Irish Families Living in the City of South Bend, Ward Four, St Joseph County, Indiana in 1870 with Surnames S-Z

There were Nine Irish families whose surnames began with S-Z. At this point, I have only created a webpage on the Stoney, two Talbot Families and Tansey Family. I will create pages on the others at some point down the road when I have more time.


Please contact me if you feel you are a descendent of these or other South Bend Irish Families so that we can share information and possibly trace our lines back further!

Name Age Born Occupation Miscellaneous
Smith, John 46 Wirtenberg Cabinet Maker $600 Real Estate
Smith, Bridget 40 Ireland Keeping House  
Smith, William 9 Michigan    
Smith, Mary E 6 Indiana    
Smith, Alexander 60 Scotland Hedge Trimmer $1250 Personal Property
Smith, Maria 38 Ireland Keeping House $400 Real Estate
Smith, Alfred 13 New York    
Smith, David 8 Michigan    
Smith, Phebe J 6 Indiana    
Spry, Thomas 33 England Black Smith  
Spry, Catherine 27 Ireland Keeping House  
Spry, Ellen 6 New York    
Spry, Jessie 4 Indiana    
Spry, Mary 1 Indiana    
Stoney, John 67 Ireland Laborer $2000 Real Estate; John and James Keller from Ireland live with them
Stoney, Ann 65 Ireland Keeping House  
Stoney, Patrick 30 Ireland Carpenter $700 Real Estate
Stoney, Catherine 29 Ireland Keeping House  
Stoney, Ellen 8 Indiana    
Stoney, John 6 Indiana    
Stoney, Mary Ann 4 Indiana    
Stoney, Charles 3 Indiana    
Stoney, Katy 1 Indiana    
Talbot, John 68 Ireland Laborer $2000 Real Estate; $100 Personal Estate
Talbot, Catherine 54 Ireland Keeping House $800 Real Estate
Talbot, Peter 28 New York Tailor $1500 Real Estate
Talbot, Hannah 19 Ireland Keeping House  
Talbot, John 6/12 Indiana   Born December of this year
Tansey, Patrick 61 Ireland Fireman in Factory $800 Real Estate
Tansey, Bridget 47 Ireland Keeping House  
Tansey, Hugh 15 New York Laborer  
Tansey, Dennis 10 Indiana School  
Tansey, Lizzie 8 Indiana    
Williams, Mathew 50 Ireland Engineer $300 Real Estate
Williams, Ann 35 Ireland Keeping House  
Williams, James 12 Illinois Home  
Williams, William 8 Indiana    
Williams, John 6 Indiana    
Williams, Mathew 6 Indiana    
Williams, Thomas 4 Indiana    
Williams, Joseph 2 Indiana    
Young, Robert 45 Ireland Plasterer  
Young, Catherine 38 Ireland Keeping House  
Young, William 16 New York Plastering  
Young, Frank 14 Indiana School  
Young, George 10 Indiana    
Young, Robert 3 New York