Irish Families Identified in the St. Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana Records with Surnames S-T

Keep in mind that this is a work in progress. I am documenting only the families with an identifiable Irish Surname (using and a variety of other resources to determine this) in this section.

Regarding Surname Schultz: Schultz is not an Irish Surname but Butcher is listed as an Irish Surname in several sources so the family is included here.

Regarding Surname Schlock: Although the surname Schlock is obviously not an Irish Surname, the Surname Chamberlain is so I have included this record.

Regarding Surname Shields or Schields: Margaretha Frain sponsored the baptism of Anna Margaretta Shields on June 8, 1884. Michael Fraine sponsored the baptism of Joanus Antonius Bernadette Schields on April 10, 1887.

Regarding Surname Snider: Although the surname Snider is obviously not an Irish Surname, Williams is a fairly common surname in Ireland.

Regarding Surname Spry: Hennessy is a common Irish Surname so I have included this family here. The three daughters appear to be born on the same day though the date is not listed.

Regarding Surname Schwartz: Schwartz is not an Irish Surname but Adams is listed as Irish in serveral sources so the family is listed here.

Regarding Surname Sinnot: Theresa Frain sponsored the baptism of Joannes Edgar Sinnot on April 12, 1885. Joannes Fraine sponsored the baptism of Margaretta Joanne Sinnot on April 10, 1887. Peter Frain sponsored the baptism of Thomas Joseph Sinnott on March 24, 1889.

Regarding Surname Singler: Singler is not an Irish surname but Jacobs is an English name that is fairly common in Dublin Ireland.

Regarding Surname Stoney: There was an ad placed by John Stoner of South Bend (St. Joseph County, Indiana) in the Information Ads of the Irish American , 1850-1871. This Ad was part of a compilation in the book "Irish Relatives and Friends." He was inquiring about his daughter Ellen Stoney, originally from the Town of Balcarrow, Drum Parish. I show a Townland by the name of Ballycarra in Drum Civil Parish. (Degrazia; Fitzpatrick, 2001, Ballcarrow, Drum Parish). I am unsure if this is the same one he is referring to.

Regarding Surname Talbot: Michael Brennen (my great grand uncle) was one of the sponsors for the baptism of Maria Inocenis Talbot on December 31, 1876. This indicates that he hasnt left for his trip out toward Newbraska yet.

Regarding Surname Tansey: There is a note in the margin of the baptismal record of Maria Tansey that is only partially ledgible. It says - Wilfred, July 23. It is most likely a marriage note.

Regarding Surname Turner: Josephina -and Turner baptised on September 28, 1884 married Frank J Carroll on April 21, 1923 at St Patrick's Church, South Bend, Indiana.

Date Event Father/Husband Mother/Wife Child Born (B)/ Died (D)
7/12/1868 B Schlock, Joseph Chamberlain, Sarai Sarah Elisabeth Brifsette B - 11/5/1847
9/25/1881 B Schultz, Georgio McGraw, Francis Edward George B- 8/19/1877?
9/25/1881 B Schultz, Georgio McGraw, Johannus Francis Mary Elisabeth B- 9/21/1879
11/8/1884 B Schultz, Georgio McGraw, Johanna Franciscum Johanne Franciscum B- ?/7/1881
11/8/1884 B Schultz, Georgio McGraw, Johanna Franciscum Clara Belle B- 5/8/1884
10/17/1886 B Schultz, Georgio McGraw, Joanne Guillelmus Henricus B- 9/7/1886
2/2/1890 B Schultz, Georgio McGraw, Johanna Leo F. B- 1/3/1890
2/22/1876 B Schultz, Joanne Butcher, Elizabeth Matilda B- 9/21/1856
10/18/1874 B Schwartz, George Adams, Maria Thomas B- 10/10/1874
6/15/1876 B Schwartz, George Adams, Maria James B- 5/24/1876
7/29/1883 B Schwartz, Georgio O'Connor, (Adams)? Maria Antonio B- 7/22/1883
6/3/1900 B Sheiblehut, Johanne Wolf, Rosa Cyneniam Louisiam B- 5/29/1900
2/6/1876 B Sharp, Soloman King, Matilda Laura Isabelle B- 1/15/1876
9/1/1881 B Shoup?, Solomon King, Matilda Loudovicus Marien B- 3/15?/1881
6/8/1884 B Shields, Joannis Frain ,Anna Anna Margaretta B- 5/24/1884
4/10/1887 B Schields, Joanis Fraine, Annae Joanus Antonius Bernadette B-3/21/1887
3/9/1890 B Scott, Jacobo Gulielmus Reilly, Elizabetha Leroy L. B- 2/20/1890
8/28/1898 B Scott, Jacob Riley, Elizabeth Raymond L. B- 8/20/1898
4/14/1901 B Setair?, Bartro? Myers, Jennie Mariam Magdalinam B- 2/8/1899
4/6/1879 B Simorty, Happolite? Heally, Catharinae Maria B- 11/1/1878
8/22/1870 B Simpson, Caroli Blailer, Cathrin Edwardus Harmiseda?  
11/25/1888 B Singler, Francisco Jacob, Louissa Theresa B- 11/18/1888
12/15/1889 B Singler, Francisco Jacobs, Louisa Earl Winfield B- 12/10/1889
3/1/1891 B Singler, Francisco Jacobs, Ludovica Leopold Rudolph B- 2/14/1891
4/12/1885 B Sinnot, Nicolas Frain, Maria Joannes Edgar B- 2/22/1885
4/10/1887 B Sinnot, Michaelis Fraine, Maria Margaretta Joanna B- 3/14/1887
3/24/1889 B Sinnott, Nicolas Fraine, Maria Thomas Joseph B- 3/4/1889
7/19/1890 B Smith, David Hickey, Clara Flavy? B- 7/19/1890
12/21/1901 B Smith, Joseph Platz, Elizabeth Lydiam B- 4/8/1869
10/15/1887 B Smith, Levi McGormick, Helenae Erin B- 9/15/1881
9/23/1888 B Smith, Noah Reynolds, Cecelia David  
12/21/1901 B Smith, ? ? Lydiam (spouse of Georgio Albero Higbee) B- 4/8/1869
7/19/1868 B Snider, Ruben Williams, Eliza Emily Angelou Teresa B - 6/25/1845
5/15/1870 B Spry, Tomae Hennessy, Catharina Elena 5/7?/1870
5/15/1870 B Spry, Tomae Hennessy, Catharina Maria Jessea? 5/7?/1870
5/15/1870 B Spry, Tomae Hennessy, Catharina Maria 5/7?/1870
5/27/1906 B Stover, Andrea? Martin, Anna Herbert J. 3/5/1906
12/27/1874 B Swayenger, Lindsay Thorp, Maria Alice Meary B- 1856
3/20/1878 B Sykes, Sebastiani Sykes, Maria Elenam Agatha B- 3/10/1875
11/30/1873 B Talbot, Petro Talbot, Joannah Joseph Edward B- 11/26/1873
12/31/1876 B Talbot, Petrii Talbot, Amy Maria Inocenis B- 12/28/1876
4/24/1887 B Tansey, Hugonis Durant, Mariae Maria B- 4/6/1887
12/2/1888 B Tansy?, Hugh Durant, Maria Cath B- 11?/24/1888
7/26/1890 B Tansey, Hugone? Durand, Maria Anna Anna L. B- 7/23/1890
8/29/1886 B Taylor, Cornelia Stoney, Maria Maria Catharine B- 7/18/1886
12/18/1887 B Taylor, Cornelii? Stoney, Maria Helena B- 10/24/1887
7/20/1890 B Taylor, Cornelio Stoney?, Maria John E. B- 6/14/1890
5/8/1892 B Taylor, Cornelia Stoney, Mariae Florentiam Laurellam B- 4/7/1892
9/14/1900 B Taylor, Cornelia Stoney, Maria Genovifam Mariam B- 10/4/1897
1/1/1888 B Therien, Luvoris Henrii? Lawrence, Sarae Ludovicus Henricus B- 12/22/1887
10/05/1890 B Therrian, Ludovico Henrico Lawrence, Sarah Johanna? Cleonem G.D. B- 8/6/1890
5/1/1882 B Thomas, Alex Andro? Luther, Catharina Gulielmus B- 4/27/1882; D- 5/1/1882?
9/20/1886 B Thomas, Alexandri Luther, Catharinae Anna B- 9/12/1886
2/23/1891 B Thomas, Alexandro H. Luther, Catharina Edward H B- 2/6/1891
5/9/1881 B Thomas, Guilmo H Dike?, Martha Nan? Alexander B- 9/11/1857
2/3/1869 B Thompson, Roberti Coquillard, Emma Genofefa B- 1/28/1869
8/14/1898 B Thornton, Sidney Comer, Maria Morris Sydney B- 7/26/1898
7/30/1899 B Tomlinson, Alberto Murphy, Agneti Leonam Albertam B- 7/17/1899
9/28/1884 B Turner, Jay L Higgins, Mariae Josephina -and? B- 9/5/1884
5/23/1886 B Turner, Jay Higgins, Maria Maria Genovieve B- 4/23/1886
10/23/1887 B Turner, Jay Higgins, Maria Benjamin James B- 9/19/1887
12/22/1889 B Turner, Jay Higgins, Maria Grace Allen B- 11/8/1889
9/4/1892 B Turner, Jay L Higgins, Maria Hazel Anna B- 7/20/1892
2/16/1882 B Turnock?, Guilelmi Flynn, Bridget Guilelmus Leonardo B- 1/4/1882