The Patrick and Bridget Tansey Family of South Bend, Indiana: An Analysis of this Irish Family's Migration from Ireland to South Bend Indiana in South Bend St. Joseph Church Records, South Bend, Indiana Census and other Resources

Patrick and Bridget (Beanning?) Tansey were documented as being part of the South Bend Irish Community at least as early as 1874 (according to the St Joseph Church, Lowell Census). There were noted in the St Joseph Church Census with children Hugh, Denis and Eliz in 1876.

The objective of this compilation is to try to establish the earliest possible evidence of this family in the United States through all available resources.

This will most definitely be a work in progress and all findings I speculate on would have to be proven for accuracy with Ireland and U.S. marriage records, church baptismal records and death records among other genealogical resources. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate. Please contact me if you feel that you are descended from this family or another South Bend, Indiana Irish Family so that we can share information, see if there were common migration trails followed and delve further back into their origins in Ireland!

Research Observations and Analysis: At this point I have not been able to correctly decipher Bridget's maiden name from the marriage of their son Hugh. It appears to read Beanning. Many of the surnames are written phonetically by the priests in these microfilm records so this name could be Benning, Banning, or Bannon to name a few. This could readily be proven by obtaining the marriage record from the St Joseph County Archives (if available) as well as from birth records from the Tansey children born in South Bend. What is interesting is that Hugonem F Tansey, son of Patriti and Brigitta Tansey married Mariam Durant September 11, 1882 in what appears to be the first marriage in the new church (St Joseph's in South Bend) according to a notation at the bottom of the record. I have yet to find the death records for either Patrick or Bridget in South Bend. I can see evidence of son Hugh and his wife Maria in the South Bend Census in 1910, 1920 and am certain they were there in 1900 as well, probably with a spelling variation I have yet to determine. I did not find any Tanseys in District 0128 Portage Township. Dennis and sister Elizabeth were in Cook County, Illinois during the 1900 Census collection. Much more work needs to be done on this page.

Johanna, an East Coast Genealogist researching this line has identified a most likely match for this Tansy family in the 1855 New York State Census, Albany City, Ward 7. Patrick 40 appears as a Laborer with wife Bridget 32?, both born in Ireland. Their children are listed as John, age 9, Mary A age 7, Michael, 2 and Hugh "0". Further research needs to be done to determine what became of John, Mary A and Michael if this is indeed this family. She has done more extensive research for the Tansey family in the Albany area obtaining some great marriage and baptismal records from Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Church (33 Walter Street, Albany, New York). These records are added to the compilation below courtesy of Johanna. According to Johanna's research, the cemetery where Mary Mattimore was most likely buried is now nonexistent and many of those buried there were moved to St Agnes Cemetery in Menands, New York. Kudos to Johanna for sharing her thorough and enlightening research!

Special Note: There is a Peter Tansey, 33 yr old single boarder in the 1880 District 162, Ward 2, South Bend Census, living in the Washington Street Boarding House, who was born in New York (Parents born in Ireland). He worked in a brick yard. I am not sure if there is a connection to this family or not.

Census, Church or other Record Date Born, Baptized, Married, Died, Buried or other Reference Date Father/ Husband Mother/ Wife Child Occupation; Misc. Info.
Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Church 33 Walter Street, Albany, New York 12204 February 13, 1844 Marriage Tansey, Patrick Mattimore, Mary   witnesses: Michael Mattimore and Anne Mattimore
Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Church 33 Walter Street, Albany, New York April 19, 1848 birth and April 30, 1848 Baptism Tansey, Patrick Mattimore, Mary Tansey, Mary Ann Sponsors: Patrick Mattimore and Ann Jenkins
Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Church Albany New York April 6, 1849 Marriage Tansey, Patrick Bannon, Bridget   Witnesses Patrick Muldowney and Ann Fury
Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Church Albany, NY December 9, 1852 Birth and December 12, 1852 Baptism Tansey, Patrick Bannon, Bridget Tansey, Michael Sponsors: McLoughlin, Owen and Mulhern, Ann
Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Church, Albany New York September 4, 1854 Birth and Baptism Tansey, Patrick Bannon, Bridget Tansey, Hugh Sponsors: John McGrane and Ann Mullen
St Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana Church Census, Lowell Census 1874 Heads of Household Census Tansey, Patrick      
St Joseph Church Census, South Bend, Indiana 1876 Tensey, Patrick age 60 Tensey, Bridget, age 52? Tensey, Hugh, age 21  
" "     Tensey, Denis, age 16  
" "     Tensey, Eliz, age 14  
1880 US Census, St Joseph County Indiana, City of South Bend, Distric 161; Notre Dame Avenue Residence June 1, 1880 Tansey, Patk 68, born in Ireland, Parents born in Ireland Tansey, Bridget, wife, 54 born in Ireland, parents born in Ireland Tansey, Hugh, Son age 25 single born in New York Patk as well as son Hugh, work in the Sewing M. Fac. (The Tansey family is nearby the Hilliard, Neenan and Joice Families on Notre Dame Avenue)
" "     Tansey, Dennis, Son age 20 Single born in Indiana Works sew. M Fac. (likely Singer Sewing Machine Factory)
" "     Tansey, Lizzie, Daughter 18 Singer born in Indiana  
" "     Tansey, Maggie, Daughter age 16, born in Indiana  
South Bend Indiana City Directory from US City Directories 1821-1880 Database 1882 Tansey, Patrick     works Singers, beds St Vincent, 1 e. Hill; sons Dennis and Peter? also appear at this address, both work at Singers on this directory page
St Joseph Church Marriage Record for Hugh, Son of Patrick and Bridget September 11, 1882 Tansey, Hugonem F (son of Patriti Tansey and Brigitta Beanning?) Durant, Mariam (daughter of Gulielmum Durant and Margaretta McCrey)   Of interest: this appears to be the first marriage in the new church according to a notation below the record
Indiana Marriage Collection 1800-1941 November 1882 Hugh F Tansey (son of Patrick) Durant, Mayy? D   Book 8, page 558
South Bend, Indiana City Directory (see above) 1883 Tansey, Patrick     Works Singers, res. 1124 St Aloysius (Sons Dennis and Peter are listsed as working at Singers and live here as well)
South Bend, Indiana City Directory (see above) 1885 Tansey, Patrick     Laborer, residence 1135 S. Vincent; Sons Hugh (Letter Carrier) and Peter (Brick Maker) are residents at 937 E Moreau.
South Bend, Indiana City Directory ( 1886       Patrick Tansey no longer appears on the directory, but son Dennis and daughter Elizabeth are residents at 1135 E Vincent; Hugh is at 113 W St Peter... did Patrick die between 1885 and 1886 or ?
St Joseph Church Baptismal Record for Mariam daughter of Hugh, who was a son of Patrick April 16, 1887 Birth, April 24, 1887 Baptism Tansey, Hugonis Durant, Maria Mariam (Maria) Robertus Brannsdorf and his spouse were sp (hard to read notation in margin looks like --- Willard July '23?)
St Joseph Church Baptismal Record for Catherina, daughter of Hugh Tansey, who was a son of Patrick December 2, 1888 Baptism; 24th Birth? Tansey, Hugh Durant, Maria Catherinam (Cath Tansey) Edwardus Wagner and Catherina Wagner Sp
St Joseph Church Baptismal Record for Anna L Tansey, daughter of Hugh Tansey who was a son of Patrick July 23, 1890 Birth and July 26, 1890 Baptism Tansey, Hugone Durand, Maria Anna Anna Ludovicum Tansey Rev Ludovicus Letrourneau and Julia Haberle sp (there is a cross before this record and a note that appears to read -eb 22 '93- could she have died then?)
1900 US Census Cook County, Illinois, Chicago Ward 5 District 0131; residence 3028 South Canal Street June 4, 1900 Tansey, Dennis, Head (this is son of Patrick and Bridget) age 37 single born in Indiana Aug 1862; parents born in Ireland     I can't read his occupation; he rents his home
" "       Tansey, Elizabeth (Sister) 32 born November 1867 Indiana; parents born in Ireland lives with him; she is a Housekeeper
St Joseph Church, South Bend, Indiana Confirmation Record June 28,1908     Tansey, Aloysius microfilm 1617236 item2
1910 US Census South Bend, Ward 4, St Joseph County Indiana; Residence on 113 N St Peter Street April 1910 Tansey, Hugh, (son of Patrick) Head 53 born in New York, Parents born in Ireland Tansey, Mary A, Wife, age 54 born in Illinois; Dad born in Massachusetts, Mom in Ireland Tansey, Louis J, Son 24 single born in Indiana; dad in New York, mom in Illinois 8 children, 4 living; Hugh occupation Real Estate and Son Louis J Book Keeper at Underwear Mill; Hugh owns home free of Mortgage
" "     Tansey, Mamie A, 23 yr old single daughter born in Indiana Stenographer --us? Corporation
" "     Tansey, Johanna, 16 yr old single daughter born in Indiana  
" "     Tansey, Aloysius, 14 yr old single son born in Indiana  
Certificate of Death- Cook County Illinois for Elizabeth Tansey (dtr of Patrick and Bridget Beannig) (kudos to Johanna, genealogist and descendent of South Bend Moriartys and Bannons for sharing this record!) May 30, 1917 Death in Cook County, Illlinois, June 1, 1917 Burial in South Bend, IN Tansey, Patrick Beannig, Bridget Elizabeth Tansey Elizabeth was born November 12, 1866 in Laporte, IN; she died at age 50 of Acute Bowel Obstruction and Gastric Ulcer; Her occupation was housekeeper; brother Dennis Tansey provided the information.
1920 US Census for South Bend, Ward 4, St Joseph County, Indiana; Residence 113 N St Peter Street January 5, 1920 Tansey, Hugh H, Head, (son of Patrick) 65 yr old born in New York, Parents born in Ireland Tansey, Mary A, 63 yr old wife born in Illinois, Dad in Mass, mom in Ireland Tansey, Louis J, 34 yr old single son born in Indiana, dad born in NY, mom in Illinois Hugh is a Real Estate Agent; Louis J is a Bookeeper Cedar Chest?
" "     Tansey, Mame, 32 yr old single daughter born in Indiana, dad in NY, mom in IL R. Nurse Private Home
" "     Tansey, Joseph A, 23 yr old single son born in Indiana; dad in NY, mom in Il Pattern Maker Electrical Company