Irish Families Living in the City of South Bend, Ward Four, St Joseph County, Indiana in 1870 with Surnames O-R

There were Five Irish families whose surnames began with O-R. At this point, I have only created a webpage on the Roach Family. I have done more extensive research on this family than most as they were my second great grandparents good friends.

Observations: There is a Michael O'Brien Family from Massachusetts and Michigan that may have Irish origins. They are not included in this page because I have no evidence of an Irish connection. There is a Peter Raney who is listed as being born in Canada, and a Thomas Regan who was born in Indiana who may have Irish roots.

Please contact me if you feel you are a descendent of these or other South Bend Irish Families so that we can share information and possibly trace our lines back further!

Name Age Born Occupation Miscellaneous
Pulford, Andrew 40 England Cord? Mill  
Pulford, Anna 35 Ireland Keeping House  
Pulford, William 13 New York School  
Pulford, Alfred 11 New York School  
Rainey, Thomas 27 Ireland Weaver $800 Real Estate; they were boarders with numerous other families
Rainey, Lettie 28 Michigan Keeping House  
Rainey, Maud 2 Michigan    
Riley, Mary Ann 45 Ireland Keeping House $2000 Real Estate
Riley, Edward 15 New York Laborer  
Riley, Katy 13 Indiana Home  
Riley, John 11 Indiana Home  
Riley, Mary 9 Indiana



Riley, Lizzy 6 Indiana    
Rine, William 45 Ireland Laborer $1600 Real Estate; $100 Personal Estate
Rine, Bridget 45 Ireland Keeping Home  
Rine, Thomas 14 Indiana at School  
Roach, William 52 Ireland Laborer $1500 Real Estate; $100 Personal Estate
Roach, Bridget 45 Ireland Keeping House  
Roach, Bridget 11 Indiana Home  
Roach, Lizzy 4 Indiana    
Roach, William 10 New York Sawyer  
Roach, Patrick 21 Massachusetts Laborer  
Roach, Martin 13 Indiana Home