to South Bend, Indiana: Catherine Diggin (wife of John Talbot), Margaret Diggin (wife of John Quinlan), Hannah Diggin (wife of Denis Clifford) and a Mrs J J McCartney. I can truly appreciate the work that must have gone into retrieving the links between these South Bend, Indiana Irish families on her part and I for one am thrilled that she was willing to share it with us all!

Special Note: There is a list of lot owners in the Cedar Grove Cemetery Microfilm 1637531 item 3 that indicates that the "Talbot family" owns lot numbers 152 and 153 in Section B. I'm not certain that these lots are tied to this family but it would be worth pursuing to check it out!

Census, Church or other Record Date Born, Baptized, Married, Died, Buried Father/ Husband Mother/ Wife Child Occupation; Misc. Info.
County Kerry, Ireland, Parish of Abbeydorney, Balashein Birth/Baptismal Record January 28, 1840 birth and Baptism of Margaret Talbart, John Diggan, Catherine Talbart, Margaret Maurice Costello and Johanna Griffen Sp; Record identifier 1 N/R 89 KY-RC-BA-803
County Kerry Ireland Parish of Abbeydorney, Balashein Birth/Baptismal Record June 3, 1843 Birth and Baptism of Catherine Talbart, John Diggan, Catherine Talbart, Catherine John Quinlan and Mary Diggen Sp; Record identifier 1 N/R 168 KY-RC-BA-1445
Sacred Heart Church Death Record, South Bend, Indiana (New Lowel at the time?) January 29?, 1859 Talbot, Joannis father ? infant Talbot 2 yrs of age? Town of New Lowell; A Granger Priest
Sacred Heart Church Baptismal Record April 23, 1859 Birth and May 1, 1859 Baptism Talbot, Joanne of Hibernia ? Joannis Anna Rooney of Hibernia Sp
1860 Portage Township, South Bend, St Joseph County Census June 15, 1860 Tarbet or Tarbot, John, age 50 born in Ireland Tarbet or Tarbot, Catharine, age 42 born in Ireland Tarbet or Tarbot, Margarett, age 20 (Domestic) born in Ireland Father John is a Laborer; the Gormans and Mulligans live on either side of them
" "     Tarbet or Tarbot, Katy, age 16 born in Ireland Domestic
" "     Tarbet or Tarbot, Anna, age 9 born in Ireland  
" "     Tarbet or Tarbot, John age 1 born in Indiana St Joseph County Marriage Records 1821-1959 July 19, 1860 Luther, Elisha Talbut, Margaret Ann (I believe this is the daughter of John and Catherine)   (this marriage application may be in the South Bend Archives?)
Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, South Bend, IN Marriage Record July 19, 1860 Luther, Elesha of Terra Coupe Talbot, Margaret (Margarita Annam Talbot) of this parish   Joanne Talbot and Joanna Cur--land ? Witnesses; A Granger CSC
Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, So Bend, IN Baptismal Record July 13, 1862 Birth and July 27, 1862 Baptism Luther, Elias Talbot, Margarita Joannis Edwardi Joannes Talbot and M Talbot Sp of Hybernia; microfilm 1617239
Sacred Heart Church, South Bend, IN (New Lowell) Burial Record May 22, 1862 Talbot, Joannum ? infant Talbot A. Granger Priest
Sacred Heart Church, Marriage Records January 7?, 1869 Letourneau, Philip Talbot, Catherina (I believe this is likely Katy the daughter of John and Catherine Talbot)   Philip is the son of Joseph Letourneau of Detroit; Catherina is the daughter of Joannis Talbot of this parish; Petrus Talbot, Catherina Talbot and Nataniel Shelton witnesses; A Granger, Priest
1870 Portage Township, South Bend, St Joseph County Census July 9, 1870 Talbot, John age 68 born in Ireland Talbot, Catharine, age 54? born in Ireland   John is a Laborer, Catharine's occupation keeping home. Real Estate value $2000; personal $100; Peter Talbot, wife Hannah and son John live next door with the Hilliards on the other side of them
Sacred Heart Church Baptismal Records October 22, 1871 Birth and November 21, 1871 Baptism Luther, Elias Talbot, Margarita (I believe the daughter of John and Catherine) Jacobum Sponsors Edwardus Kavanaugh, Maria Egan. A Granger CSC; Microfilm 1617239 item 4
St Joseph Church East South Bend (Lowell) Heads of Family's in the parish 1874 Talbot, John      
Cedar Grove Cemetary, Tombstone Died May 28, 1874 Talbot, John age 61     John was the husband of Catharine. (This find a grave tombstone information was sent to me courtesy of Johanna))
St. Joseph Church, South Bend Indiana Burialas May 30, 1874 Burial Talbot, Joannem     Peter Talbot, Joanne? Luther Witnesses; P Lauth CSC
St Joseph Church 1876 Census, South Bend, Indiana 1876   Talbot, ? , Widow age 56   this is most likely Catherine, widow of John indicating that John died sometime between July 9 1870 and 1876 as he doesn't appear in the 1880 census
St Joseph Church 1880 Census, South Bend, Indiana 1880 Talbut- dead Dignon, Katherine age 62 (is this Catherine Talbot the widow?? (Clarified by Genealogist Johanna... this is Catherine Diggin, wife of John Talbot) Talbut, Johanne, age 10

the entry reads in this order: Talbot- widow then Katherine Dignan 62; Talbert - Dead; Talbert, ? 29 widow and children Johanni 10, Joseph 6; is this a widowed daughter and her grandchildren?

" " " " Talbut, Joseph age 6  
1880 City of South Bend, Indiana, St Joseph County Ward 4 Census June 8?, 1880; street: Notre Dame Avenue   Talbott, Catherina, 61 yr old widow born in Ireland (parents born in Ireland too)   The Elisha and Margaret Luther family is next door (this is likely her dtr Margarett)
Cedar Grove Cemetery Burial Marker per Find a Grave Website (Johanna, Diggin Family descendent graciously informed me of this webpage) July 19, 1892   Talbot, Catharine died at age 75   Catharine was the spouse of John Talbot.