The Daniel Neenan and Johanna Hilliard Family of South Bend, Indiana: An Analysis of This Irish Family in St Joseph Church, South Bend Census and Other Records

The objective of this compilation is to try to establish the earliest possible evidence of this family in the United States through all available resources.

This will most definitely be a work in progress and all findings I speculate on would have to be proven for accuracy with Ireland and U.S. marriage records, church baptismal records and death records among other genealogical resources. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate. Please contact me if you feel that you are descended from this family or another South Bend, Indiana Irish Family so that we can share information, see if there were common migration trails followed and delve further back into their origins in Ireland!

Research Analysis and Observations: The big question is are Johanna Hilliard, wife of Daniel Neenan and Daniel Hilliard related and whose child is Johanis listed below in the 1876 church census? Daniel and wife Johanna appear to be residents of 802 Napolean Street from 1883 to at least 1906. If interest is that Mrs Catherine Neenan (widow) appears to be living at the address in 1883 which would seem to imply some relation between Johanna and Catherine Hilliard.

Special Notes: There is a list of lot owners in the Cedar Grove Cemetery Microfilm 1637531 item 3 that indicates that the "Neenan family" owns lot number 141 in Section B. I'm not certain this is this family's specific lot but it would be worth checking on to rule it out! There is also a St Joseph Church Burial Record from May 7, 1908 for what appears to be a Daniel Elena Neenan who died at the age of 76 ceremony performed by Lauth CSC. This is one year earlier than the 1909 death record that is listed below. Obtaining a death record would clarify this discrepancy and see which one if either is the Daniel Neenan described in this page. There is a burial record from February 9, 1906 for Cedar Grove Cemetery at Notre Dame that indicates that a Katharina Neenan died on February 6, 1906. She may or may not be connected to this Neenan family (microfilm 1617239 Sacred Heart Burials).

Census, Church or other Record Date Born, Baptized, Married Father/ Husband Mother/ Wife Child or other Occupation; Misc.
St Joseph Church Census 1876 1876 Neenan, Daniel, 45 Johanna, 37 Hilliard, Johanis, 9 (there is another Neenan family in this census as well: John and Cath Neenan- likely Catherine Hilliard, Johanna's sister)
St Joseph Church Census 1880 1880 Neenan, Daniel, 50 Hilliard, Johanna, 42    
1880 US Census for South Bend, St Joseph County, IN District 161 1880 Nealand, Domk, age 50 born in Ireland; parents born in Ireland Nealand, Johanna, age 42 born in Ireland; parents born in Ireland    
South Bend City Directory 1883 Database 1883 Neenan, Daniel, Laborer     res 1204 E Napolean, South Bend, IN (of interest is that Mrs Catherine Neenan, widow lives at the same address)
South Bend City Directory 1885 Database 1885 Neenan, Daniel, Laborer     res. 1235 S Notre Dame Avenue, So Bend; (Kate Neenan, widow of John now lives at 1209 W St Basil)
South Bend City Directory, Database 1894 (in 1896 he is the only Neenan listed for the 1235 ND Avenue address) Neenan, Daniel, Lab     res. 1235 S Notre Dame Avenue, So Bend (Michael Neenan, Lab also lives at this address)
South Bend City Directory Database 1901 Neenan, Daniel wife Johannah   He works at Notre Dame; res. 802 Napoleon; same info in 1903 but wife's name spelled Johanna; same info in 1904 but now it says 802 E Napoleon, South Bend, Mishawaka, IN; same info in 1906 but just 802 Napoleon
South Bend City Directory Database 1906 Neenan, Daniel (Johanna)   residence 802 Napolean, Mishawaka, South Bend, IN works at Notre Dame
Indiana Deaths 1882-1920 (probable death of Daniel) May 5, 1909 Death Neenan, Daniel at the age of 76     Chapter 43 Page 374
Indiana Death Index 1882-1920 (probable death of Johanna) July 31, 1919 Death   Neenan, Johanna died at the age of 83 (born about 1836)   Chapter 49, Page 304