Irish Families Living in the City of South Bend, Ward Four, St Joseph County, Indiana in 1870 with Surnames D-F

There were six Irish families whose surnames began with D-F. I have done more detailed analysis of the Frain family than most because they were close friends of my second great grandparents (supposedly having traveled from at least as far as New York via train with them). If you are a descendent of the Fogarty family, then you really have the "Luck of the Irish" as the University of Notre Dame did an excavation of the Fogarty property as part of a Research Project!

Observation: There is a Doorey Family from New York that could possibly be an Irish family. They are not included in this compilation because there is no evidence of Irish origins. I have not seen that surname in other South Bend records. There was also a Duby family in this district who may or may not be of Irish descent.

Please contact me if you feel you are a descendent of these or other South Bend Irish Families so that we can share information and possibly trace our lines back further!

Name Age Born Occupation Miscellaneous
Donahugh, John 55 Ireland Laborer  
Donahugh, Susan 40 Ireland Keeping House  
Donahugh, John 21 New York Works at a Wagon Shop  
Donahugh, Ellen 17 Indiana at home  
Donahugh, Patrick 17 Indiana Laborer  
Donahugh, Alice 14 Indiana School  
Donahugh, Joseph 9 Indiana    
Donahue, Maria 12 Indiana School These three children are listed as attending the Academy of the Assumption and are not listed with the Donahugh family noted above! I see no relation to them at this point.
Donahue, Charlotte 13 Indiana School  
Donahue, Jennie 4 Indiana School  
Doyle, Michael 60 Ireland Laborer  
Doyle, Mary 55 Ireland Keeping House  
Doyle, Morris 13 Indiana Home  
Durand, Margaret 51 Ireland Keeping House $1000 Real Estate; These two Durand's appear twice in this census section. In the other entry Margaret's age is 57 with $1500 Real Estate and $100 Personal Property
Durand, Mary 14 Illinois Learning Dressmaking; in a repeat entry, Mary is listed as being in school instead  
Fogarty, Edward 43 Ireland Brick Mason $3000 Real Estate;
Fogarty, Rose 43 Ireland    
Fogarty, Catherine 9 Tennessee    
Fogarty, Anna 6 Illinois    
Fogarty, Edward 4 Indiana    
Fogarty, John 8/12 Indiana   born in August
France?, John (I believe this should be Frane or Frain) 45 Ireland Carpenter $1000 Real Estate; Our Family History lore suggests that this family traveled with mine from at least New York via Train; see my webpage on this family in church records too
France?, Catherine 37 Ireland Keeping Home  
France?, Michael 13 Illinois School  
France?, Anna 12 Illinois    
France?, Ellen 10 Illinois    
France?, Maggy 9 Indiana   see church record page too
France?, Peter 8 Indiana    
France?, John 8 Indiana    
France?, Joseph 8 Indiana   see church record page too
France?, Thomas 1 Indiana