An Analysis of the Irish Families Living in Wards 2 and 4 of the District 162 1880 South Bend, St Joseph County, Indiana Census

When the 1880 St Joseph County, Indiana census was conducted for the City of South Bend, three districts were included 161, 162 and 163. This compilation will focus on District 162; District lines were obviously being redrawn for the area as Portage Township now covered only part of District 161, the rest being in South Bend. When the 1882 South Bend City Directory was compiled, "the 4th ward covered all that part of the city lying east of the St Joseph River."

The Irish families in the 4th ward lived on the following streets that run north to south and East of the St Joseph River: Sycamore (Maher, Moore), Emerick (Kerr, Louraine, McCann, Orser, Scott), Hill (Smith, Carens, Washburn, Lamerand, O'Connor, Ryan x2, Schwarz), St Louis (Boyle, Flood, Johnston), St Peter (O'Donnell, Lapoint, Dolan, Duran, McCartney), Notre Dame Avenue (Brady, Burns, Caldwell, Vineyard, Robinson, Dooley, Fogarty, Gorman, Hoben, Luther, Murphy x2, O'Connor, Roach, Shield, Shultz, Talbot, Williams), Frances Street (McCaffery, Howard) and Coquillard Street (Smith-born in Dublin). The highest concentration of Irish immigrants (18 families/individuals) resided on Notre Dame Avenue. Sorin Street that runs perpendicular to the St Joseph River and close to the Singer Sewing Manufacturing Company was the home to two Irish families (Cassady and Doyle). The Singer Sewing Manufacturing Company employed the highest concentration of Irish immigrants of any company in town including 36 of them in Ward 4 plus one that was a Varnisher at the Company and one cabinet maker (that may have been for sewing machines). The second ward was further removed from the Singer Sewing Factory but still employed 4 Irish immigrants and possibly 5 (if the cabinets he made were for sewing machines). The other streets that intersected Notre Dame Avenue with Irish residents were Monroe Street (is this Moreau?) (Nelson, Comer), Water Street (Higgins,Logan,), Market Street (Spry) and Washington Street (Larkin, O'Neil). The remaining Irish in District 4 were living on Nalis? Street (Kerr), Kinney, McCaig, McGuir, Donnaho, Stoney, Ulrich) and St Thomas Street (Welch, Kennedy). Aside from the 40 employed at the Singer Factory, the remainder of Ward four were employed in the following occupations: Laborers (11), Home Servant (9), Paper Mill (6), Paper Mill Foreman (1), Keeping House (6), Woolen Mill (6), Mouldings (3), Teamster (2), Priest (2), Carriage Mfg (2) and one each of the following (Wagon Works, Grocer, Mitten Factory, Sister of Holy Cross, Street cu? Gen, Clerk of Circuit Court, Brick Maker, Cooper, Dressmaker, Brick yard, Policeman, Wagon Mfg, Track Master, Stone and Brick Man, Blacksmith, School Teacher, Brick and Stone Mason. I have not included the following family members in the above occupational compilation because they do not have Irish origins: James Tomlinson, (father in law of John Murphy who was employed at the Sewing Factory), Elisha Luther (who also worked at Singer -not Irish but his wife was), George Schwarz a Carpenter's Joiner who was born in Baden, Germany (though his wife was from Ireland), and the four step children of John McCann (Mary, Rosa, John and James) who were employed at the woolen mill, paper mill, sewing factory and as a Clerk in a dry goods store (respectively) because they were not of Irish descent.

According to the 1882 South Bend City Directory, the second ward includes the area "from the south side of Market Street to the north side of Wayne Street, west to the city limits and east to the river." The highest concentration of Irish (17) in the second ward were living on Washington Street (Conroy, Dutch, Evans, Wallace, Fagin, Fleming, Flinn, Sullivan, Tansey, Trainer, Murphy, Gay, Humphrey, Knight, McFarlane, McGuire and Rankin). Lewis Humphrey who is listed above (his father was born in Ireland) is listed as deceased on the census while his wife does not appear to be of Irish descent. The second highest concentration (14) were living on Michigan Street (Oneil, Robinson, Gilbert, Maloney, McDowell, Mckeon), in the Grand Central Hotel (Conley, Driscoll, Dugan, Gilfoy), Knusninan? (Frazier, Charles) and in the Miner's House (Kirnan, Leonard, Lillen) followed by 13 on Main Street (Adams, Dougherty x2, Drake, Sheridan, Warner, Miller, Galligher x2, Oneil, Riley, Hughes, Kiley). There were 8 Irish immigrant Families or individuals living on Market Street (Cassidy, Oneil, Collins, Taylor, Wansbro, Wheaton, Whelan, Oneil), 4 on Jefferson Street (Allen, Congden, Flannagan, Greene), 3 on Day Street (Murphy, Oneil, Pidmer), Haston Street (Mulholland, Lovett), Chapin Street (Garroty, Sheehan), Thomas Street (Casey), South Street (Grady, Meader), Pearl St (Adams, Rofs), Water Street (Carrol), William Street (Casey, Nenus), St Joseph Street (Massey, Emily), S.E. Nall? (Merrill), Taylor Street (Vistue), Laurel Street (Clifford) and three streets that I couldn't decipher at all (O'Connor, Long) and Minell on -elia Place. The occupations of two spouses who were not of Irish origin (but their spouses were) are not included in the compilation below: William Allen a Painter, whose Family resided on Jefferson Street, and JH Nenus (Minister) who lived on William Street are not included in the Occupational summary that follows for the second ward.

The Irish held a more diverse array of occupations in the second ward with House Servants (15), Servants (3) and 2 Servants at the Oliver House being the most prevalent job, followed by Wagon Manufacturing (5), Painters (4), Sewing Machine Factory Workers (4), Ironworks (3), Keeps House (4), Plow works (3), Chamber maid (2), Saloon Keeper (2), Carriage Maker (2), Physicians (2), Laborer (2), Blacksmith (2), Restaurant (2), Olive House Hotel (2), Carpenter/Joiner (2) and one of each of the following Livery Hand, Dressmaker, Boot/Shoemaker, Barber, Moulder, Stud'r- likely Studebaker, Sheriff, Tailor, Clerk- gen-?, R Hun RR, Brickyard, Druggist, Gardener, Knitting Works, Clerk, Pump Salesman, Framing, Wood Carver, Stable Hand, Butcher, Hotel Clerk, Brick Mason, Lawyer, and S C RR Hand.

The Irish in District 162 are presented on the following web pages arranged by the Head of Family's Surname. Please contact me if you are a South Bend Irish Family Descendent so that we can share information and work together to determine their origins.

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