Irish Families Identified in the St. Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana Records with Surnames O-R

Keep in mind that this is a work in progress. I am documenting only the families with an identifiable Irish Surname (using and a variety of other resources to determine this) in this section.

Regarding Surname O'Connor: Michel Frain was one of the sponsors for Magdalena O'Connor's baptism on June 17, 1877. There were four different sponsors names listed on the baptism of Joannes Joseph Geraldum O'Conar on May 11, 1879. I am unsure if Joannes Josephum Geraldum is one child or two or if the priest was just listing two couples as sponsors for one child. I have usually seem them list who the sponsors were for if their were twins or list them in a separate record. I have listed it here like one individual birth.

Regarding Surname Pitman: Peter Fraine was one of the sponsors for the baptism of Elinore Pitman on 2/13/1888. Peter Frain was a sponsor for the baptism of Mary Ann Pitman, daughter of ? Pitman and Teresea Frain on March 7, 1889.

Regarding Surname Raymond: Martin is an Irish Surname so this family has been included here.

Regarding Surname Robinson: The Latin in the baptismal record for George Thomas Robinson was difficult to read and translate. It appears that his parents were married in a Presbyterian Church in Mana-?, Wisconsin.

Regarding Surname Rouch/Roach: The father of Edwardus Patricius Haban? baptised on July 4, 1877 is Gulielmi Rouch, but the sponsors are William Roach and Lisa Roach. I am unsure if Haban is a 3rd given name or ? I am unable to read the birth year clearly for Joannes Alfred baptised on August 14, 1877.

Date Event Father/Husband Mother/Wife Child Born (B)/ Died (D)
8/7/1892 B O'Brian, Edwardo Williams, Maria Henry L. B- 7/25/1892
2/26/1899 B O'Brian, Edwardo Williams, Maria Mariam Irenen B- 2/9/1899
3/8/1903 B O'Brien, Edward Williams, Marianne Adelinam B- 2/15/1903
1/12/1908 B O'Brien, Edwardo Taft?, Agnes Carolus Eugenum B- 12/28/1907?
4/18/1939 M O'Brien, Carolus Eugenum Ash, Ruth    
4/22/1877 B O'Brien, James Dower, Johanna Joseph B- 4/6/1877
10/26/1873 B O'Brien, Michael H Manning, Margaritta Edward Maurico? B- 10/10/1873
8/8/1875 B O'Connor, Dionysio McCarthy, Maria Mary Jane B- 7/28/1875
6/17/1877 B O'Connor, Denys McCarty, Mary Magdalena B- 6/4/1877
5/11/1879 B O'Conar, Dominiscus? Macarty, Maraie Joannes Joseph Geraldum B- 5/4/1879
1/26/1890 B O'Connor, Johanna McBride, Elizabethus Edwardum P. B- 1/6/1890
2/15/1903 B Oliver, Evo? Bacombs?, Florence Chester Evo? B- 8/30/1902; private Ceremony
9/18/1892 B Peach, Ernesto Hoban, Eleonora Herbert M B- 8/23/1892
4/12/1885 B Pelltier, Oliver Bernard, Matilde Ovide Olivier B- 3/22/1885
3/11/1888 B Peltier, Olivier Bernard, Mathilda Angela Golde B- 3/4/1888
2/9/1890 B Peltier, Olivier Bernard, Mathilda Grange B- 2/5/1890
5/24/1891 B Peltier, Olivier Bernard, Mathilda Henry W B- 5/20/1891
8/20/1869? B Philion, Elizeari Mahen, Emelia Maria B- 8/20/1869
2/13/1888 B Pitman, Josephi Wirtman?, Mariae Elinore B- 8/26/1887
3/7/1889 B Pitman, ? Frain, Teresea Mary Ann B- 2/26/1889
2/8/1890 B Pittman, Elmore Frain, Theresia Anna C. B- 1/21/1890
9/27/1891 B Pittman, Elmore Frain, Theresia Jno Joseph B- 9/4/1891
3/5/1899 B Pittman, Joseph Frain, Theresia Johannam B- 2/5/1899
1/25/1903 B Pittman, Elmer Fraine, Teresa Michaelum Edward B- 12/22/1902
7/4/1889 B Plant, Edg-? Lemarand?, Maria Joseph C. B- 6/23/1889
6/14/1891 B Plant, Elzer Lamirand, Maria Josephina E. B- 5/30/1891
11/13/1870 B Poulin, Leandri Roy, Mariae Sophiae Maria Genovesa B- 11/10/1870
10/15/1876 B Poulin, Leandri Roy, Mariae S. Maria Clara B- 10/13/1876
6/14/1881 B Price, Mordica M. Neddo, Zoa? Helena Maria B- 9/5/1876
8/7/1882 B Price, Mathw Neddo, ? Matheson B- 4/1879
2/23/1908 B Quinlan, Joanne D. Gallaghre, Emily Ann Jno B- 1/17/1908
7/16/1870 B Ragan, M Mayes?, Liza? Josephum Thomas B- 1862
3/30/1891 B Rakestraw, Aron More, Lydia Oscar J B- 8/29/1867
8/23/1868 B Raymond?, Joannis Baptiste Martin, Francisca Magdalena B- 7/5/1868
8/14/1898 B Reading, Nobb? Hickey, Lena Juliam F. B- 7/28/1898
1/21/1900 B Reading, ? Hickey, Lena Martham Mariam B- 1/1/1900
6/21/1885 B Reed, Guilelmi Chartier, Delia Maria Aurelia Anna B- 6/11/1885
1/3/1886 B Reeves, Joannis M Owens, Arminda A. Catharine Helena B- 7/2/1861
12/1/1885 B Rene', Francisci Ginty, Lucinda? Gulielmus Glover B- 2/20/1885
9/3/1886 B Riordan, Joannis O'Donnell, Philominae Philomena B- 8/19/1886
10/11/1891 B Riordan, Johanne O'Donnel, Philormena Edmund B- 10/1/1891
3/22/1903 B Robarge, Philipo Madden, Mariel C Laurent B- 2/16/1902
7/26/1891 B Robinson, Georgio Humphrey (Lompre) Maria Forest Henry B- 7?/11/1891
7/4/1877 B Rouch, Gulielmi McCarty, Mary Edwardus Patricius Haban? B- 4/16/1876
8/14/1877 B Roach, Lee Bernard, Julie Joannes Alfred B-4/19/1877?
2/17/1888 B Roberge, Naz? Power, Rusirae? Margaretha B- 2/16/1888
4/13/1884 B Robert, Joseph Desornnier, Ang? Daniel Wilfredis B- 4/8/1884
3/9/1890 B Robert, Josepho Edwardo Desornier?, Angellina Joseph E. B- 3/5/1890
9/25/1888 B Robinson, Thomas H. Hickey, Johannae George Thomas  
11/6/1892 B Robison, Georgio Humphrey, Maria Guilielmum Russell B- 10/28/1892
2/19/1899 B Robinson, Georgio Thoma Humphrey, Maria Helena Loyd Aloysium B- 1/16/1899
4/26/1868 B Rodover, Georgi, M Meyers, Carolina Delphine Mary B- 2/24/1868
3/29/1872 B Rodover, George Meyers, Caroline Louisia B- 3/4/1872
9/26/1875 B Rodover, Georgio Mayer, Carolina George Harrison B- 8/7/1875
5/28/1877 B Rodover, George Mahers, Carolinae Carolus B- 3/30/1877
9/24/1881 B Rodifer, George Meyers, Carolina Katharina B- 8/17/1881
8/22/1870 B Rogers, Robert Doile, Jeanes Robert Guillaumie B- 7?/1870
11/25/1871 B Rogers, Roberti Doile, Jane Joannes B- 9/23/1871
12/24/1882 B Rourke, Jacobi Nelson, Elisabethae Elisabetham Maria B- 12/18/1882
12/14/1873 B Roy, Esaah? Coquillard, Julia Grace Julia B- 12/12/1873
3/19/1876 B Roy, Isidore V Coquillard, Julia Regis Vallier B- 3/16/1876
2/27/1880 B Roy, Joannis Baptistae --ve, Agnetis Maria Agnes B- 2/16/1880
10/9/1892 B Roy, Josepho Lameureux, Maria Louisa Mary Rosa B- 10/8/1892
10/11/1892 B Rugg, Harvey Calhoun, Margaritta Wm B- 8/31/1865