Irish Families Identified in the St. Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana Records with Surnames J-L

Keep in mind that this is a work in progress. I am documenting only the families with an identifiable Irish Surname (using and a variety of other resources to determine this) in this section.

There is a Jacques/ Henri family in the St. Joseph Church records that I have not included here because I believe they are french. Jacques was rarely seen in County Down and Henry can be an Irish surname as well. If this is your family please contact me about this family.

Regarding Surname Johnston: Gulielmus Brennan sponsored the baptism of Patricum Francisum Johnston on October 12, 1884.

Regarding Surname Joice or Joyce: Anna Fraan was one of the sponsors for the baptism of William Joice. (The Frains traveled with Martin Brennan, my second great grandfather, to South Bend, Indiana. I am unsure if this is the same family). Josephus and Nellie Frain sponsored the baptism of Elizabeth Joyce on April 4, 1885.

Regarding Surname Kelly: Joannes Aloysius Kelly who was baptised on November 21, 1886 married Sophie Elam St. Joseph Church, January 27, 1946. Joseph Patrick Kelly, born December 4, 1889 was married here (St Joseph Church?) to Martha? E Ellis on October 12, 1944.

Regarding Surname Lafortune: Louis La Fortune married Madeline Dora Wolf on June 2, 1946? in Holy Family Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Regarding Surname Lonergan: Julie Lonergan, daughter of Jacobo Lonergan and Phoebe Smith married Frank Mc Comb on April 4, 1953 at St Mathew's Church, South Bend, Indiana.

Regarding Surname Love: Love is listed as an Irish surname so this family has been included in the compilation. (infidel) is listed after Grove G Love's name.

Date Event Father/Husband Mother/Wife Child Born (B)/ Died (D)
6/23/1881 B Johnston, Edwardi Stackneen?, Elisabeth Mariam Mariam Elisabeth B- 5/29/1881
2/23/1879 B Jenson, Joannis Devine, Juliae Julia Francisco B- 2/10/1879
3/8/1908 B Johnson, Burt Davis, Josie Theodore Thoman B- 12/23/1907?
7/21/1892 B Johnson, Caroli Drumm, Anna Mary C B- 3/1872
2/4/1883 B Johnson, Edwardi Stakney?, Elisabetham Julia Elionora B- 12/22/1882
10/12/1884 B Johnston, Ed Hackman?, Eliza Patricum Franciscum B- 9/26/1884
3/20/1887 B Johnston, Edwardi Stegman, Elisabethae Edwardus Guilielmus B- 1/30/1887
5/3/1885 B Johnson, Jacobi Edgar Kerney, Alice Jacobus Edgar B- 4/6/1885
9/5/1880 B Johnston, Joanne Devine, Jules? Maria Agnes B- 8/27/1880
9/10/1882 B Johnston, Joannis Devine, Julia Joannis Clifford B- 8/14/1882
6/8/1884 B Johnston, Joannes Divine, Julia Edwardus Henricus B- 6/6/1884
4/15/1887 B Johnston, Joannis Divine, Julia Joannam B- 4/10/188?
7/18/1889 B Johnston, ? Devine, Julia Robert Frederick B- 7/14/1889
6/8/1892 B Jones, Aug_? Klein, Lucinda Nettie M. B- 10/25/1872
7/5/1885 B Jones, James Judson Myers, Mariae Margaretha Georgino Asa B- 6/18/1885
7/20/1873 B Joice, Guilelmo Redmond?, Maria William B- 7/8/1873
1/10/1875 B Joyce, Gulielmo Ordmond, Maria Mary B- 12/23/1874
11/4/1876 B Joice, William Armant, Mary Elhenna B- 10/11/1876
1/7/1879 B Joice, Guillemi Horman?, Mariae Guillelmus B- 12/22/1878
8/15/1880 B Joyse?, Wilhelmo Harmon, Maria Margarita B- 8/1?/1880
4/4/1885 B Joyce, Guilelmi Arman, Maria Elizabeth B- 3/8/1885
3/3/1885 B Kanner?, Frederick O'Brien, Elisabetham Laura Christine B- 2/23/1885
7/20/1873 B Kelly, George Loughlin, Brigit George B- 6/24/1873
10/31/1886 B Kelly, Michaelis Levelle?, Elisabethae Joannes Aloysius B- 10/27/1886
2/19/1888 B Kelly, Michaelis Lavelle, Elisabetha Michaelis Edward B- 2/4/1888
12/15/1889 B Kelly, Michaele Lavalle, Elizabetha Joseph Patrick B- 12/4/1889
4/24/1892 B Kelly, Patricio Leblanc, Rene Mariam Agnetis Liliam B- 4/15/1892
5/11/1886 B Kellen?, Cardi? Fogarty, Catharinae Edwardus Franciscus B- 4/24/1885
1/22/1888 B Keller?, Caroli Fogarty, Catharina Maria Helena B- 12/7/1887
1/18/1874 B Kenney, Joanne King, Adaline William Henry B- 6/25/1873
6/23/1876 B Kenney, Joanne King, Adeline Mary Cente B- 8/17/1875
8/20/1880 B Kenney, Joanni King, Adelina Sarah B- 2/29/1878
5/19/1880 B Kenney, Joannis Roy, Adelinae Maria Ida? B- 4/6?/1880
8/23/1873 B Kenney, Thoma Hand?, Margarita George Henry B- 8/?/1873
11/15/1874 B Kenney, Thoma Hand, Margarite Joseph Edward B- 11/11/1874
12/23/1883 B Kenny, Guilielmum Skeinbaugh, Maria E. Charles Harvey Champagne? B- 11/20/1883
8/30/1885 B Kenney, Thomas Seedward?, Gara Cilona Thomas Cooper B- 7/19/1885
9/1/1889 B Kindig, Johanne McNulty, Sarah Jacob Edward B- 8/19/1889
10/17/1897 B Kindig, Johanne McNulty, Sara Mary Carmel B- 10/7/1897
7/8?/1930 M Kindig, Mary Carmel T?, Louis    
6/5/1898 B Krauser, Alberto Wolf, Catharina Laurettam M B- 5/21/1898
8/14/1898 B Lafontaine, Frederico McLaughlin, Helena Guilielmum Patritium B- 7/25/1898
8/18/1889 B LaFortune?, Ludovico Hastings, Maria Louis B- 8/3/1889
2/8/1891 B Lafortune, Ludovico Hastings, Maria Mariam Winnifred B- 1/25/1891
10/31/1892 B Lafortune, Ludovico Hastings, Maria Margaret T B- 10/15/1892
12/3/1899 B Lafortune, Ludovicum Hastings, Maria John M. B- 11/19/1899
10/11/1903 B Lafortune, Ludovico Hasting, Maria Elmer B- 9/28?/1903
1/1/1876 B Lain, Andrew Chambers, Maria Charles Francis B- 6/18/1867
1/1/1876 B Lain, Andrew Chambers, Maria Louise Jane B- 6/18/1867
1/1/1876 B Lain, Andrew Chambers, Maria Anna Mary B- 9/28/1874
12/7/1873 B Lamirand, Joseph Power, Margarita William B- 12/4/1873
4/4/1880 B Lamirand, Joseph Power?, Margaritta Josephus B- 4/1/1880
2/8/1891 B Lane, Thomas J Stepp?, Anna William T B- 5/23/1887
12/18/1887 B Lanergan, Jacobi Smith, Phoebe Maria Cecelia B- 11/19/1887
8/?/1889 B Lonergan, Jacobo Smith, Phoebe Johannum Julie  
6/10/1900 B Langan, Johanne Mattes?, Maria Clifford Randall B- 5/30/1900
9/14/1884 B Langendorfer, Andreas Milliner, Mariae Joanni Anna Henriettam B- 6/8/1884
9/14/1884 B Langendorfer, Andreas Millilner, Mariae Joanni Maria Joanna B- 10/18/1849?
3/14/1869 B Layne, Samuelis Metzer, Catherina Georgius B- 2/26/1869
3/20/1887 B Le Beau, Henrici Lawrence, Elisabethum Cora Maria B- 3/3/1887
7/29/1906 B Le Blanc, Delbert Ledwig, Lucia Laurentius Edwardum B- 7/19/1906
1/24/1886 B Ledwick, Thomas Conroy, Alicia Davidus Franciscum B- 1/17/1886
9/22/1885 B Long, Joannes Homer Crosby, Elisabethae Joanna B- 5/15/1866
8/25/1878 B Louraine, Alexanderi Hogan, Catharine Maruitius Laurentius B- 8/17/1878
8/3/1873 B Love, Grove? G. Bader, Melinda Emma Josephine B- 7/21/1873
2/19/1904 B Luther, Edward Diturane?, Maria Alvinam Paulinam (Mrs Howard) B- 5/1/1875
12/25/1873 B Luther, Elizah Talbot, Margaret Anna Aliza B- 12/14/1873
2/20/1876 B Luther, Eliza Talbot, Margaret Joseph B- 2/5/1876
3/30/1884 B Luther, Elishah Talbot, Margarita Marentiam Isabellam B- 3/11/1884
3/10/1878 B Luther, Guillemi Talbot, Margarittae Alice B- 3/2/1878
4/24/1901 B Luther, Jacobi Kintz, Cecelia Edmundum Jacobum B- 4/12/1901
1/7/1906 B Luther, Jacobo W Kintz, Cecelia Ceceliam Margaritam B- 12/23/1905
10/20/1907 B Luther, Jacobus N Kintz, Cecelia Jacobus Nicholaum B- 10/5/1907
8/11/1984 M Luther, Jacobus Nicholaum Carlson, Elaine