Irish Families Living in the City of South Bend, Ward Four, St Joseph County, Indiana in 1870 with Surnames A-C

There were six Irish families whose surnames began with A-C. I have created on all but two (Archer and Condon). I will create pages on them in the near future.

Observation: There was a Joseph (New York) and Emma (Canada) Corbin Family in Ward 4 that could possibly be Irish immigrants based on surname. They are not included in this compilation because I have no evidence of an Irish connection.

Please contact me if you feel you are a descendent of these or other South Bend Irish Families so that we can share information and possibly trace our lines back further!

Name Age Born Occupation Miscellaneous
Archer, Charles 33 Ireland Works in Paper Mill  
Archer, Anna E 31 Ireland Keeping House  
Archer, Charles 9 New York    
Archer, Frank 5 New York    
Archer, Annie 2 New York    
Branhan, Martin 46 Ireland Laborer $1000 Real Estate (this is my 2nd GGF Martin Brennan) John McDonald from England who works at the Paper Mill lives with them
Branhan, Catherine 44 Ireland Keeping House  
Branhan, John 16 Indiana    
Branhan, Michael 11 Indiana    
Branhan, Patrick 8 Indiana    
Branhan, William 6 Indiana    
Branhan, Martin 4 Indiana    
Brady, John 30 Ireland Laborer  
Brady, Mary 30 Ireland Keeping House  
Brady, Catherine 9 Indiana    
Brady, Mary 7 Indiana    
Brady, Peter J 5 Indiana    
Brady, William 8 Pennsylvania    
Brady, Joseph 1 Indiana    
Burns, Arthur 42 Ireland Laborer $600 Real Estate
Burns, Bridget 40 Ireland Keeping House  
Burns, Mary 11 Indiana School  
Burns, John 9 Indiana    
Burns, Ellick 5 Indiana    
Comer, John 48 Ireland Teaming $200 Personal Estate
Comer, Mary 28 Ireland Keeping House  
Comer, Mary Ann 10 Indiana    
Comer, Margaret E 8 Indiana    
Comer, Elizabeth 6 Indiana    
Comer, Clara 4 Indiana    
Comer, Theresa 9/12 Indiana   born August of this year
Condon, David 38 Canada Laborer  
Condon, Catherine 31 Ireland Keeping House  
Condon, Margaret 8 New York    
Condon, Mary Ann 7 New York    
Condon, Michael 5 New York