Irish Families Identified in the 1876 St Joseph Church Census

I have identified 84 Families with Irish Surnames in the 1876 St Joseph Church Census. I used census records, surname search and other sources to help sort through the census. There were numerous individuals of German descent in the early church records and several names such as Wagner (which is listed as a rare surname in Ireland) could be German. I may find this to be the case and I will remove those records when I do. I thought that the surnames Phillian and Neddo would be Irish Surnames, but I couldn't find evidence as such so they are not included. I am presenting them by the father's surname and if only a mother is listed (widowed for example), it will be by her name. There is no way to tell based on this record if her name is her husband's or her maiden name. Several families had grandparents or a child living with them with a different surname. Those individuals will be listed under the "others" category.

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