Irish Families Identified in the St. Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana Records with Surnames U-Z

Keep in mind that this is a work in progress. I am documenting only the families with an identifiable Irish Surname (using and a variety of other resources to determine this) in this section.

Regarding Surname Wagner: Both Wagner and Meyer are fairly rare Irish Surnames. I have included them here, but I think that they may be German.

Regarding Surname Walsh: Marguerite McNulty sponsored the baptism of Guillielmus Walsh on April 11, 1880.

Regarding Surname Williams: Williams can be an Irish Surname so the family is included here. Carrie Mary Williams and Anna Williams were baptized as adults. Mary McNulty was a sponsor for the baptism of Katharine Williams February 13, 1876. Maria Sophronia appears to have been born 27 years ago (about 1850). Her parents names were not given.

Regarding the Surname Woolert: Woolert is not an Irish Surname, but Regan is so the family is included here.

Regarding the Surname Yong: The surname Emery is an uncommon Irish Surname and I am not sure if Ludovici's surname is Yong or Young. I have included this family, but they very well might not be Irish.

Date Event Father/Husband Mother/Wife Child Born (B)/ Died (D)
4/20/1884 B Ulrich, Johanne O'Donnell, Maria Johannes Alphonsus B- 4/10/1884
5/27/1887 B Verrier, Pauli Flood, Maggie Leanam Agnes B- 5/14/1887
10/21/1888 B Vervier, Pauli Flood, Margaritae Irma B- 10/18/1888
10/21/1875 B Vilane?, Francis Kane, Marie Anna Frances Xavier B- 8/?/1875
3/31/1882 B Valere?, Francisci Kannor?, Maria Elisabethus B- 1/5?/1882
11/9/1873 B Wagner, Joanne C Meyer, Clara Eve Blanch B- 9/23/1873
11/3/1876 B Wagner, John C Maher, Clara Barbara Ada B- 10/18/1876
10/20/1878 B Wagner, Joannis Miaren?, Clarae Joannis B- 10/1/1878
6/7/1885 B Wagner, Joannis Moyen?, Clara Maria Louella B- 5/17/1885
4/10/1887 B Wagoner, Joanne Meyers, Clara Clemens Alexis B- 1/11/1887
8/11/1878 B Walsh, Guillelmus Grean, Heleniae Michaelis B- 7/31/1878
4/11/1880 B Walsh, Guillelmi Green, Heleniae Guillelmus B- 3/27/1880
3/7/1883 B Warrell, ? Coyle, Sarah Jacobus Leo B- 2/9/1883
3/3/1885 B Warrell, Augusti Coyle, Sara Guilelmus B- 1/24/1885
11/7/1887 B Warrell, Gustavi Coyle, Sarah Georgia Edith B- 9/12/1887
5/30/1900 B Warrell, Erastus? ?, Anna Helena Mary B- 8/16/1884
2/21/1875 B Weber, Frederico Kegel, Francisca Frederick Anthony B- 2/12/1875
10/7/1899 B Weston, Howard A. Lorraine, Adelina F Mariam Violam B- 9/23/1899
5/22/1892 B White (Leblanc), Josepho Chartier, Saphira Maria Mary Saphiram B- 5/17/1892
3/15/1903 B White (Leblanc), Joseph E Scherleier?, Maria Isidorum Elmerius? B- 3/3/1903
10/9/1883 B Williams, Jacobi Higgins, Anna Maria B- 10/7/1883
6/13/1886 B Williams, Jacobi Higgins, Anna Anastasia B- 5/28/1886
1/1/1872 B Williams, ? ? Carrie Mary B- 1853
5/26/1872 B Williams, ? ? Anna B- 1849?
2/13/1876 B Williams, Matheo Stoney, Anna Katharine B- 2/?/1876
8/11/1877 B Williams, ? ? Maria Sophronia B- abt 1850?
3/2/1890 B Williams, John Maer?, Mary Joseph Emmanuel  
9/23/1888 B Wilson, Edwardo Fols?, Laura Edward Leo B- 8/20/1888
1/17/1886 B Winkler, Leonardi Cavanagh, Mariae Anna Leonardis B- 12/26/1885
4/29/1906 B Wolf, Petro Wagner, Emma Jeraldum Jacobus B- 4/10/1906
7/1935 M Wolf, Jeraldum, Jacobus Petruska?, Mary Ann    
8/27/1868 B Woolert, Solemonis Regan, Elisa Anna Michael  
9/6/1868 B Woolert, Solemen Regan, Elisa Maria  
9/6/1868 B Woolert, Solomon Regan, Elisa Helena  
1/26/1908 B Worden, Professor Joannus Dinan, Sadie Joannem L. B- 12/11/1907
5/15/1870 B Yong?, Ludovici Emery, Mariae Joannis Ludovicus B- 5/4/1870
12/17/1870 B Yong, Robert Mulligan, Julia Jacobus Joseph B- 11/10/1870
5/5/1907 B Zimmerman, Jacob Collins, Maria Dorotheam Mariam B- 3/31/1907
8/10/1929 M Zimmerman, Dorotheam Mariam Humphrey, Wm